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free meditation script download pdf

Looking for free meditation scripts?

In partnership with our friends at we’re happy to offer you a completely free meditation script (sleep relaxation) to download in PDF format.

Please read the terms of use before downloading!

What is the purpose of meditation scripts?

Meditation scripts serve various purposes, including personal meditation practice, stress reduction, and group sessions in settings like corporate wellness programs or educational environments.

Using a meditation script offers several advantages compared to meditating on your own.

Most importantly, a guided script provides structure and direction, helping individuals, especially beginners, maintain focus and avoid distractions during their practice.

Additionally, meditation scripts often incorporate proven relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and mindfulness cues, enhancing the depth and effectiveness of the meditation experience.

Finally, for those seeking specific outcomes such as stress reduction, better sleep, or emotional healing, a well-crafted meditation script can be tailored to address these goals, providing a more targeted and purposeful meditation session.

About this free meditation script

Here you can download a free 10 min guided meditation script for sleep.

This script was written by a professional therapist who will guide you through a series of breathing and relaxation exercises to help you slow down and relax before you fall asleep.

Download free meditation script PDF

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  • You can’t claim the authorship.
  • You can’t use it in commercial projects. Please purchase the commercial license.

By downloading you agree to these terms.

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File size: 88 KB

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Want to write your own meditation scripts?

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Download free meditation script writing template (PDF).

Need music to enhance your meditation practice or business?

Unlimited Music For Meditation Videos And Commercial Use

All our music tracks are available with commercial music license if you’d like to use this music in meditation audio or video that you plan to monetize.

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