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Note: This calculator estimates the money that can be obtained from a YouTube video based on the number of views and the RPM (Revenue per 1000 Impressions). The default RPM range is from $1.36 to $3.40.

It is important to note that this RPM range is AFTER the cut Google takes from AdSense earnings which is 45%. Thus the total earnings on YouTube is estimated at near $2.00 to $5.00 RPM.

Channel Title
{{ }}
Number of Total Subscribers
{{ formatNumber(link.subscribers) }}
Number of Total Likes
{{ formatNumber(link.likes) }}
Number of Total Videos
{{ formatNumber(link.videos) }}
Number of Total Video Views
{{ formatNumber(link.views) }}
{{ ? 'Channel' : 'Video' }} Title
{{ link.title }}
{{ ? 'Channel' : 'Video' }} Published
{{ link.publish }}
Estimated {{ ? 'Total' : 'Daily' }} Earnings
$ {{ formatNumber(calculateRevenue(slider.rpm.value[0]), true) }} ~ $ {{ formatNumber(calculateRevenue(slider.rpm.value[1]), true) }}
Estimated Monthly Earnings
$ {{ formatNumber(calculateRevenue(slider.rpm.value[0], 30), true) }} ~ $ {{ formatNumber(calculateRevenue(slider.rpm.value[1], 30), true) }}
Estimated Yearly Earnings
$ {{ formatNumber(calculateRevenue(slider.rpm.value[0], 365), true) }} ~ $ {{ formatNumber(calculateRevenue(slider.rpm.value[1], 365), true) }}


Guide to YouTube Revenue Calculator



All of the options can pass by URL query. When you change them in setting panel, the URL will update at the same time. Most of the options use "1/0" to present "on/off"(eg., channel=1&link=0).

  • key: Generate your own YouTube app key, and change it in head or pass by URL query.
  • channel: Default mode is for "video", turn this on for "channel".
  • desc: To skip description under heading, turn this off.
  • link: To manually input video views, turn this off.
  • rpm: To manually input RPM, turn this on.
  • note: To show note for RPM, turn this on.
  • highlight: To highlight result with YouTube red background, turn this on.
  • detail: To show detail for channel/video, turn this on. (Disabled when link is off, or highlight is on.)
  • title: You can override title with this.