Make Money On YouTube: Meditation Videos

Make Money On YouTube - Meditation Videos

In this post we will look at one of the easiest opportunities to earn money on YouTube without the need for an expensive camera, lights, complicated software, or advance video editing skills. You don’t even have to show your face in the video!

How creators make money on YouTube?

Most creators make money through YouTube Partner Program (also know as YPP).

YouTube Partner Program

You do need to apply and get accepted to start monetizing your videos.

Once you are accepted into the program you can start monetizing your videos. In a nutshell, monetization works like this:

1. You make the videos and grow your audience.

2. YouTube places ads in qualifying videos.

3. The viewers watch your videos with the ads and you get paid.

Please note that you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements before you can start making money:

1. You need to live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
2. You must have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.
3. You must have more than 1,000 subscribers.
4. You need a linked AdSense account.

Learn more about how ads work on YouTube.

What videos should I make to become partner?

You can focus on any subject that complies with YouTube advertisement guidelines.

what videos to make

But keep in mind that you need to quickly gain 1000 subscribers and to accumulate 4,000 watch hours.

Thus, pick a subject with potentially wide audience and make longer videos that people will watch to the end.

What videos meet these requirements?

One of the easiest options, in our opinion, is to create meditation and relaxation videos.

UPDATE YouTube has been gradually raising the bar for the entry into the YouTube partner program (YPP). This places higher requirements on your videos. Specifically, the need to include original, unique content.


It’s extremely popular, the videos tend to be long, and people will watch them through to the end without skipping.

This will help you to quickly gain the required 1,000 subscribers along with 4,000 watch hours.

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Main types of meditation videos

meditation videos

Now let’s look at some different kinds of meditation videos.

Depending on your video editing skills, some are easier to make, some are a bit harder, yet still possible to create without any advance editing.

1. General relaxation background and ambiance sounds (including nature sounds) for work, sleep or to simply reduce anxiety, clear the mind, and unwind.

2. Meditation soundscapes and tones for spa and yoga classes.

3. Binaural beats and 432 Hz tones for healing and deep meditation exercises.

4. Guided meditation for peaceful motivation and spiritual enlightenment.

5. Meditation quotes videos for mindful inspiration.

Pick the type you are most comfortable with or start with something simple like a generic relaxation videos and move to more complex types with time.

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Now let’s see what do you need to start making meditation and relaxation videos. Hint: not much, it’s really easy!

How to easily make meditation videos?

To make a basic relaxation or meditation video you will only need:

1. A stock video footage, preferably a loop, so you can easily extend it to the desired length. This can be a calm, soothing abstract background or videos of nature, water, or peaceful landscapes. Make sure to read the update section below.

2. Relaxing or meditational music soundtrack. Soft ambient music tend to work best. You can also use relaxing sound effects, like soft rain, ocean, birds, or meditation bowl sounds.

3. If you’re making guided meditations, you will also need the spoken word audio. You can hire a freelance voice actor to record it for you or make your own if you have any equipment to record audio.

4. Optional: Short relaxing music intro or outro as recognizable audio logo for your channel.

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Recently YouTube started rejecting monetization requests for “reused content” reason if the videos are constructed solely from re-used free assets.

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In order to improve your chances of being accepted into YouTube’s partner program, we strongly suggest adding some original elements to your videos.

That does not mean you have to create everything yourself. Here are few strategies to make your videos more original, even if you use stock content:

1. Try adding motion elements and small animations. For example, to ask your viewers to subscribe or to follow you.

2. Don’t rely solely on copyright free music that already appears on thousands of other videos. Use quality meditation music created specifically for relaxation and meditation. Add meditation sounds to create a more original soundtrack.

3. Best of all, make your own footage. After all, it shouldn’t be too complicated to record some relaxing nature or urban scenery with your cell phone.

Presently, it is getting even more important to create unique videos where you create and own the footage. YouTube has started consistently rejecting monetization application when your videos consist solely of stock footage.


If you have experience with meditation, offer your own insight into the process.

THAT will surely add value!

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Still can’t get your monetization application approved by YouTube?

You still may be able to make money. After all, you already have the videos and at least 1000 subscribers eager to see more of your content.

See 5 ideas how you still can earn on YouTube if your monetization request was rejected.

Should I use free music?

It depends. Free is great but when you monetize it is considered commercial use and some music that is free for personal use may not be available for commercial purposes.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to monetize (or for any commercial use in general) it is strongly recommended to properly license any music you use.

What are the risks the music that wasn’t cleared for commercial use?

Getting sued for copyright infringement is undoubtedly the worst case scenario but that’s relatively rare. The most likely outcome is getting a copyright claim on your video.

When you get the claim, YouTube disables monetization for your video and send your ad earnings to the music owners (instead of you!). Not much can be done here to dispute the claim if you’re using somebody’s music without permission.

On the other hand, having a license will allow you to quickly remove the claims if you ever get one. Learn more about how YouTube copyright works.

How to choose best music for meditation videos?

Meditation music typically refers to relaxing music with soothing, ambient zen feel.


We have started adding 1 hour long meditation music to our collection:

Listen to more 1 hour meditation music tracks.

That usually includes ambient music soundscapes, calm atmospheric guitar, and relaxing piano music.

Here are some examples of background music that (according to our members) works great in meditation and relaxation videos:

Note that some music tracks may incorporate sound effects, like flowing water, birds, and other soothing nature sounds.

Depending on your goals, this may be an advantage or a disadvantage, since the sound effects may not correspond to the content of the video.

For greater flexibility, it’s best to choose the version without the effects and add your own sounds (as needed) later on.

If you’re looking to make spiritual videos, try music with eastern zen feel:

For more contemporary “chill” sound sound try chillout music or lofi music that blends the elements of ambient and pop or hip-hop genres.

Want to use our music in your meditation video?

Unlimited royalty free music for meditation videos

Explore TunePocket’s collection of royalty free music, ready to use in monetized YouTube videos and commercial projects.

Use safely with full support against rogue copyright claims.

Start with our 10 most popular meditation music soundtracks and then explore more relaxing music.

New music is added daily!

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Wondering what tags work best for meditation videos on YouTube?

Try our free YouTube tags generator to get great ideas for relevant meditation keywords and tags. Simply copy and paste to your video.

Want to know how much you can earn on YouTube?

Use our free YouTube money calculator to quickly estimate how much YouTube will pay you based on the number of views.

youtube money calculator

Experiment with other kinds of relaxation videos

Learn how to create and monetize sleep videos or ASMR videos.

Takeaway: How to make money on YouTube without being on camera or showing your face

In the video below, Curious Pavel, a videographer and YouTube author answers some common questions about how you can start making money on YouTube, what videos to make, and explains why making meditation videos can be one of the easiest options.


Please note that this video was recorded few years ago. At the time this idea worked very well. However, things change and you may need to adjust the ideas discussed in this video to make it work today.

At TunePocket we believe in responsible marketing and we strive to provide you the information that is relevant and not misleading.

The ideas discussed in this video are based on analyzing successful YouTube channels, as well as our own experience of monetizing on YouTube. We run a monetized channel, so we have the first hand experience of monetizing our own videos.

We cannot possibly guarantee that you will earn money or get accepted into YouTube’s partnership program by simply repeating the steps outlined in this video.

The actual result depends on many factors, including (in large part) your ability to create quality videos that fully comply with all relevant YouTube policies.

We regularly update this post as we learn about changes related to YouTube monetization rules and policies. Read more below and feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Questions? Comments?

This post explains how you can start earning on YouTube by making meditation and relaxation videos. It’s not a magic trick or get-reach-quick scheme.

This method does require you to produce quality videos that people want to watch.

So far we explained where you can get the content for the videos to make the production easier. We will be happy to expand the tutorial with additional details (editing tips? something else?).

Let us know what you’d like to learn by posting a comment!

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