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About Us

We are an online collective of independent music producers. We create professional music for promotional marketing videos, films, games, documentaries, and other media.

You can use our music in personal and commercial projects with a lifetime royalty free license.


alumo music
Matt Harris is an independent music producer who creates music for commercials and broadcast, including music for many TV / Radio commercials and video productions worldwide.
esther garcia productions
Esther Garcia is a professional composer, pianist and music producer from Spain who creates outstanding music for film, games, commercials and advertising, ranging from cinematic to pop, chill, jazz and corporate music.
jerome chauvel music
Jérôme Chauvel is a versatile composer and performing musician from France. Jérôme creates royalty free music in multiple genres from uplifting corporate pop to energetic rock, to electronica, specifically tailored to video production and media use.
joel hunger music
Joel Hunger is a Portland, OR based musician who has been writing, recording and performing music for more than 20 years. His specialty is acoustic alternative rock, folk, and bluegrass music driven by acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums, occasionally the mandolin, banjo, and ukulele.
matt stone music
Matt Stone is a full time producer, songwriter, sound engineer and keyboard player. He’s been writing, recording and producing music for over twenty years. Matt runs his own studio where he works on projects for the advertising industry, as well as for bands and musicians.
miks music
I make background music for marketing video and business use, YouTube, indie games, and short films. My goal is to offer my clients, small business owners, video marketers, and media creators, affordable and professional background music with flexible licensing terms.
wide cloud music
Theodor Borovski is a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer. A professional musician with years of experience, he is happy to offer his music for commercials, TV, movies, and other media projects.
taco music
I am Cato, a composer from London, UK. I’ve been writing music for over 20 years and have had my music used in feature films, adverts, TV programs, on radio and all over the Internet on YouTube, podcasts and the like.
valdi sabev
Hey, I am Valdi Sabev and I create music in a variety of genres and styles. For me emotion is the most important element in music and as long as a track makes me feel something then I love it. My music is original and I keep an open ear on the latest trends in popular music so that my tracks sound interesting and fresh. Hope you find the perfect music for your projects here and I wish you inspiration and success!
toy invention
Michael Adels aka “Toy Invention” from Germany works as a freelance royalty free music composer and produces tracks in many genres for videos, games, commercials, and YouTube.
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Where are you located?

We are a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Canada, yet our composers are from all over the world. We run very lean set-up and everyone contributes from where they reside. That helps us to cut the overhead and to keep affordable prices.

Being a non-profit, we don’t have a high-salaried CEO or VP of Marketing, no fancy office space to show off, and no corporate overlords or stockholders telling us what to do. It’s just us and our music.

Don’t think, however, that “lean” means no support or no security. We fully stand behind our service and we are proud to provide a secure environment along with timely support.

I can’t find any famous songs in your catalog!

Sorry if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Please note that we only offer the music that we create and own. All our composers have years of experience creating music for media projects and own 100% copyright to their works.




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