5 Places To Download Music On Hold

5 places to download music on hold

Download on hold music to use in popular PBX systems like Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, FreePBX, and more.

In this post we’ll look at 5 great places, both free and paid, where you can download music for your business phone system.

important things to know before you download on hold music

1. Music must be formatted in a certain way to work in a telephone system.

2. You must obtain proper license to use copyrighted music in on hold phone systems.

3. Don’t use music registered with performance rights organizations to simplify licensing.

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Where you can download music on hold

The ratings reflect how suitable a particular site is for downloading on hold music.

We took into account a several factors like catalog size, music quality, price (if applicable), available music formats / licenses, and if you can use the music for commercial business purpose.

1. YouTube Audio Library (Free)
2. Free Music Archive (Free with attribution)
3. Easy On Hold (Paid $$$$)
4. TunePocket (Paid $$) Best Value
5. Amazon (Paid $)

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has a free music library available to anyone with access to Creator Studio.

It includes a collection of instrumental music tracks that could be (if you’re not very picky) used as music on hold.

youtube free audio library


It’s absolutely free and royalty free.


Stylistically the music in the free library would be a better fit for YouTube videos rather than for business phone line.

While YouTube claims you can use the music for any project, it does not explicitly allow MOH usage. Neither you get any licensing confirmation or certificate that mentions your company as the licensee.

Some songs require attribution, which makes it unpractical to download for on hold music.

2. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is an online catalog of Creative Commons licensed music.


It’s a huge collection of free music shared by other users. You can download and use their music freely, as long as you follow the requirement of the Creative Commons license.


The quality varies greatly.

It’s free but you must give credit for most songs.

Many tracks cannot be used commercially, so you can’t use them as music on hold for your business.

As with YouTube audio library, you don’t get any license or certificate to prove that you can use the music.

All content is uploaded by other users. FMA won’t provide any guarantees as to legality of the uploads.

3. Easy On Hold

Easy On Hold is a US based company that provides a range of services related to on hold call centers, however, at premium price.

Each song will cost you over $100 per year (!). If you’re simply looking to download a couple of on hold music tracks, this may be overkill.


A nice overall collection of music in various genres. Adequate search functionality.


It’s quite expensive with prices starting around $100 per song per year.

Yup, you will have to pay every year for as long as you use their music.


4. TunePocket

TunePocket is a multi-genre music library with thousands of royalty free music tracks, loops, and sound effects that can be used commercially (including for music on hold).


Price and music quality are one of the strongest pros of downloading on hold music from TunePocket.

For $99 you get unlimited access to the entire catalog. Download anything you like and use it forever, royalty free!

Going back to Easy On Hold, $99 won’t even get you 1 music track.

If you only need a couple of songs for your phone system, you can get a small download pack for as low as $39.

See all membership plans

download music on hold - tunepocket

All plans cover commercial use and you don’t have to credit TunePocket.

You get lifetime royalty free license and downloadable PDF license certificate that name your company as the license holder.

New music is added daily!

Here are some on hold music samples that our customers used in their telephone systems:

Listen and download more handpicked on hold music (our top 10 most popular).

If you’re not sure how to format downloaded music before using it in your phone system, here’s a simple, step-by-step tutorial: How to format audio files for on hold phone system

Download on hold music


With quality handcrafted music at that price, honestly, we can’t think of any 🙂

5. Amazon

When it comes to downloading on hold music, TunePocket offers the best value for the price.

Looking to spend even less?

Take a look at Amazon, there are some sellers offering a variety of their own on hold music tracks.

However, pay attention to the reviews. Some reviewers complained that the music would be more suitable for a spa than for the business on hold line.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information pertaining to what the license covers, except “on hold music” in the title. Use at your own risk.

amazon on hold music

Hope this post helps you to find the best place to download music on hold!


1. YouTube Audio Library (Free)
2. Free Music Archive (Free with attribution)
3. Easy On Hold (Paid $$$$)
4. TunePocket (Paid $$) Best Value
5. Amazon (Paid $)

Free libraries are a good starting point, however pay attention to licensing limitations (attribution, no commercial use).

Specialized on hold music companies offer great music but are typically quite expensive.

A versatile music library that offer royalty free music for generic commercial use can be the optimal choice. You may need to re-format to make it work with specific phone systems but this is typically a quick and easy task.

With TunePocket you get access to a wide array of on hold music at a fraction of the cost charged by the specialized company.

Download music on hold

Know another great place to download royalty free on hold music?

Post it in the comments!

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