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YouTube Channel ID Finder

This free YouTube channel ID finder tool will help you get any channel's ID by its handle (a short channel identifier that starts with @).

Learn more about the defference between the channel ID, handle, and the user name.

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What is YouTube channel ID?

YouTube video title is one of the most important pieces of your video metadata. The main purpose of a title is twofold: to help your video get discovered via search and to attract the views. Learn more about YouTube video title best practices by reading our tips below.

What is YouTube channel handle?

Handles are unique and short channel identifiers distinct from channel names and IDs. The handles start with the "@"" symbol, for example, @tunepocket. You can also use the handles to find and interact with other YouTube users.

What is YouTube channel name?

Similar to the handle, a YouTube channel username is the human-readable name chosen by the channel owner. It is part of the channel's URL (for example, and (unlike the channel ID) can be customized. In the past, yotubers would need at least 100 subscribers before they could set up their user name.

Why you may need to know YouTube channel ID

While channel handles are user-friendly and easy to remember, they can be changed by the channel owner. On the other hand, the channel ID remains constant, making it a more reliable way to identify and interact with a specific YouTube channel.

How to find a channel's handle?

The easiest option is to simply click on the channel's name under any of that channel's videos. Then look at the URL of that page. The handle will appear right at the end of the link (preceeed by the @ sign):

What are some other ways to find YouTube channel IDs?

We belive using our free channel ID finder is the easiest way to find any channel's ID but if for any reason you can't use it here are some alternative options:

  • 1. If you're looking for your own channel's ID, you can look it up in YouTube Studio. This will take few cliks, though.
  • 2. If you're comfortable reading the code, you can find the ID by viewing the page source code of any video from that channel. Click 'View page source' in your browser and look for "channelid" keyword.

Version History

November 2023: Added a button to convert channel ID to full channel URL, in case you need the working URL for that channel.

October 2023: Initial test version released.

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