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YouTube Money Calculators

How much YouTube pays for views and subscribers

Use our free YouTube money calculators to estimate the ad revenue from monetized YouTube videos. You can estimate the possible earnings by daily video views or by get estimated total earnings for any existing video or channel.

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Projected YouTube revenue by daily views

This calculator shows the range of how much money YouTube pays per number of views. Move the slider below left or right to set the number of views. Some popular numbers are 1000, 100,000 and 1 million views. See how we calculate the earnings.

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Estimate YouTube revenue of existing video

This calculator estimates the total money earned by a specific YouTube video. Enter a valid video URL to estimate how much that video earned (or could have earned) from YouTube monetization.

how to make money on youtube

Estimate YouTube Revenue for a Channel

This calculator estimates the total money earned by a specific YouTube channel. Enter a valid chanel URL to estimate how much that cahnnel earned (or could have earned) from YouTube monetization.

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How to use YouTube money calculators

Trying to decide whether you should monetize your channel?

Curious to know how much money popular YouTubers earn on YouTube?

Use our free YouTube revenue calculators to estimate (*) how much YouTube pays.

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Learn more about making money on YouTube.

How we calculate the earnings

The YouTube earnings calculators estimate the money that can be received by monetizing YouTube videos and channels by estimating the number of videos and the metric called RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions).

The typical YouTube’s RPM range is between $1.36 to $3.40. The actual RPM value will depend on your monetization tier.

Your monetization tier is largely by your niche and the size of your following. The higher is your tier, the higher RPM YouTube is willing to pay you.

The family friendly videos without profanity, violence, or sexually suggestive content tend to get chosen by most advertisers and, hence, will appeal to a larger amount of advertisers.

Keep that in mind when researching your niche!

Note that this RPM range reflects the income AFTER YouTube deducts AdSense commission (currently at 45%). Thus the total, pre-commission earnings that the advertisers pay can be estimated at between $2.00 and $5.00 RPM.

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The easiest way to estimate a potential earning from YouTube monetization is to use our free YouTube money calculator.

For example, you’d like to know how much YouTube pays for 1 million views. Simply move the slider to the desired number of views and see the minimum and the maximum earning based on the default RPM.


Important Notice: These are the ESTIMATED YouTube monetization earnings.

TunePocket makes no warranties or guarantees as to how much you can earn on YouTube and disclaims any liability related to using these calculators. By using our free calculators you agree to these terms.

What factors may affect your actual YouTube earnings?

There are many factor that may directly or indirectly affect how much you can actually earn by monetizing your channel.

The number of views and the size of your following is the biggest factor. The more people watch your videos (and the ads included with your videos), the higher is your earning potential.

Your niche is another big factor. Brand friendly videos (as opposed to controversial or provocative), tend to appeal to more advertisers, hence fetching higher ad bids.

Note that certain topics are not eligible for advertisement at all. See AdSense policy for more information on what videos are allowed into YouTube partnership program.

Some other factors that may affect the actual payout include the age and the location of your audience, the actual click through rate, ad blockers, the percentage of invalid ad clicks, and so on.

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