Guided Meditation Scripts [Resources, Downloads, Writing Tips]

Guided Meditation Scripts

Looking for guided meditation scripts? In this post we will review the best places to download meditation scripts to use in meditative videos, yoga classes, relaxation, and healing.


What is guided meditation
Benefits of guided meditation
What is guided meditation script
5 places to download guided meditation scripts
5 Tips for writing your own meditation script
Resources for making guided meditation audio and videos

What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is a type of meditation mindfulness practice led by a teacher, in person or via audio or video.

The purpose of guided meditations is to lead the listener to understand the dynamics of the mind, how it is going to react to the meditation, and how to apply the meditation technique, either during the session or in everyday life.

Often coupled with relaxing meditation music, guided meditations can help with mental and physical healing, relaxation, stress relief, better sleep, as well as coping with grief and anxiety.

Benefits of guided meditation

If you are a yoga teacher or a YouTube creators making meditation videos you may wonder what are the advantages of guided meditation over other meditation techniques.

The general consensus is that here is no “good” or “bad” meditation technique. However, having an experienced teacher who can help you explore the intricacies and subtleties of your mind can be very helpful, especially for beginners.

What is guided meditation script

A script is simply the written version of the guided meditation session.

Yoga teachers and meditation coaches / gurus and meditation video and audio creators use meditation scripts to create their own guided meditations, either recorded or live.

where to download guided meditation scripts

download guided meditation scripts

There are quite a few places where you can get paid or free meditation scripts for your videos or classes. We’ve picked 5 sites that we felt offered the great scripts and are free to use:

1. Download 9 free meditation scripts at Love To Know

Shoshana Hebshi-Holt, a yoga instructor at Love To Know posted 9 short and long free meditation scripts that will help you to remain focused during the meditation, stay in the present moment and to experience greater awareness and consciousness.

Download 9 free meditation scripts at Love To Know.

2. 30 free meditation scripts for children at GreenChild Magazine

Mellisa Dormoy of ShambalaKids is sharing 30 of her great meditation scripts for children at GreenChild Web site. These relaxation scripts will help children and teens to alleviate stress and anxiety, improve self-esteem, feel better about themselves, and to develop a positive mental attitude.

Download 30 meditation scripts for children from GreenChild Magazine.

3. Download 3 relaxation meditation scripts at Yoga Inspires

Ntathu Allen, a meditation and yoga teacher offered 3 relaxation scripts at her Web site “Yoga Inspires”.

Download 3 meditation scrips to calm your mind and body from Yoga Inspires.

4. Explore yoga meditation scripts pins at Pinterest

Looking for something more visual? Check our 30+ yoga meditation script pins by Christina O’Shea.

See 30+ yoga meditation script pins on Pinterest.

5. Download 10 guided mindfulness scripts from Charleston Counseling Portal

Charleston Counseling put together a great collection of 10 guided meditation scripts aimed specifically at healing PSTD and addiction.

While it’s not entirely clear whether these scripts are available for reproduction or for use in videos and other media projects, you can use them as great source of inspiration for creation of your own meditation scripts.

Download 10 guided meditation scripts (as a PDF document) from Charleston Counseling.

We tried to find free scrips that can be used with no strings attached. However, before using any of the above meditation scripts in your videos or for any commercial purpose, we strongly advise to check with each individual site to verify that.

5 Tips for writing your own meditation scripts

meditation script writing tips

Can’t find any scripts that work for your needs? It’s time to make your own!

Here are 5 tips how you can make great meditation scripts from scratch:

1. Focus on a single theme

Some popular themes for guided meditation scripts include:

1. Gratitude
2. Body Scan
3. Stress relief
4. Sleep
5. Forgiveness
6. Breathing
7. Self-esteem

2. Keep it real

Keep in mind that whatever you write will have to be experienced in real time. Make sure you’re not asking your potential listeners to do something that would be physically impossible.

For example, don’t ask your listeners to hold a deep breath and follow with a 5 minute passage about something else. Don’t forget to ask them to exhale.

Read your script in real time and try following your instructions to test it.

3. Be in the right state of mind

So, you’re writing a relaxation script. Make sure you are yourself relaxed and comfortable.

4. Don’t simply copy someone else’s meditation

If you’re a yoga instructor or mindfulness coach, you probably have your own experiences to share.

Be sincere, use the meditation technique that produces the results for you and share it.

5. Reflect background sounds

If you’re planning to eventually make a guided meditation audio recording or a video, you can dramatically increase the effect by including meditation music or nature sound effects.

In that case, prepare your script accordingly by reflecting the background sounds in the script.

That is, if you’re planning to include relaxing water sounds then the script needs to relate to water (by describing a beach or an ocean experience, or asking the listener to imagine a waterfall).

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Resources for making guided meditation audio and videos

In this section you will find resources to help you create your own meditation audio recordings or guided meditation videos.

Meditation music and sounds

Here are some examples of meditation music and sounds that you can use in your projects (both personal and commercial):

Looking for more?

Unlimited Music For Meditation Videos And Commercial Use

Not sure which one to choose?

Start with our 10 most popular music for guided meditation and then explore more relaxing music.

Use safely with full support against YouTube copyright claims. New music is added daily!

Stock footage for videos

Best Free Stock Footage For Meditation Videos

Other resources

100 Meditation Quotes For Mindful Relaxation Videos

6 Types Of Meditation Videos

Make Money On YouTube With Meditation Videos

Know another meditation scripts resource?

Post it in the comments!

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