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Tap BPM Tempo Counter

Tap BMP counter is a simple online tool that allows you to quickly find a song's BMP (beats per minute) by simply tapping to the beat on your keyboard, mobile screen, or clicking the mouse. Start now or learn more about BPM counters.

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Tap any key on the keboard or tap in the area below on a mobile device to start.

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About tap BMP tempo counter

Tap BPM Tempo Beat Counter

Thank you for using our free online BPM tempo tapper tool!

When we upload new songs to our royalty free music library we calculate the BPM (beats per music) for each song and add it to the song’s metadata.

Until recently we’ve been using another BPM counter to simply tap the tempo on the keyboard (using a desktop computer).

It’s a nice free BPM tapper but, as you can tell, it’s been around for quite a few years now. It still works great but not on a mobile (at least it din’t work for us when we tried tapping to tempo using a phone). So we simply created our own online BPM counter where you can tap on any device.

How it works

Our free online BPM counter allows you to quickly calculate the tempo and count the beats per minute ratio by tapping to the rhythm of the song.

You can tap by using any key on the keyboard or by clicking the mouse inside the blue area. On a mobile device simply tap within the same are to count the beat and to calculate the BPM.

For most songs it usually take anywhere between 10 and 15 taps to reliably determine the tempo. However, not every song is performed to the exact BPM tempo. Many acoustic and rock songs (especially older recordings) may gradually increase the tempo towards the end of the song.

The counter will reset if you stop tapping for 2 seconds. You can adjust this time by changing the auto reset interval.

Common use cases for BPM counters

Counting the tempo of music manually with a stopwatch is a not very efficient 🙂

Here are some cases when you need to find the beats per minute of a song:

1. Musicians, DJs, and dancers will find it useful to populate proper BPM tempo metadata for their music collections.

2. Fitness instructors will find it useful to choose the proper music for their training classes or workout videos that match the intensity of each exercise.

3. Guided meditation instructors can find the music tempo to find perfect meditation soundtracks that fit the pace of their relaxation therapy or meditation classes and videos.

4. Music library owners and distributors can use this tool to spot check the song BPM provided by the artist.

5. You can calculate the tempo of just about anything else, for example the heart rate.

We hope our BPM calculator will help you quickly find the beats per minute tempo of any song!

Want us to add more features to our free BPM counter tool? Just post your ideas in the comments below.


  1. Mike on September 1, 2020

    That’s a nice and easy to use beat counter. Thanks!

    • Support on April 22, 2022


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