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BPM Search

I would love to be able to search for music by the tempo or bpm. Thank you!

Hi Lorenzo,

Thank you for your post!

At the moment we have a tempo filter (Slow, Mid, Fast). Will this work or you need to search by the exact BMP number, like 120 or 60?


I would really like to be able to search exact bpm. My YouTube channel has sports videos and I would love to be able to sync the music to my cadence on specific videos.

We're considering some different options how to make this useful without cluttering the filter too much. Would it help to filter by BMP in the increment of 10? So, you get all songs between 80 and 90 bpm, for example.

That would be very helpful. Honestly, even just putting the bpm in the title would be an easy way to make the number searchable without having to create a whole new search feature

Hi Lorenzo,

We've just added the new BPM filter, so you can zero in on the exact BPM.

When you do the initial search you can now filter down the results by looking the BMP dropdown. It will show you all the available BPM in your search results with counts next to each BMP.

We've considered adding it to the title but our concern was that many titles contain numbers like 60s or 80s, so the search results would be sometimes misleading.

Hope this helps!

That’s outstanding! Thank you! I’m excited to get busy on more videos now.

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