Make Money On YouTube: Guided Meditation Videos

make money on youtube by creating guided meditation videos

Guided meditation videos can be a good opportunity for creators who want to make money on YouTube (or elsewhere).

As with our previous posts in the Make Money On YouTube series, you don’t need an expensive camera or advance video editing skills to get started.

Let’s see if creating guided meditation videos is indeed a good idea and what you need to get it done.

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Is it worth the effort to create guided meditation videos?

Before you start making videos, it’s always a good idea to check if there is any demand for your topic of choice.

Let’s see how many people are interested in “meditation”:

meditation ppopularity statistics

As you can see, there is a steady demand for the content related to meditation. Over 1 million people search for meditations every month!

Come to think of it, that’s not surprising. Have you checked the news lately?

We are constantly bombarded with news about economic downturn, inflation, and recession, no wonder the stress and depression is on the rise.

Stress and anxiety affect our life quality and may lead to physiological and health issues. Many people turn to meditation just to keep their sanity and health!

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What exactly is a guided meditation?

Guided meditation is a type of meditation exercise led by a teacher who guides you through the process. This can be in person or recorded.

Often coupled with relaxing meditation music, guided meditations aim to help with mental or physical healing, stress relief, sleep, or simply to relax at the end of a hard day.

Why creating guided meditations is better than making generic “meditation music” videos?

Why make guided meditation videos and not simply meditation videos?

Many people want to start meditating but they do not know how, so just listening to meditative music isn’t likely to help. Over time, if people see no results they will drop watching your videos and will unsubscribe. That’s not what we want!

Guided meditations provide easy to follow instructions, so even complete beginners can start meditating in no time.

Another thing to consider is your competition.

There are tons of meditation music videos on YouTube already but much less guided meditations.

What do you need to make guided meditation videos?

To create a guided meditation video you will need two things: a guided meditation audio recording and the video footage to complement it.

Step 1: Record the audio

First of all, you need to make a guided meditation audio recording. This will act as the soundtrack for your video.

You can record the audio in three steps:

a) Find (or write) a guided meditation script. Learn how to write a compelling guided meditation from scratch.

b) Read the script and record your voice to make the audio recording.

c) Edit the audio recording: Correct levels, remove background noises and gaps, and add relaxing background music.

Learn more about how you can record guided meditations at home.

If you don’t feel comfortable recording your own voice you can also download guided meditations recorded by a professional voice actor.

Step 2: Make the video

To make a basic video you will need:

1. Some fitting stock video footage. This includes calm, soothing abstract backgrounds or videos of nature, peaceful water or landscapes.

2. A video editor software to combine the video footage with the soundtrack you created in Step 1.

3. A basic image / graphic software to create a YouTube thumbnail image. You can always let YouTube generate one for you but it’s better to make it, so your video stands out.

Now, when you have the video, how do you actually monetize your channel?

How to make money with guided meditation videos

Most creators make money on YouTube through YouTube Partner program.

If you are a YouTube partner already you may as well skip this section. You know what to do!

Learn more about how to start monetizing your videos with ads on YouTube.

What to know how much money you will make on YouTube?

Well, it’s impossible to say upfront, as the earnings depend on many things, including your location, the ad format, and how many advertisers are creating ads at a given moment, just to name a few.

You can, however, get a rough idea by using YouTube money calculator.

What to do if YouTube rejected your application?

don't give up

First of all, understand why your application was rejected. Carefully read the reasons sent to you by YouTube.

You may feel devastated at that point but the good thing, the rejection isn’t final – you can and re-apply in 30 days.

Once you have a better idea what you did wrong, revisit your strategy and make new videos.

Monetize your channel through other means

By that point you already have some videos made. You also have the audience, the people who already subscribed. At least 1000, right? Unless you bought your subscribers (which is a bad idea), these people want to see more of your videos.

Why not offer them a product they can buy?

If you recorded original guided meditations you can sell the audio you made.

Instead of monetizing through the ads, become the content creator for other YouTubers who’s already been accepted into the partnership program.

A word of caution, don’t resell any content if you don’t own the rights or have explicit re-sell license from the copyright owner.

Or earn some money through TunePocket affiliate program.

Add this simple message to your existing and new videos:

“If you want to use this music in your videos, sign up for TunePocket and get unlimited access to thousands of relaxing music tracks and sounds”.

If your visitors they sign up for any of TunePocket’s membership plans, you will be paid a referral commission.

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Looking for relaxing meditative music for your videos?

Unlimited Music For Meditation Videos And Commercial Use

Disclaimer, please read

This post is merely a suggestion based on analyzing successful YouTube channels, as well as our own experience of monetizing on YouTube.

We cannot possibly guarantee that you will earn money or get accepted into YouTube’s partnership program by simply repeating the steps outlined in this tutorial.

The actual result depends on many factors, including (in large part) your ability to create quality videos that fully comply with all relevant YouTube policies.

Questions? Comments?

This post explains how you can earn money on YouTube with guided meditation videos.

However, you do need to make quality and unique videos that provide value for your audience if you want to get accepted into YouTube’s monetization program.

Did you have success with making and monetizing guided mediation videos? Share your by posting a comment!

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