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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TunePocket?

TunePocket is a collective of independent music producers who create music, loops, and sound effects crafted specifically for today’s video and media projects.

You can use our music in films and documentaries, promotional business videos and advertisement, presentations, games, apps, podcasts, audio books, and many other personal and commercial creative projects that need quality music or sound effects.

Our core values are MUSIC QUALITY, personalized CUSTOMER SERVICE, and being AFFORDABLE FOR EVERY CREATOR, from a beginner YouTuber to a seasoned pro videographer.

Read more about why you should choose TunePocket over other music libraries.

Why choose us (what makes us different)?

There are plenty of places where you can get music for your videos. Here are 3 excellent reasons why we believe TunePocket is the best option:

1. Flexible membership plans. Choose between unlimited access subscription or just license a couple of music tracks for a small project. Upgrade any time if your needs change.

2. Affordable for any creator. Save over 50% compared to similar subscription services.

3. Simple royalty free license with wide rights. One license that covers most personal and commercial use, including freelance work.

Need to hear the expert’s opinion?

Watch Scott Dumas, a professional photographer and filmmaker, explaining how to choose the best music library for your videos.

Where can I use your music?

Almost anywhere!

Most of our clients use our music in promotional marketing videos, YouTube vlogs, social media posts, podcasts, on hold phone systems, as well as indie films, games, apps, and documentaries. However, we believe that our comprehensive all-in-one royalty free license covers the majority of common needs for both individual and corporate users. Here are some examples:

  • Personal, hobby, wedding, family video
  • Vlog, incl. monetized YouTube channels
  • Promotional, corporate, training videos
  • Ads, commercials, product demos
  • Presentation, slideshow, meeting, event, training, class (online or in-person)
  • Film, documentary, show, animation
  • Podcast, audio book, game
  • Freelance work (videography, voice over, video / audio editing, sound design)
  • Music download / sharing Web site
  • Music store / stock audio marketplace
  • Re-mix to create stock audio
  • Backing track to record a song
  • Online radio / music streaming service *
  • Software offering stock music collection *

All our membership plans cover commercial use, including monetized YouTube videos, business or product advertisement, and freelance / client work.

* Questions? Please contact us to discuss available licensing options.

Can I use your music in commercial projects?

Yes! Our comprehensive royalty free license grants you all the rights you need to use our music in commercial and freelance projects.

Can I share your music with my client?

Yes, as long you share it incorporated into a video, game, or any other project you’re creating for your client or employer. Your client then can use the resulting project (containing our music) in any way that does not contradict the licensing agreement.

We also ask you not to share your account details with clients or co-workers. If you need to create multiple users under one bill, please contact us for a multi-user corporate account.

Is your music royalty free?

Yes, but “royalty free” may mean different things to different people. Here’s how we define it:

When you download one of our music tracks or sound effects you are granted a lifetime license to use it in your projects.

In that context, “royalty free” means that you are NOT required to pay any additional licensing fees (a.k.a. royalties) for the recurring use of our content.

For example:

If you use our music in a series of business videos, you don’t have to pay any fees every time you make a new video.

If you put your video on YouTube, you are not required to pay any fees for every new view or when your video reaches a certain number views.

If you use our music in a commercial (for sale) game, you are not required to pay any fees each time you sell another copy.

Do you have a licensing question? Please contact us.

Do I have to credit TunePocket?

No, you are not required to credit TunePocket when you use our music.

However, we will greatly appreciate if you do. Here’s a quick guide how to credit TunePocket (but it’s really optional).

If you decide to credit us, make sure you join our affiliate program, so you get paid for referrals!

How many audio files can I download?

When you purchase a Personal or Business subscription plan you will have unlimited access to our entire catalog.

Please note that our licensing agreement does not allow automated content scraping and forbids account sharing. To prevent abuse, there is a limit of 50 downloads per day. Only unique downloads count, so you can re-download the same files (including multiple file formats) without affecting the limit.

50 downloads per day comes to over 18,000 downloads per year. Daily limits are common feature of unlimited download content providers. Our limit is one of the highest among similar services.

With Pay As You Go plan you can download any 5 audio files of your choice. If you need more music, you can renew your plan for another 5 downloads or upgrade to the unlimited access at reduced rate.

Offer Double the downloads for just $10 more! Get 10 downloads for $49

Can I modify / mix the music?

Yes, you can add additional sounds, mix different tracks together, loop, cross-fade, and make other modifications to build the perfect soundtrack to your video.

Can I download a famous song by …

We are a collective of independent music producers. We only offer the music that we create and where we control 100% of the rights.

If you’re looking to license a song by a famous recording artist or a band, we won’t be able to help you with that. You will need to contact the artist’s publisher / recording label to negotiate the license.

However, we add new music daily, so we hope you still can find a fitting soundtrack for your project. Try searching our music catalog by genre, mood, or a relevant keyword.

What happens to my videos when my subscription ends?

Absolutely nothing! When you license a music track from us and use it in a video, the license is perpetual and does not expire. In other words, when your subscription ends, none of your past videos will be affected.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time via your account dashboard. Cancellation will turn off the auto renewal and your membership will expire at the end of the current term. Your previously licensed music will never expire.

Can I use your music after my subscription ends?

Yes, our royalty free music license grants you the right to use our music in perpetuity. However, you won’t be able to download any new music unless you renew your subscription.

Can I get a refund?

Please see our refund policy.

How can I prove that I have the license?

We provide an electronic licensing certificate with every music track you download. The certificate features a link to verify the license.

Where can I download my licensing certificates?

My Account -> Download History -> Licensing Certificates

UPDATE: Now you can download PDF licensing certificates directly from the search results and track details pages. Look for this icon:

Can I share my account with a friend?

No, sharing your user name and password with friends or colleagues isn’t allowed by the licensing agreement. Neither sharing downloaded music with non-members.

There are two exceptions:

You can pass the license and the music to your client if you are a freelancer working on client projects.

If you have Business subscription, you can share downloaded music with your co-workers within your organization.

Need to add multiple users under one bill? Please contact us for a multi-user corporate license.

Can I use your music on YouTube / Facebook?

Yes, absolutely! Our license explicitly grants you the right to use our music on any social network, including commercial and monetized YouTube videos.

Each music track you download comes with a personalized licensing certificate identifying you or your company as a license holder.

However, if you plan to use our music on YouTube, please note that some (not all) of our composers have opted to protect their music from unauthorized use by registering it in YouTube’s Content ID system. Our policy is to be 100% transparent, so each music track registered with Content ID is clearly marked as such.

TIP: You can remove all Content ID registered music from the search results by using “No Content ID” filter at the bottom of the right side filter menu.

If you use one of these tracks in a YouTube video, you may receive a notice from YouTube saying that your video contains copyrighted music and your video may display ads. However, this is NOT a copyright strike, your video remains fully accessible and your account is NOT penalized!

Learn more:

How to remove YouTube copyright claims

How to unmute your video on Facebook

TIP: You can request your channel whitelisted to prevent repeated copyright claims.

Can I use your music in more than one YouTube channel?

Yes, you can use our music in multiple channels / accounts and on any number of social medial platforms, as long as you directly manage all these channels and accounts.

Can I monetize my YouTube channel if I use your music?

Yes, the license allows you to use our music in monetized channels and we offer copyright support when needed. However, we cannot offer you any guarantees whether YouTube will or will not allow you to monetize your channel. This is solely for YouTube to decide based on their current policies and the content of your channel. Please make sure to read and understand all relevant YouTube rules regarding what content can and cannot be monetized on the platform. Here’s more information: What content can be monetized on YouTube

Can I re-sell your music?

No, our license agreement expressly forbids any form or redistribution (incl. free sharing) or re-selling any of our content (music, loops, and sound effects). However, you can sell or monetize your projects that contain our music, such as videos, audio books, guided meditations, films, games, and so on.

What if I need just a couple of songs?

Take a look at our Pay As You Go membership plan. Learn more

Can I use your music in on hold phone systems?

Yes, the license covers using our music as music on hold. Please note that you may need to format the audio in a certain way to make it work with the phone systems. Here’s a simple, step by step tutorial how to format audio files for music on on hold.

Will your music work in my video or audio software?

All instrumental music tracks are available in both high resolution MP3 and 16 Bit 44.1 kHz WAV formats.

The loops are available in 16 Bit 44.1 kHz WAV format to ensure seamless looping.

The sound effects are available in 16 Bit 44.1 kHz or 24 Bit 48 kHz WAV format.

Both WAV and MP3 audio files can be used in any video editing software or app, including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Corel VideoStudio, Magix Move Editor, iMovie, Audacity, and many others.

More questions?

Feel free to post a comment below or contact us privately by email. Existing members can also post questions in our community forum.


  1. Kate on May 31, 2024

    Hi there.
    How do I know how long each track is before purchase? I want to create guided meditations of different lengths, some may be short, and some longer – up to 45 minutes. How do I know how long each track is, or does it matter because it can play on a loop?

    • Support on June 2, 2024

      You can see the length of each track in the music player. You can also filter and sort by length. We have a growing collection 1 hour long meditation tracks and sounds. Alternatively, you can loop or fade in / out shorter tracks directly in your audio or video editor:

  2. felps on April 26, 2024

    so i cant use it as a standalone audio? I have a channel for baby lullabelys wth an animated background. Is it suitable?

    • Support on April 26, 2024

      Thank you for your question! Yes, you can use the music in any sort of video, with or without the narration.

  3. Trevor Abell on March 24, 2023

    We are looking at the pay as you go to get some classical music tracks. We will have a sound projector that can play .mp3 tracks.

    Can the songs purchased from tunepocket be legally played on our sound projector on a continuous loop outside of our building where anyone walking past could hear it?

    • Support on March 24, 2023

      Hi Trevor,
      Assuming your concern relates to the public broadcast aspect.
      In most countries, the rights to public performances of most classical works (Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Brahms, Beethoven, and so on) are considered in public domain, meaning that they are no longer subject to copyright protection and can be freely performed publicly without the need for permission or payment of royalties.

  4. Aqil on September 26, 2022


    Can I use this music for TV broadcasts and digital platforms ??

    • Support on September 27, 2022

      Hi Aqil,
      Yes, the license covers TV broadcast. Please note that some composers are PRO members and the TV network will have to submit the cue sheets to the PRO in their country. Typically, this is the responsibility of the broadcaster, not the producer. Alternatively, you can use the music created by non affiliated composers. We have thousands of non-PRO tracks to choose from.

  5. Eddy on September 20, 2022

    I have a youtube channel focused on relaxing music, music for meditation, without narration or voice over. Can I use your music for my channel for this purpose. Of course, I will use the music as it is, but for the video background, I will do the editing on my side.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Support on September 22, 2022

      Hi Eddy,
      You can use our music and sounds in any soft of YouTube video, including meditation and relaxation videos.
      Hope this helps!

  6. Hannah on August 4, 2022

    I have listened to some of the music through the Browse Music section and notice there is a voice that pops up every so often – is this a type of watermark? ie if I purchase a membership will this not be on any music I download?

    • Support on August 4, 2022

      Hi Hannah,
      The audio watermark is only embedded into the free online previews. The actual downloads available to the members do not have any voices or watermarks.
      Hope this answers your question!

  7. HelenG on May 30, 2022

    Hello, can I use as a background soundtrack on my TikTok videos? Many thanks.

    • Support on June 8, 2022

      Hi Helen,
      Thank you for reaching out. Yes, our license covers all social media, including TikTok.
      Hope this answers your question.

  8. Joe Boudreau on January 3, 2022


    Once I have a subscription, is the watermark removed from the soundtracks? Thanks.

    • Support on January 3, 2022

      Hi Joe,
      Yes, when you have the active membership you can download the music and sounds without the watermark.
      Hope this answers your question!

      • Joe Boudreau on January 5, 2022

        Thank you so much.

  9. Alvin Ong on December 10, 2021

    Hi I am new to Tunepocket, but is there a way I can download the songs (with the embedded watermark) to my client who is located remotely to select the tune of her liking, before I download the song (as I am on the Pay as you Go package).


    • Support on December 10, 2021

      Hi Alvin,
      Yes, you certainly can. We can suggest a couple of solutions:

      1) You can simply send your client a link to the song, so they can listen online.
      2) You can download watermarked preview: log out f our your TunePocket account and click on the download button. There will be a link to download the preview in the pop-up window.

      Hope this helps!

  10. Bob Harper on November 6, 2021

    What is the audio quality level of what I’m hearing online while browsing?
    Is what I hear, what I’ll get?

    • Support on November 6, 2021

      Hi Bob,
      The online previews are 128 Kbps MP3. The actual downloads are in 320 Kbps MP3 and 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format for music; 24 Bit / 48 kHz for some sound effects. Hope this answers your question.

  11. Jeff on October 29, 2021

    Can I use the music for on hold music with a VOIP system?

    • Support on October 30, 2021

      Hi Jeff,
      Yes, the license convers on hold and commercial use. We can also help you format the audio files for use with VOIP systems.

  12. Frances Peterson on May 31, 2021

    You haven’t mentioned anywhere that your royalty free music can be used as background music in meditation audios. As I am looking at creating and selling meditation audios, can you please confirm that your music is suitable?

    Thank you!

    • Support on May 31, 2021

      Hi Frances,
      You can use our music as background for guided meditations audios. That is, when you add spoken word (and / or other sounds) to the music and create new audio that will be used for specific purpose (like meditation). But you can’t just download our songs and re-sell them as meditation music (sorry, the license does not cover this). You can, however, create all kinds of meditation videos, including the videos that only have music and no narration.
      Hope this answers your question!

  13. Judi Thiel on May 26, 2021

    Can i make a playlist to use in my exercise videos?

    • Support on May 27, 2021

      Hi Judy!
      Yes, you certainly can use our music to make playlists and to use these playlists in your exercise videos. Hope this answers your question!

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