How To Download Music Without Audio Watermark

how to download tunepocket music without audio watermark

Hearing “TunePocket” audio watermark in your downloads?

This means you downloaded a free watermarked preview, not the main file.

The most common reason of downloading a preview instead of the main file is that you were not logged in to your account.

Thus, you must log in to your account (and have an active subscription), in order to download non-watermarked files.

Please read below to learn about different ways to download TunePocket music.

How to download TunePocket music without the audio watermark

There are two ways to download the audio files from our site.

IMPORTANT! Please make sure to log in to your account before downloading.

a) You can download directly from the search results by playing the songs and then clicking the download button under the song.

b) You can download from each song’s details page by clicking the big blue download button.

Once downloaded you can use the audio files in your videos. The files are provided in WAV or MP3 format and should work in any video editor.

Hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions by posting a comment here or asking a question in the community forum.