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Water Ejection Sound Tool (6 Sounds)

Here is a collection of low frequency water ejection sounds created specifically to dislodge the droplets of water from your phone or airpods speaker. Learn more how water ejection sounds work.

We offer you a range of “bass frequencies” and sounds, so you can experiment and see which one works the best for your phone.

  • 65Hz Tone Water Ejection Sound (MP3, 128Mbit)
  • 100Hz Tone Water Ejection Sound (MP3, 128Mbit)
  • 150Hz Tone Water Ejection Sound (MP3, 128Mbit)

Need better quality and longer sounds?

Download pro quality WAV sounds (48KHz / 24Bit), 60 sec each.

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  • Deep Bass Guitar (MP3, 128 Mbit)
  • Low Bell (MP3, 128 Mbit)
  • Water Be Gone! (MP3, 128 Mbit)

What is the purpose of water ejection sounds?

water eject from phone

The purpose of this water ejection sounds tool is to help dislodge the water droplets trapped in the speaker grill of a phone or headphones / airpods.

Can I just wait for the water to dry?

If your phone has been exposed to water and you notice that the speaker sounds distorted or muffled, it is recommended to take steps to remove the water from the speaker grill without waiting for the water to dry.

Water droplets can interfere with the movement of the speaker cone, causing distortion or muffled sound.

While waiting for the water to evaporate on its can be an option, it can take a long time for the water to fully evaporate, especially if the phone has been exposed to a significant amount of water.

Remember, the longer the water remains in the speaker grill, the higher the risk of corrosion and damage to the speaker.

What is the best sound frequency to eject water from phones?

We recommend using a frequency range between 20 Hz to 200 Hz to remove water from both phone speakers and airpods.

This range is most commonly referred to as the “bass” frequency.

How water ejection with sound works?

The sound waves create pressure changes in the water droplets that have accumulated in the speaker grill.

This causes the water droplets to vibrate and eventually dislodge from the speaker grill, allowing the speaker to function normally again.

Water ejection sounds is an effective and non-invasive method to remove water from a phone speaker, helping to restore the sound quality and functionality of the device without a costly repair.


I have a Samsung / iPhone / Android phone, which sound works best for my phone?

There is no direct link between the brand of the phone and the frequency that works best to remove water from the speaker.

The effectiveness of using sound to remove water from a phone speaker depends on various factors, such as the design of the speaker, the amount of water, and the quality of the sound being played.

We recommend trying all of the water ejection sounds we offer to see which one works best for your phone.

Please note that the sounds included with this free tool are in MP3 format that cuts the lower, non-audible frequencies to save on file size.

Check out more high quality water ejection sounds.

For how long should I play the sound to get water fully ejected?

The length of time required to fully eject water from a phone speaker using sound can vary depending on the amount of water in the speaker and the quality of the sound.

For most phones, it is recommended to play the sound for 30-60 seconds and then check to see if the water has been fully ejected.

If droplets are still visible in the speaker, you can continue playing the sound for another 60 seconds and check again.

Looking for the best quality water ejection sounds?

Download 7 water ejection sounds in one convenient kit

Professional 24Bit / 48kHz WAV quality, 60 sec each.


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While using sound to remove water from your phone speaker can be effective, it’s not a guaranteed solution.

If your phone has been exposed to a significant amount of water, it’s best to turn it off immediately and seek professional assistance to prevent further damage.

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  1. Yaseen on July 26, 2023

    What about licensing? If I want to use these sounds to make water ejection videos?

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