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Free Sound Effects Board Online App

Here is a collection of free online soundboards for various purposes, like podcast, live streaming, twitch, gaming, presentations, and more.

  • 3-2-1 Go Countdown

  • Fail Buzz

  • Cash Ka-Ching

  • Sad Fail Trombone

  • Countdown (5 Sec)

  • Applause

  • Car Brake

  • Baby Sneeze

  • Whip Crack

  • Retro Ringtone

  • Evil Laugh

  • Explosion

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soundboard for podcast

  • Dramatic Tension

  • Joke Rim Shot

  • Tape Rewind

  • Epic Vine Boom

  • Crowd Gasp

  • Glitch Transition

  • Censor Beep

  • White Noise

soundboard for streaming

  • Fanfare Trumpet

  • Power Up

  • Game Over

  • DJ Record Scratch

  • Weird Scream

  • 8 Bit Bomb Explosion

  • Kappa Wow

  • OMG Pogchamp

Tips for using soundboards for best results

When it comes to using soundboards, consider sounds that enhance your message or add humor and entertainment value.

The best advice is to use the sounds thoughtfully without overusing them, as they should complement your meeting, podcast, or gameplay stream rather than overpowering them.

Use sounds that are relevant to the content or moment.

Well-timed sound effects can enhance humor, emphasize key points, or create suspense.

For example, use a rimshot sound after a punchline or a fail buzz after a failed joke or wrong answer.


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