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YouTube Tags Generator

YouTube tags generator is a free tool that allows you to easily generate SEO optimized YouTube tags / keywords for your video. Learn more.

To generate best tags for your video enter the video title below and click "Generate Tags".

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5 steps for choosing best YouTube tags

  • 1. Run YouTube tags generator to get a rough list of keywords ideas.
  • 2. Go through the list and remove irrelevant tags.
  • 3. Look up the tags used by competing videos for more ideas.
  • 4. Add your target keyword from the title as the first tag.
  • 5. Add your brand keywords, including common variations and alternative spelling.

Why use YouTube tags generator?

YouTube Tags Generator

Tags are descriptive keywords that help viewers find your videos on YouTube. According to YouTube, the tags (along with video’s title, thumbnail, and description) are the important piece of metadata you need to provide, in order to boost your video’s rank in YouTube search results.

In other words, tags help YouTube to better understand your video’s topic, associate it with similar content, and include it into relevant searches, which helps you to reach new viewers and grow your subscriber base. This is essential for monetized channels when your revenue directly depends on growing the views and subscribers.

Here are some suggestions how you can use the tags to maximize the ranking effect:

1. Use our free YouTube tags generator tool to start and to give you basic ideas. Our tags generator will format the tags to fit YouTube’s requirements, you can simply copy and paste the tags to your YouTube video. Optionally, take a minute to optimize the tags for even better results.

How to get the most relevant tags:

Sometimes, especially if you’re not getting the results you’d expect, you need to tweak your topic a little.

Consider these two examples below.

The topic “French music” produces rather odd results, while “French style music” phrase generates much more relevant tags.

  • Bad Tags

    youtube tags example bad
  • Good Tags

    youtube tags example good

2. Include your brand specific tags, so your new video may come up as “suggested” when someone is watching your old videos.

3. Set your target keyword as your first tag.

4. Use free YouTube tags extractor / finder tool to see the tags used by the most popular videos in your niche.

5. Don’t add irrelevant tags just to fill the 500 characters allowance.

We hope this free YouTube tags generator will help you find the best tags for your videos!

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Learn how to optimize YouTube video tags in our ultimate YouTube tags guide.

Want us to add more features to our free YouTube tags maker tool? Just post your ideas in the comments below.

Terms Of Use

This free YouTube tags generator tool is offered as is. TunePocket makes no warranties or guarantees and disclaims any liability related to using the tags generated with this tool on YouTube or elsewhere.

This tool uses YouTube API services. By using this tool you agree to to YouTube Terms of Service and Google privacy policy.

This tool does not relay any of your personal information to YouTube / Google.

Version History

December 2022: Added captcha due to the sharp increase in automated bot queries. Sorry about the inconvenience.

January 2021: Improved the algorithm for short video titles.

May 2020: You can now easily remove non-relevant tags before copying the results to YouTube.

April 2020: Initial version released.

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  1. ramachandran on February 26, 2024


  2. Mehroz on February 6, 2024

    I need tags about Kurulus Osman drama which is turkish drama

  3. Niyonizeye Francois on November 28, 2023

    I need more support

  4. MH Mukul Hossain on November 2, 2023

    Can you make it so quickly remove irrelvent tags before copying all tags

  5. All Telugu vedioes 😊 on October 22, 2023

    I want 10k subscribe please

    • Omar on February 6, 2024

      Channal name

  6. Robiul on September 26, 2023

    Love it

    • Ali on October 15, 2023

      It’s really good save time I love it.

  7. Pushpendra gupta on September 19, 2023

    Nice website thanks for tag generation 🌦🌦🚩❀🌈

    • Support on September 19, 2023


  8. Christian on September 18, 2023

    Wtf is Payal, worst tags ever

    • Support on September 19, 2023

      Thank you for your comment. Please note that YouTube also recommends placing common misspellings of your main keyword in the tags. So, if your main tag was paypal that’s actually not such a bad tag suggestion. Hope this helps!

  9. Emin Fafulic on August 29, 2023

    WTF is Tamil? Every tag includes tamil ? -.-

    • Junior on February 22, 2024

      tamil is a language. tamilnado

  10. Umair on August 22, 2023


  11. seo tool on August 16, 2023

    What a handy tool for YouTube creators! This tag generator simplifies the often tedious task of optimizing video tags. Thanks for making YouTube SEO easier!

  12. Krishan on July 16, 2023

    Very good website

  13. Raspreet on July 9, 2023

    Nice work

  14. gomeaning on July 8, 2023

    This is a great tool!

  15. Mansi on July 7, 2023

    How can I download this tag app?

  16. Nowfaila on June 13, 2023

    Please. Can u tell me how can I increase my subscribers?

    • FarmHandJoe on July 7, 2023

      I find that upload YouTube Shorts with hashtags (especially ones with animals in the video), helps me gain more views and subscribers.

    • MBL on July 20, 2023


  17. Rejaul islam on May 26, 2023

    Thank you πŸ™

  18. archana takte on May 10, 2023

    how i can increase my subscriber on youtub

  19. Roman Mironov on April 29, 2023

    Thank you!

  20. Isuru on April 29, 2023

    Thank you so much

  21. Veteran 950 on April 17, 2023

    Great one for YT videos!

  22. Jinky Alcober on April 10, 2023

    Great help!

  23. bagavathiraja on April 5, 2023

    I see increase in my youtube channel subscribers

  24. Tex on April 2, 2023

    Thank you so much!!!

  25. Ch lakshmi on March 23, 2023

    Tq so much

  26. subhash Pandey on March 20, 2023

    Great to use it . Love its features very fast and acuurate

  27. Aditya on March 18, 2023

    The Thags are not relatable :Suggested Tags For “Triceps Workout Progress Improvement”

  28. Dorina Esparagoza on February 27, 2023

    It’s helps me to have lots of views on my videos, thank you

    • Maureen tochi Orji kalu on March 18, 2023

      How do you share your videos after uploading it on YouTube

  29. Sadiq on February 20, 2023

    Thanks ❀️

  30. Rowena orbeta on February 15, 2023

    Thank you

  31. Yuvraj Singh on February 6, 2023

    Can you tell me about irrelevant tag and its examples?

  32. Yuvraj Singh on February 6, 2023

    Can you tell me about creating videos for Viral Videos and how many videos to create in one day then upload them consistently on 2nd Day?

  33. Usman Rehmani on January 12, 2023

    Thanks for giving us this amazing tool!

  34. Chay on January 9, 2023

    Need add Description generate

  35. david on January 4, 2023

    how can i rank with this? any tutorial from your side? how much good result i will generate?

  36. Christian Zagbai on December 23, 2022

    You should add more tags than you do.

    • Support on December 24, 2022

      Thanks for your comment. There is a limit of 500 characters. YouTube won’t allow adding more tags if it exceeds the limit.

  37. pigdraconic on December 6, 2022

    I love this thing! I have a hard time coming up with tags for my video and this makes it 100x easier.

    • Support on December 16, 2022

      Thank you so much!

    • Salman Shahab on January 17, 2023

      This is very useful but some it shows a few numbers of tags please work on it and try make more and more tags😊

  38. Adeel on December 5, 2022

    very good tag generator

  39. Rafsan on November 13, 2022


  40. Sfwofree on November 12, 2022

    Very good tag service

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    I just love this website

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  43. Aashvin on September 15, 2022

    I want 1m subs pls on youtube I beg you tunepocket

  44. Cep Asgar on September 15, 2022

    Baru masuk dan mencoba tes dalam pencarian keywords lumayan tidak terlalu Sulit cara kerjanya mudah”an keywords ini bekerja baik dengan nice video saya dan mudah ditemukan oleh audiens, terimakasih kepada developer yang mengembangkan situs ini
    Just logged in and tried the test in keyword search, not too difficult, the way it works is easy, these keywords work well with my nice videos and are easy for the audience to find, thanks to the developers who developed this site

  45. Usman on September 3, 2022

    Helps to increase my shorts subscribers ❀️❀️❀️

    • ninh nguyen on October 3, 2022

      Please can we give us some advise how to get more subscribe and views/
      thank you so much and look forward to heard from you.
      NInh Nguyen

  46. Angela Poch on September 2, 2022

    Fantastic tool and suggestions!!!!

  47. Prince Rafi on September 1, 2022

    It’s awesome thank you

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    It’s very good opportunity for the youtubers who just started

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    have Youtube channel monitaization completed my videos not proper uploaded
    Please how to ranking my videos and more views

  54. ali on July 7, 2022

    set to # tag before the content

    • kunal gupta on September 2, 2022

      before title????

  55. kavishka on June 28, 2022

    amazing tool for youtube keyword

  56. Hammad Hassan on May 30, 2022

    i like this aap
    this is very nice and help ful for youtuber

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  58. Nape on May 14, 2022

    Thanks. I will wait and see whether this works

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    Really working this tag ☺️ pliz support me subscribe my channel

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      And yours

  60. Archana on April 16, 2022

    Pz subscribe my channel πŸ™

  61. B.T.Slover on April 4, 2022

    How to increase subscribers on YouTube?

    • Support on April 5, 2022

      Make your videos discoverable! The more people can find your videos through YouTube search, the more people will subscribe. To make it discoverable, optimize your tags, titles, and description. Here’s a handy guide how to optimize YouTube video titles.

    • Giorgi on May 13, 2022

      Its good

  62. Anmol Sharma on April 3, 2022

    Can you make like extracting any YouTube video tags?

  63. Aniket kumar on March 30, 2022

    It is very useful, thanks!!

  64. izabayo pacifique on March 27, 2022

    this keyword generator is working fine for me!
    keep it up .

  65. Danish ali on March 21, 2022

    i use this tool daily for tags it superb

    • Support on April 5, 2022

      That’s great to hear! Thank you for your feedback.

  66. Parav on March 18, 2022

    Subscribe increased

  67. Prasenjit Biswas on March 6, 2022

    Very helpful

    • Manish Kumar on March 15, 2022

      App ka kitna din subscribe bad gya tha

    • Rehan on June 14, 2022

      Good app in this world

  68. Shivansh Verma on March 4, 2022

    Amazing tag generator, loved it!

    • dard on March 17, 2022

      very nice

  69. Ashik Sharma on February 27, 2022


  70. Mani on February 14, 2022

    Very nice best tags thanks

  71. Venom Gaming on February 11, 2022


  72. Tiyasa Pal on February 10, 2022

    My channel name is New creation. How can I grow up my channel fast and complete 1k subscribers. Please help

    • Support on April 5, 2022

      The most obvious advice is to make good videos. Something that people enjoy watching. The next step is to make your videos discoverable (so people actually can find it in the relevant search results). The basic video SEO strategies include optimizing your video titles, tags, and description. We have free tools to help:

  73. ranjith on February 2, 2022

    make more tool

  74. HRBike on January 14, 2022

    Sangat bermanfaat πŸ‘β˜•

  75. Sonali on January 12, 2022

    Marathi language title not plz work on this

  76. Dominique A on January 12, 2022

    I have been using this page to help small scale businesses to rank their videos better

    • Support on April 5, 2022

      Thanks, Dominique. That’s great to hear!

    • Ajo Tv on May 11, 2022

      Good service

  77. Sahil on January 10, 2022

    I need to increase YouTube subscribe

  78. M Sharjeel Khaki on January 6, 2022

    This is very good

  79. Reloaded tamizha on January 4, 2022

    Hi i am using this website 1 year it is very useful for me
    I am getting more views on YouTube thank you so much
    But 1 request : please add hastags option please

    • Support on April 5, 2022

      Thank you for your suggestion, we will certainly look into adding a hashtag generator tool.

  80. A.K PAKISTANI GAMER on December 31, 2021

    Very nice

  81. Kadarius King on December 4, 2021

    i would like for my voice tag to say King

  82. Binsar H Turnip on November 25, 2021

    The best tags, thanks

  83. Kyong Myung on November 22, 2021

    love the team for giving a free access website for content creators which is one step ahead of the others.

  84. Rostislav Bouda on November 15, 2021

    Very good

  85. Alvin Azka on November 7, 2021

    This is very good website, now my video can appear on youtube, thanks

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    i REALLY LOVE IT!!! it makes so many tags and even unrelated tags sometimes which gives me lotsa views πŸ˜‰ it always knows what im taliking about

  87. Muhammad Zubair Khokhar on November 4, 2021

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Nice Very Great
    I am realy realy very happy to see this site please keep it up

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    Really working good keep to improve more to help people, persnoly I like this tool, so I’m giving 5 star β­β­β­β­β­πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
    Thanks πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    • Support on October 6, 2021

      Thank you for your kind words πŸ™

  90. Farzad Baloch on October 5, 2021

    Which kind of tags I make than my channel should be in search

  91. Farzad Baloch on October 5, 2021

    How can I grow my channel fastly please help

  92. Daniel Franklin on September 28, 2021

    Please how can i optimize the tags generated by tunepocket for better results and also if i dont optimize the tags well, but you guys tags fit youtube requirements and also welly optimized.
    Thank you.

  93. ShyCat on September 23, 2021

    I love this great service you all are working on here,
    thank you so much for providing creators with such a great tool

    • Support on October 6, 2021

      Thank you, we appreciate your support!

      • visioneyes on February 16, 2024

        my channel name is Fit and Fitness i want Search SEO keywords please help me only i uploaded shorts video..

  94. Guru Ramata on September 19, 2021

    thanks for the tool. I try on my channel.

  95. the facts king on September 9, 2021

    Really working good keep to improve more to help people, persnoly I like this tool, so I’m giving 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐😍

  96. Deepak Kumar on August 30, 2021


  97. Arishgaming07 on August 30, 2021

    Can I Use Your Music In Commercial Projects

    • Support on August 30, 2021

      Yes when you become a member you can use our music in commercial projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out to support if you have any questions.

  98. Rajeshwaryi on August 30, 2021

    I need 1 k subscribers please support me

    • Shiva Kumar on September 13, 2021

      I have Youtube channel monitaization completed my videos not proper uploaded
      Please how to ranking my videos and more views

  99. yasiru udayandana on August 29, 2021

    this is best tag web site

    • Support on August 30, 2021


      • Dlovan on April 29, 2022

        Thanks for giving YouTuber

  100. AA Gamer YT on August 22, 2021

    Please give the tag

  101. Vike on July 24, 2021

    I always use this site for my video tags, i dont like tubebuddy

  102. Andrew on July 15, 2021

    So bad…..

  103. Osei Dwomoh on July 15, 2021

    Dear tunepocket, It’s great to generate tags, but you need to find that tags that match up with the title and the channel or something that I’m talking about. Please fix that. Thanks

  104. Non Stop Rockers on June 25, 2021

    I love this website and it is too easy for tags we don’t need to break our mind for thinking for these tags and this website is very good at beta and i am waiting for its full version i think more tags should come other than that i love this.πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ₯°

  105. Osmany on April 3, 2021

    Espero que funcione, me lo han recomendado.

  106. Mallikarjun on October 23, 2020

    Thanks for giving service to youtuber.

    • Support on January 21, 2021

      You are most welcome! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any ideas how we can improve our YouTube tag maker.

      • FERI on November 5, 2021


  107. Kassye Crane on August 13, 2020

    Do y’all not have just karaoke versions of songs on here?

  108. Mike on May 22, 2020

    Can you make it so we can quickly remove irrelevant tags before copying all tags?

    • TunePocket on May 22, 2020

      Thank you for the suggestion, that’s a great idea! We have added ability to remove the tags. Just click on a tag and it’s gone!

    • Amit kumar on September 17, 2021

      Can you make it so quickly remove irrelvent tags before copying all tags

      • Support on September 17, 2021

        Thanks for your suggestion! You can remove the irrelevant tags by clicking on the cross icon in each tag. Hope this helps!

        • Kadappa Metri on November 25, 2022

          Thank you

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