Case Study: How This Voice Over Actor Solved His Problem Of Finding Background Music For Commercial Projects

Client Spotlight

Learn how Michael Sanchez, the founder of Evergreen Voice Over, managed to find legal music to use in his commercial voice over projects and saved big on music licensing.

Michael Sanchez

Hi, I’m Michael Sanchez and I started Evergreen Voice Over because I wanted another way to entertain and engage audiences. I’m a teacher as well as a professional musician, and since the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down everything from schools to concert halls, I’ve been unable to be in the classroom with my kids or on stage entertaining audiences.

I’ve been performing professionally since I was 16 years old. I’ve been on stage playing instruments, singing, acting, and I’ve been behind the scenes working as a stage manager for various types of staged productions. I’ve been an announcer for concerts, auctions, fundraisers, several Geography Bees, and other live events.

So when I started thinking about voice over work, it turns out that I’ve been training for it most of my life!

About Evergreen Voice Over

Evergreen Voice Over is the new kid on the block when it comes to the voice over industry.

evergreen voiceover logo

When most people think of voice overs, they think of things like movie trailers, TV commercials, and documentaries. But in reality, the industry has way more to offer than that! Think animation, video game characters, live announcements, internet advertisements, eLearning, corporate training, guided meditations, audiobook narration, app voices, smart appliance voices…the list goes on and on.

Evergreen Voice Over strives to help small and medium-sized businesses and organizations access professional, affordable voice overs for their company’s needs.

Whether it’s an internet advertisement for a new restaurant, or a message from a business owner about what they’re doing to help with the pandemic efforts, I feel that voice over work is something that any business can benefit from. And in today’s market, professional voice over services are more affordable than ever.

microphone voice over recording

This might come to a surprise to readers, but my most frequent business comes from business voicemail greetings, phone systems, and IVR systems. That’s right: someone has to record a virtual phone directory, so it may as well be me! I love the work, and I’m always finding new ways to bring life to these simple, yet important, voice overs.

How to legally use music in voice over projects

As a musician, I’m always thrilled when customers ask for background music to go along with their voice over.

One of the things that makes the process more difficult is copyright issues. I can’t just go and pick any song that I find online and slap it underneath a voice over. That’s very illegal.

I don’t want to get in trouble, and I certainly don’t want my customers to get in trouble, either! But sifting through sub-par royalty free music takes a long time, and I’ve got customers that need a recording now.

So where do I find royalty free music for voice overs that I trust?

This is where the folks at TunePocket come in!

TunePocket puts high-quality, easily searchable catalog of royalty free music at my fingertips and provides me the license to use that music in commercial projects.

They have a powerful search function and I can customize my search by genre, mood, instrumentation, song length, and more, so finding the right music takes almost no time.

My subscription lets me use the music that I find on TunePocket for all my voice over projects, and its all-inclusive license gives me peace of mind that I’m not violating a hard-working artist’s copyright.

music for voice overs

Another great thing about TunePocket is that new music is being added on a daily basis, so there’s always something for me to discover!

One of the favorite parts of my week is when I get the TunePocket weekly e-mail that features some of their newest music. I’ve found some gems in there that I might never have come across otherwise.

I’ve used TunePocket since Day 1 of starting Evergreen Voice Over, and I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t have this valuable tool at my disposal. The quality of the music and the ease in which I can find exactly what I need is unmatched, and I can’t recommend TunePocket enough!

Want to try TunePocket for your voice over project? You can browse and preview the entire music library before you sign up. I hope to see you soon as a new member.

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