How To Get Sponsored On YouTube

how to get sponsored on youtube

Getting sponsored on YouTube is one of the most exciting milestones for any YouTuber.

Not only the sponsorship provides a new income stream, it may open doors to even bigger collaboration opportunities and help elevate your channel’s credibility to the new height.

In this guide, we will look into what it actually means to get sponsored, what corporate sponsors are looking for, and discuss the strategies and steps you can take to increase your chances of getting sponsored on YouTube.

You will also learn how to approach potential sponsors and get an easy to use sponsorship pitch letter template.

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What does it mean to get sponsored on YouTube?

Sponsorship may take may forms.

Generally, getting sponsored on YouTube means entering into a partnership or collaboration with a brand or company that provides financial support, products, or services in exchange for promotion and exposure on your YouTube channel.

Why get sponsored?

The vast majority of YouTubers make money by monetizing their videos through YouTube’s partnership program, commonly known as YouTube Partner Program or YPP.

So, why bother with trying to find sponsors when you can simply make videos, sit back, and let YouTube do all the work?

There are two big reasons:

First, sponsorship is a great option for content creators to monetize their channels and generate (good) income beyond traditional ad revenue.

Second, it’s not all that easy to get accepted into the YPP these days, so you may look for alternatives.

Recently YouTube has drastically increased the requirements for the channels to be considered for the program.

Furthermore, many of previously accepted channels get demonetized daily due to reused content.

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Thus, if you want to boost the advertisement revenue you already receive through the YPP, or if your channel was demonetized, consider getting a corporate sponsor.

5 common types of sponsorship collaborations

When it comes to sponsorship, there are no pre-set rules.

Eventually, it all comes down to negotiating directly with the potential sponsor and the specifics of your channel and audience.

However, here are the 5 most common sponsorship types we see on YouTube:

1. Product Sponsorships

In this type of sponsorship, a brand provides free products or services to the YouTuber in exchange for showcasing or reviewing them in their videos.

The content creator may receive financial compensation or simply keep the products for free.

2. Brand Endorsements

A brand may pay a content creator to endorse their product or service directly.

This endorsement can take the form of a dedicated video, an integrated mention within a video, or a sponsored segment.

3. Sponsored Content

You may collaborate with a brand to create sponsored content to directly support their marketing efforts.

In this type of sponsorship, the content creator collaborates with the brand to produce videos that directly integrates or revolves the brand’s message or products.

4. Event Sponsorships

Brands may sponsor a YouTuber to attend or cover events related to their niche, such as product launches, conventions, or industry conferences.

You will promote the event and provide coverage through videos or live streams.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Last but not least. Instead of direct sponsorship, you can simply join affiliate programs where to promote a brand’s products or services using unique links or codes.

You will earn commission on sales generated through these affiliate links.

Learn more about TunePocket affiliate program.

How to make your channel appealing for the sponsors?

Here’s the hard truth: not every channel can get sponsored.

Before we continue, I encourage you to take a long hard look at your channel and think: what is that in your channel that might be appealing to the potential sponsors?

Below are 10 ideas for increasing your chances of attracting a sponsor on YouTube:

1. Develop a Strong Identity

Clearly define your channel’s niche and target audience.

Create content that aligns with your brand and appeals to your viewers.

A clear identity helps sponsors understand your channel’s audience and its potential for collaboration.

2. Consistency and Quality

Produce high-quality content and do it consistently.

Invest in good equipment, pay attention to video and audio quality, and refine your editing skills.

License music for your videos to avoid YouTube placing ads on your channel for using copyrighted music without a license.

TIP: Corporate sponsors won’t like seeing their competitors ads on your channel.

Consistency and quality content demonstrate your professionalism and dedication, making your channel more appealing to sponsors.

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3. Grow Your Subscriber Base

This goes without saying. You need subscribers if you want to be considered for sponsorship.

Focus on growing your subscriber count and building an engaged audience. Promote your channel on other social media platforms, collaborate with other YouTubers, and actively engage with your viewers through comments, community posts, and live streams.

Sponsors are more likely to be interested in creators with a sizable and engaged audience.

4. Showcase Your Statistics and Achievements

Create a media kit that highlights your channel’s statistics, such as subscriber count, average views, engagement rate, and demographics of your audience.

Include any notable achievements, awards, or recognition you have received.

This information will demonstrate your reach and potential value to the prospective sponsors.

5. Optimize Your Channel for Search

Utilize YouTube’s features to optimize your videos for search and discovery.

Use relevant and targeted titles, tags, and descriptions.

Optimize your channel’s metadata, including the banner, profile picture, and About section.

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By improving your visibility, you increase the chances of attracting sponsors who are searching for content creators in your niche.

6. Engage with Your Audience

Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, asking for feedback, and conducting polls or surveys.

Build a sense of community and show sponsors that you have an active and dedicated fan base that they can reach through your channel.

7. Create Showreels and Compilations

Compile highlights from your videos into a showreel or compilation that showcases your best work.

This can be a powerful tool to impress potential sponsors and give them a glimpse of your content and style in a concise format.

8. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Collaborations with other YouTubers in your niche can expand your reach and attract sponsors’ attention.

Seek out collaboration opportunities with creators who have a similar or complementary audience.

Collaborative videos demonstrate your ability to work with others and expose your content to a wider audience.

9. Networking and Industry Events

Attend industry events, conferences, conventions, or meetups related to your niche.

Networking with other creators, brands, and industry professionals can lead to sponsorship opportunities.

Be proactive in reaching out and building relationships within the YouTube and influencer community.

10. Join Influencer Marketing Platforms

Sign up for influencer marketing platforms that connect content creators with brands seeking sponsorships.

These platforms provide a platform for creators to showcase their channels and access sponsorship opportunities tailored to their niche.

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How to pitch your channel to sponsors?

Ok, so now you have a popular channel with the growing subscriber base.

You create great videos consistently and you keep your audience engaged.

Good job! Now is that time to find your first sponsor.

Below are 10 steps you need to take to find and approach potential sponsors:

1. Research the Brand

Before approaching a potential sponsor, conduct thorough research on the brand to ensure your channel aligns with their values and target audience.

Familiarize yourself with their products or services, brand message, and any existing influencer partnerships they may have.

2. Identify Key Contact

Find the appropriate person or department responsible for sponsorships or partnerships within the brand.

Look for contact information on their website or reach out to them through their social media channels or general inquiries email.

Addressing your pitch to the right person will greatly increase the likelihood of a response.

3. Personalize Your Pitch

Craft a personalized and well-thought-out pitch that demonstrates your knowledge of the brand and explains why a partnership with you would be mutually beneficial.

Highlight how your content aligns with their brand message and target audience, emphasizing the unique value you can offer.

Not sure what to write?

Start with our sponsorship pitch template and fill in the blanks.

4. Showcase Your Channel

Provide an overview of your YouTube channel, including key statistics such as subscriber count, average views, and engagement rate.

Mention any notable achievements, awards, or recognition your channel has received. Attach a link to your channel and specific videos that best represent your content and style.

5. Highlight Your Audience

Explain the demographics and interests of your audience to showcase the potential reach and engagement your channel offers.

If you have insights on your viewership, such as age groups, geographic locations, or interests, share that information to help the brand understand the target market they can reach through your channel.

6. Offer Partnership Ideas

Propose specific ideas or concepts for collaboration that align with the brand’s products or services.

This demonstrates your creativity and commitment to creating content that integrates seamlessly with their brand.

Provide examples or outline potential video concepts that showcase the brand in an authentic and engaging way.

7. Demonstrate potential Return on Investment (ROI)

Explain how a partnership with you can deliver value to the brand.

Highlight any success stories or case studies from previous sponsorships or collaborations to showcase your ability to generate awareness, engagement, and conversions.

If you have data on key performance metrics, such as views, engagement rates, or click-through rates, include them to substantiate the potential ROI.

8. Follow-Up

Sent your pitch and didn’t hear back? Don’t panic!

Give the brand some time to review your pitch and follow up after a reasonable period, usually within a couple of weeks.

Send a polite and concise follow-up email or message to inquire about their interest or if they require any additional information.

Persistence works!

9. Be Professional and Authentic

Maintain a professional tone throughout your communication while also injecting your personality and passion for your content.

Be authentic and genuine in your approach, showcasing why you are genuinely interested in partnering with the brand and how it aligns with your channel’s values.

10. Track Your Outreach

Keep track of your outreach efforts, including the brands you have contacted, the dates, and any responses or follow-up actions.

This helps you stay organized and enables you to tailor your future outreach strategies based on the results.

Sponsorship pitch template

Ready to pitch your channel to a sponsor?

Use our easy template to send your first pitch!

Subject: Collaboration Opportunity: [Your Channel Name] x [Potential Sponsor]

Dear [Contact’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I am the creator behind the [Your YouTube Channel Name], where I specialize in producing engaging content in [Your Channel’s Niche]. I am reaching out to explore a potential collaboration opportunity between [Your Channel Name] and [Potential Sponsor].

I have been following [Potential Sponsor] and have admired your brand’s commitment to [Brand Message/Values]. Your [Product/Service] aligns perfectly with my channel’s content and target audience, making it an exciting prospect for us to work together.

Here are some key details about my channel:

Channel Name: [Your YouTube Channel Name]
Channel Overview: [Provide a brief description of your channel, its theme, and the type of content you create]
Subscriber Count: [Number of subscribers]
Average Views: [Average number of views per video]
Engagement Rate: [Percentage of likes, comments, and shares]
Target Audience: [Describe your audience demographics, interests, and engagement patterns]
Notable Achievements: [Highlight any awards, recognition, or significant milestones your channel has achieved]
I believe that a collaboration between [Your Channel Name] and [Potential Sponsor] would be mutually beneficial. By partnering with your brand, I can provide exposure to a highly engaged audience that resonates with [Potential Sponsor]’s products/services.

Some collaboration ideas that I have in mind include:

[Idea 1]: [Briefly describe a specific concept or video idea that integrates your content with the brand’s products/services]

[Idea 2]: [Provide another concept or video idea that showcases the brand in an engaging and authentic way]

I am open to discussing these ideas further and tailoring them to best meet [Potential Sponsor]’s goals and preferences. I am also eager to explore any other concepts or suggestions you may have.

In previous collaborations, I have successfully generated significant brand awareness, engagement, and conversions for my partners. I am confident that our partnership will deliver measurable results. Attached to this email, you will find examples of my previous collaborations and their impact.

I would love to discuss this collaboration opportunity further and explore how we can work together to achieve our mutual goals. Please let me know if you would be interested in exploring this partnership, and I would be more than happy to provide any additional information or answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for considering this collaboration opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of creating exciting content together.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]
[Your YouTube Channel Name]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]
[Social Media Handles]

should i disclose paid sponsorships to my viewers or YouTube?

Yes, you should.

Transparency is the best way to build trust with your audience!

As a creator on YouTube, you must disclose paid sponsorships or any other forms of compensation you receive for promoting products, services, or brands in your videos.

Disclosure is crucial for maintaining transparency and trust with your audience, as it ensures that viewers are aware of any potential biases or financial relationships that may influence your content.

how many subscribers you need to get sponsored on youtube?

That depends on several factors, including your niche, engagement rate, content quality, and target audience.

While there is no specific threshold of subscribers that guarantees sponsorship opportunities, generally, the more substantial your subscriber count, the more likely you are to attract potential sponsors.

However, sponsorships are not solely based on subscriber count!

Sponsors also consider other factors such as audience demographics, engagement metrics (views, likes, comments, shares), niche relevance, and the overall quality and appeal of your content.

A small channel with a highly engaged and targeted audience still can attract sponsors if it offers a valuable platform to reach a specific demographic.

In many cases, micro-influencers with a smaller but dedicated and engaged audience have no problem securing sponsorships based on the quality of their content, authenticity, and niche expertise.

We hope this helps!

Questions? Comments?

In this post we talked about how to get sponsored on YouTube.

Specifically, what it means to get sponsored, how to make your channel ready for sponsorship, and how to pitch your channel to sponsors.

Tell us about your experience with getting sponsored on YouTube! Post a comment

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