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Download unlimited professional quality music


One royalty free license to cover all common usage


Less than $9 a month

Many royalty free music libraries boast about having hundreds of thousands tracks available for licensing.
That sounds great.. until you’ve spent hours searching though hundreds of tracks that sound like an endless remix of just a handful of bestsellers.

Wouldn’t it be great to search though a smaller but sharply focused and constantly curated catalog?

Many royalty free libraries offer multiple licenses tailored to every possible use.
That sounds great.. until you’ve tried to figure out the differences and to decide which license fits your specific needs.

Wouldn’t it be great to simply have one license that covers all use?

Most royalty free music libraries charge between $19 and $40 PER track and some won’t even let you re-use it in a new project unless you buy ANOTHER license.
$20 isn’t that much.. until you or your client want some last minute changes AFTER the track was already purchased. Would you spend another $20 or settle for a less-than-perfect track?

Wouldn’t it be great to download and try as many non-watermarked, full quality tracks as you need without worrying about spending any extra money?

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. There is no term or contract.

Is commercial use allowed?

Yes, our all-in-one royalty free music license allows you to use our music in commercial projects.

Is it safe to use on YouTube?

Yes, every music track is accompanied by a downloadable licensing certificate.
We will assist you with resolving any related copyright claims and will request YouTube to whitelist your channel.