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5 Places To Download Music On Hold

5 places to download music on hold

Looking to download on hold music for your company’s business phone line? In this post we review 5 places to download royalty free on hold music, including free, affordable, and premium places. Find out which site offers the best value.

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Read This Before You Use Music In Your Wellness Or Spa Business

How To Legally Use Music In Your Wellness Or Spa Business

Playing music in wellness centers and spas gives business owners an excellent opportunity to create inviting and cozy atmosphere for their clients. If you want to legally play music in your place of business, you may need a special public performance license from the performance right organization (PRO) in your country. Learn about alternative ways to source music for your spa center.

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Can I Freely Use Copyrighted Music Under “Fair Use”?

Fair Use For Music

When using copyrighted music, “fair use” may apply under certain circumstances but there is no universal rule that would give you immunity from copyright law. Learn about some of the typical cases where “fair use” may apply with real life examples and see common myths that can land you in hot legal water for using copyrighted music without permission.

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Twitch Rules On Music [Read This Before Streaming]

Twitch music rules explained

After the recent Twitch music policy update, you can’t play copyrighted music on Twitch unless you have permission or license to use it. If you play music without a license, your VOD will get muted or you risk getting DMCA takedowns and losing your channel. Learn how Twitch music policy works, what music you can play on Twitch, and how to license music for Twitch streams and VOD.

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How To Legally Play Music In Your Business

how to legally play music in you business

According to the copyright law, the right to perform musical recordings belongs exclusively to the copyright holders. In order to legally play music in your business, you need a special public performance license from the performance right organization (PRO) in your country or you can use royalty free music created by composers not affiliated with any PRO.

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