Make Money On YouTube: Happy Birthday Music Videos

Make money on YouTube - happy birthday videos

In this post we will look at yet another option to make money on YouTube. However, unlike our previous make money on YouTube recipes, you will need to have at least basic video editing or animation skills.

Keep reading or jump straight to Happy Birthday music examples that you can use in your videos right away!

Yes, you can make money on YouTube without filming yourself

As with our past recipes, you will primarily monetize by selling ads though YouTube’s partner program.

Before you can start monetizing your videos you will have to be eligible for the program.

Here are the minimum eligibility requirements:

1. You need to live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

2. You must have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.

3. You must have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Learn more about how ads work on YouTube.

What videos should I make?

As long as you follow YouTube advertisement guidelines, you can choose any subject you wish.

In this post we’d like you to consider making “happy birthday” video.


This topic is quite popular and, assuming you make good videos, will help you to quickly gain 1000 subscribers and accumulate 4,000 watch hours easily.

According to Ubersuggest, the term “happy birthday music” gets over 40K searches per month.

Over 12K people per month search specifically for “happy birthday song youtube”.

What’s best, you can easily capture both the kids and the grown up audiences alike. Everyone has a birthday once a year!

happy birthday

There are plenty of birthday videos on YouTube already but that does not mean you cannot succeed.

5 Tips for making better happy birthday videos to outrank your competition

Of course, there are already tons of birthday videos and animations on YouTube. However, most are quite old and not up to today’s standard.

You need to make better videos and make it easier for the viewers to find it!

Here are 5 simple tips for making the great birthday videos that should help you get more views (and more ad revenue!) compared to your competition:

1. Make longer videos

Imaging you’re having a birthday party. You found a good happy birthday music video and started playing.

After one minute, the video ends and some other video starts. That’s not what you want!

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2. Don’t use mid-roll ads

Let your viewers enjoy your content without interruptions. Personally, if I get an ad in a middle of a birthday music video, I’d be switching to the next video right away.

Coupled with longer videos that should create a good user experience, while still bringing you the ad revenue.

mid roll ads menu

3. Use bright, festive visuals

Birthdays are fun. Make it look like fun!

4. Create search friendly titles, tags, and description

Optimize your video descriptions, titles, and tags for search.

Use YouTube’s new analytics tool “Research” to identify content gaps and what viewers are searching for.

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5. Use top quality music and sounds

Don’t rely on overused copyright free music that appears in thousands of other videos.

In fact, re-using the same content already used by thousands of other creators is a common reason many channels are never approved for monetization.

While using stock videos and royalty free music is still OK, there must be something original in your videos!

Learn more about what videos you should avoid.

TunePocket exclusive Happy Birthday music and songs

Here are some suggestions from our own exclusive collection of Happy Birthday songs and instrumentals:

Happy Birthday songs

Happy Birthday music only

More happy birthday music and sound FX

happy birthday song music sound

Explore TunePocket’s exclusive collection of Happy Birthday songs, music and sound effects, ready to use in monetized YouTube videos and commercial projects.

New music added daily!

Can I just use free music for my birthday videos?

It depends. Free is great but keep in mind that thousands of other creates have most likely already used the same music in their videos.

As of late YouTube does not like approving monetization requests for channel re-using the content that already appears in other videos.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to monetize your videos I strongly recommend you properly license any music you use.

If you get copyright claims, having the license will helps you to quickly remove it.

What to do if YouTube rejected your application to monetize?

dont give up if your monetization application rejected

Don’t give up!

Carefully read your rejection email to understand why exactly your application was rejected.

Make new videos taking into account the rejection reason and re-apply.

In the meantime, you still can earn money through TunePocket affiliate program.

Instead of making the videos for people who come to YouTube to simply want to listen or sing along, target the creators who might need music for their Happy birthday videos.

Join TunePocket affiliate program.

Then, add a simple message to your existing and new videos:

“If you want to use this music in your video, get it at TunePocket”.

Use your affiliate link to direct YouTubers to TunePocket. If any of your viewers signs up for TunePocket membership, you will be paid a referral commission.


This post is merely a suggestion based on analyzing successful YouTube channels, as well as our own experience of monetizing on YouTube.

We cannot possibly guarantee that you will earn money or get accepted into YouTube’s partnership program by simply repeating the steps outlined in this tutorial.

The actual result depends on many factors, including (in large part) your ability to create quality videos that fully comply with all relevant YouTube policies.

Questions? Comments?

This post explains how you can start earning on YouTube by making Happy Birthday videos. Learn about other ideas by exploring our other posts related to how to make money on YouTube

No matter what videos you make remember this:

Monetizing YouTube videos, isn’t a get-reach-quick scheme.

You do need to make top quality, unique videos, in order to get accepted into YouTube’s partnership program and to gain dedicated following.

What to share your experience? Post a comment

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