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Do you get frustrated when searching for music to use in your videos ?

Finding music should be easy !

There’s so much music! The countless music licensing platforms and the ever growing number of audio producers. It should be easy!

Yet, more often than not, finding that perfect soundtrack is rather a laborious task!

Why? We’ve identified these 3 common issues:

It takes too much time

I often spend hours trying to find what I need. I have to visit multiple royalty free sites and browse through a large amount of similar songs all tagged as “best corporate background”.

I wish there was a simple way to quickly find the music I need.

Licensing is confusing

Can I use this song in my video? Can I use it commercially? Can I pass the license to my client?

I wish there was a simple license that covers all common cases. No multiple licensing tiers, no long fine print, just one simple license.

It doesn’t fit my budget

Many music libraries charge $15-$50 for each song and even more if I want commercial rights. Some libraries want me to pay again if I want to re-use the song!

I wish there was a way to get access to more music without increasing my music budget.

We are happy to offer an affordable solution !

TunePocket stock music subscription gives you unlimited access to thousands of studio quality music tracks, loops, and sound effects that is easy to search and at a very affordable price.

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Choose Personal subscription if you are an individual (not incorporated) video creator, YouTuber, or videographer. You can use the music in personal (vlog, social media video, free / student film, game, non-paid projects) or commercial (individual business promotional video, monetized YouTube channel) projects. Please note that you need to choose Business subscription if you are compensated for your work or sell your final product (freelance work, for sale content, paid projects).


Choose Business subscription if you represent a commercial, incorporated business, even if you are the sole employee. You can use the music in commercial and for-sale projects with unlimited sales / revenue (corporate marketing video, advertisement, paid freelance work, for sale film / game, paid projects). We offer special discounts for non-profit organizations. Please contact us for details.

Pay As You Go

Any individual or organization can purchase Pay As You Go plan. If you simply need a couple of music tracks and sound effects for a one-off project, that's the best option. You can use the music in commercial projects with unlimited sales / revenue.

All plans allow commercial use and covered by the same licensing agreement.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time via online dashboard. Your previously licensed music will never expire.

Can I Use Your Music In Commercial Projects?

Yes, our all-in-one royalty free music license allows you to use our music in commercial projects, including the work you do for your client or employer.

Is It Safe To Use On YouTube?

Yes! Every music track is accompanied by a downloadable licensing certificate that serves as proof of proper licensing. You can also whitelist your YouTube channel to prevent any copyright claims.

How Often You Add New Music?

Every day! On the average, we upload 25 - 35 new music tracks every week. See how our library has grown over the past 12 months.

Can I Use The Same Song In Multiple Videos?

Yes! You can re-use the same song in multiple videos / projects.

Can I just License one Song Without Subscription?

Take a look at our Pay As You Go membership plan or contact us for a custom license or visit, our partner site where you can license individual music tracks from our catalog.

Growing Catalog

New music added daily. See how we grow

All music created by professional composers with many years of experience creating music for media projects.

Great long-term value

Save big on music licensing.

Download once, use forever in any project, including commercial. Your previously licensed music never expires even if you cancel your subscription.

Safe To Use

Safely use on social media with full copyright support. Great for monetized YouTube channels.

Every track comes with a downloadable licensing certificate.


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