How To Make Money If YouTube Rejected Your Monetization Request

youtube monetization rejected

YouTube rejected your monetization application? You still can (potentially) earn money on YouTube without being a partner. Here are the 5 ideas how to monetize your videos outside of YouTube partner program.

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YouTube can be a good source of income .. if you can get into the Partnership program

The Internet is filled with stories about people making fortunes on YouTube.

making money on youtube

Many are, of course, exaggerated but there are indeed some very, very wealthy YouTubers like PewDiePie, Rhett and Link, or DanTDM, just to name a few.

Scores of others are not quite the millionaires but manage to make a steady living off YouTube.

How people make money on YouTube?

Most people on YouTube make money with ads by monetizing their videos.

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However, before you start, you must be accepted into YouTube Partner Program (also known as YPP).

Is it easy to get accepted into YouTube partner program?

In theory, it’s quite doable.

You must live in a country where the program is available. Have a channel in good standing (no strikes or violations). Accumulate more than 4,000 of public watch hours and than 1,000 subscribers.

The reality is, of course, not so simple.

failed monetization application

Fact: Not every YouTube partnership application is accepted.

In fact, many get rejected flat out.

So, what do you when your monetization request is rejected? What should be your next step?

What to do next after YouTube rejected your monetization application?

Imagine a situation like this:

You worked hard on your channel.

You made and uploaded new videos regularly. You’ve got 1000 subscribers and people watched your videos for more than 4000 hours.

You apply to become a YouTube partner, wait a couple of days and.. REJECTED!

Surely you feel devastated. Before you call it quits, here’s what to do next:

First of all, find out why your monetization request was rejected.

The most common reason why YouTube rejects monetization requests is that your videos violated some of YouTube’s policies or guidelines. Specifically, the policies that make sure your videos are suitable for advertisers.

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In order to understand why YouTube rejected your request, carefully read your rejection email. It should tell you the exact policy that your channel violated.

Then look at your videos and check if any content (including the video, tags, titles, and descriptions) violate any of YouTube monetization policies or Community Guidelines.

Once you identified the potential offenders and made improvements to these videos (or made some new, better videos) you can re-apply to the program.

If your monetization request was rejected you can only re-apply after 30 days.


If you artificially boosted your subscribers or view hours, you’ve only got yourself to blame for the rejection.

YouTube is quite smart in detecting bogus views and bot subs.

If you’re looking to create a long term earning stream, we strongly advise against trying to game the system. Even if you manage to fly under YouTube’s radar for some time, it simply won’t pay in the long run.

Getting your partnership application rejected is a setback but it’s not permanent (you just need to make improvements or find alternative ways to monetize your videos). Getting your channel banned for cheating is truly the end of your YouTube career.

But what can you do if YouTube already rejected your application several times in a row?

Can you still earn anything with the videos you already made?

How to make money on YouTube without joining the partner program (YPP)

Not being a partner does limit how you can earn on YouTube. For instance, you can’t use the features like stickers or super chat.

However, with a little extra work you still can salvage the work that went into making your videos and make some money.

Here are some ideas how you still can earn on YouTube without being accepted into the YPP (YouTube partner program).

Spoiler alert: You won’t be receiving the money from YouTube directly but you will use the videos that you created as a product or as a marketing opportunity.

Do you know what is your advantage compared to someone who’s just starting on YouTube?

make money with your videos

You already have the videos and at least 1000 subscribers eager to watch more of your content.

Considering you already have a sizable audience, try some of the ideas below:

Idea 1: Earn with affiliate marketing

This would be one of the simplest options.

Think of a product or service that your audience might consider buying. Sign up for a relevant affiliate program. Make a series of videos promoting the affiliate products. Furthermore, link from your older videos to the new affiliate videos (in description, via the end screens and the cards). Or mention the products in your existing videos descriptions.

For example, if your channel is related to mediation music, join TunePocket affiliate program and offer your viewers royalty free meditation music.

Idea 2: Create your own product for sale

You already have the audience. Now sell them something you made! What you can sell depends largely on the topic of your videos.

If you are making tutorial videos, sell a PDF e-book with your best tutorials.

If you are making cooking videos, sell a cook book.

If you are making exercise videos, offer one on one consultations or private classes.

If you are making relaxation music videos, take it a step further and make money by selling guided meditations.

Idea 3: Create sponsored content as an influencer

So YouTube thinks your channel is no good for their advertisers?

Find your own advertisers!

Yes, this will take some legwork but you will get to keep ALL the ad money, without having to share with YouTube.

By this point you should already know what products appeal to your viewers.

Now find the companies that make such products.

TIP: startups are ALWAYS looking for new promotional opportunities and want to grow their influencers network.

Contact these companies and offer them your service. That is, to mention or to review their products in your upcoming videos.

However, as per YouTube policy, you must mention any paid product placements featured in your videos.

Idea 4: Monetize via other platforms

YouTube isn’t the only place where you can monetize your videos. Other platforms like Uscreen offer monetization opportunities for video content.

We’re working on a new post discussing various monetization channels available for creators outside of YouTube.

Idea 5: Sell your videos

Finally, if you think you have exhausted any other opportunity, why not offer your videos to someone who simply need more content?

For example, if you were making music videos, offer them to another music channel that is already monetized. Perhaps you’ll end up making new videos regularly as a freelancer, so that, in turn, will be your new revenue stream.

This idea may or may not qualify as “make money on YouTube” but at least it gives you one last opportunity to get some money for your work.

Hope this helps!

Questions? Comments?

Hope this post will help you get approved for monetization super fast!

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