Make Money On YouTube: ASMR Videos

Make money on YouTube with asmr videos

In this post we will look at another option available to creators to make money on YouTube.

As with our previous posts on this topic, you won’t need an expensive camera, complex lights setup, or advance video editing skills.

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do ASMR channels make money?

A good place to start answering this questions is to check whether ASMR is something that people look for online.

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. A pleasurable feeling that many people experience when hearing certain sounds, often described as a tingly or goose bumps sensation.

Let’s see if AMSR videos are in any demand.

ASMR Web search stats

As you can see, the interest for the term “ASMR videos” holds steady at around 1.5 millions of Web searches per month.

But what about YouTube searches specifically?

While YouTube does not provide the actual numbers with default analytics, it still says that the search volume for the term “ASMR” is “High”:

ASMR youtube search volume stats

You can also see that the related searches for specific ASMR types are also “High”.

So it’s safe to say that the ASMR videos are still in demand.

Now, when you decided on your niche (AMSR), how can you actually monetize your channel?

Monetize with ads

Most creators make money on YouTube through YouTube Partner program.

YouTube Partner Program

Before you start, you need to apply to be accepted and you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements:

1. You need to live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

2. You need to accumulate at least 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.

3. Your channel needs to attract and retain at least 1,000 subscribers.

Learn more about how to start monetizing your videos with ads on YouTube.

What kinds of ASMR video to make?

Keep in mind if you want to start making money, you need to qualify as YouTube partner ASAP!

Clearly, making videos based on terms that people search for will help you get the required watch hours and subscribers faster.

According to our research, some of the most popular ASMR videos involve these sounds:

– Sleep sounds

– Hand movement sounds

– Various nature sounds

– Office sounds

– Kitchen sounds

– Mouth sounds without talking or soft whisper sounds

– Eating sounds

– Slime and wet sounds

You can listen to some examples below or find hundreds of ready to use royalty free ASMR sounds in our sound effects library.

Most popular ASMR sounds

When making ASMR videos, it’s important to use QUALITY sounds, as ASMR is all about listening.

ASMR mouth and eating sounds

ASMR hand scratching and rubbing sounds

ASMR nature sounds

ASMR office sounds

Can’t decide which sound to use? We picked 10 most popular ASMR sounds to help you get started with your first video.


As more ASMR sounds videos get added to YouTube, this niche becomes more and more competitive.

If you want to keep growing your channel (and your revenues!), consider focusing on less overused sounds.

Here are some ideas for fresh ASMR sounds:

1. Typing sounds made by an old mechanical keyboard.

2. Whistling sounds made by a teapot with boiling water.

3. Scrubbing sounds made by a toothbrush or a dish brush.

4. Sizzling sounds made by cooking food on a hot pan or grill.

5. Zipping sounds made by opening and closing a zipper.

6. Clock ticking sounds made by an old-fashioned clock or watch.

7. Bird sounds, such as chirping or fluttering wings.

8. Writing sounds made by a pen or pencil on paper.

9. Thumping sounds made by hitting a punching bag or a pillow.

10. Beads sounds made by a wooden or metal bead chain.

11. Dialing sounds made by a rotary phone or an old-style calculator.

12. Tinkling sounds made by a wind chime or a Tibetan singing bowl.

13. Pouring sounds made by pouring sand or salt into a container.

14. Scratching sounds made by a vinyl record or a cassette tape.

15. Flicking sounds made by a lighter or matches.

Tip: You can find and download all of the above sounds in your collection of royalty free sound effects.

What if YouTube rejects my partnership application?

don't give up if your monetization application rejected

That’s unfortunate but not all hope is lost.

First of all, carefully read your rejection reasons sent to you by YouTube to understand what went wrong.

If your application was rejected due to “reused content” learn what counts as reused content on YouTube.

Revisit your strategy and make new videos.

The good thing, the rejection isn’t final – you can and re-apply in 30 days.

UPDATE As of June 2023, the channels that have been suspended or rejected more than once must now wait 90 days before reapplying to the program.

Monetize your ASMR channel with affiliate program

In the meantime, you still can earn money through TunePocket affiliate program.

Add this simple message to your existing and new videos:

“If you want to use this music in your videos, sign up for TunePocket and get unlimited access to great relaxing and meditation music”.

Use your affiliate link to direct other YouTubers to TunePocket. If they sign up for any of our membership plans, you will be paid a referral commission.

How can ASMR YouTubers make money without ads?

Affiliate program is just one example of various monetization options available outside of You Tube’s own program.

Other options include promoting merchandise, creating sponsored content, pitching your own services, such as mindfulness coaching, and asking for donations via crowdfunding platforms like Patreon, just to name a few.

Learn more here: How To Make Money If YouTube Rejected Your Monetization Request


This post is merely a suggestion based on analyzing successful YouTube channels, as well as our own experience of monetizing on YouTube.

We cannot possibly guarantee that you will earn money or get accepted into YouTube’s partnership program by simply repeating the steps outlined in this tutorial.

The actual result depends on many factors, including (in large part) your ability to create quality videos that fully comply with all relevant YouTube policies.

Questions? Comments?

This post explains how you can start earning on YouTube with ASMR videos.

Before you start, remember this:

Making money with YouTube videos, isn’t a get-reach-quick scheme.

You do need to make unique videos with quality sound in order to succeed and to grow your following.

Did you have success with making and monetizing ASMR videos? Want to share your experience? Post a comment

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