5 Places To Download Royalty Free Meditation Music [In Depth Reviews]

best places to download royalty free meditation music

So, you’re looking for royalty free music that you could use in meditation videos or as background music for your business?

Even though we offer the extensive collection of meditation and relaxation music that you can instantly use, we understand that often you may want to look at a variety of options before you decide which place is best for you.

In this post we’ll look at 5 different places, both free and paid, where you can download meditation music for your projects and will discuss the pros and the cons of each one.

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Where to download royalty free music for meditation

If you simply looking to for music to meditate, there are quite a few excellent apps available.

This list is for people who need royalty free meditation music to use in their own guided meditation recordings, guided meditation videos, or as the background for commercial yoga classes, healing sessions, hypnosis, spa and massage.

Here’s the quick summary, click on the link or scroll down for details.

The ratings reflect how suitable a particular site is for downloading royalty free mediation music.

We took into account a several factors like catalog size, quality, price (if applicable), and what you can do with the music (for example, if you can use it commercially).

1. YouTube Audio Library (Free)
2. Free Music Archive (Free with attribution)
3. Enlightened Audio (Paid $$$$)
4. TunePocket (Paid $$) Best Value
5. Silencio Music (Paid $$$)
6. NEW MyRelaxation.Online (Free and Paid $$)

1. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has a free music library available to any creator that you can access via Creator Studio.

It includes a collection of ambient songs that could be used in meditation or relaxation videos.

youtube free audio library


It’s absolutely free and royalty free.

Most songs do not require you to credit the authors and you can use the songs in monetized videos and commercial projects.


Millions of other YouTubers will be using the very same songs in their videos, so if you’re looking for unique sound, that’s probably not the place.

While there is a collection of few hundreds of ambient instrumentals, it’s not specifically meditation music.

For example, we filtered the library by genre (Ambient) and got about 600 results. However, some songs sounded more like laid-back rock, not something we would use for meditation.

Filtering down by mood (Calm) gave us about 300 songs to choose from, some would indeed work for meditation, though many sounded more like pop or electronic ballads.

The verdict – 3 stars

This free library can be a great start if you just need a handful of ambient royalty free music tracks for simple meditation videos.

Sadly, you won’t find much of meditation specific music like binaural beats or healing frequencies in YouTube library.

2. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is an online catalog of Creative Commons licensed music.

You can download and use their music freely, as long as you credit the author (that’s the requirement of the creative commons license).


It’s huge! We searched for “Ambient” and got over 15,000 results.


It’s big but the quality varies greatly. Some tracks sounded quite amateurish, thus it can take time to search through thousands of songs to find a good one.

It’s free but you must give credit.

Many tracks cannot be used commercially, so you can’t use them in monetized videos on YouTube or sell guided meditation using FMA’s music.

As with YouTube audio library, it’s not specific to meditation, so you get all sorts of music.

The search is somewhat finicky. We searched for “binaural” and got nothing (even though, the site claimed 11 results).

free music archive

The verdict – 3 stars

It’s free (with conditions) and it’s huge, so the chances are you’ll find something that works for you, especially if you’re not looking for commercial use.

But be ready to spend lots of time and to click through each song to find out if (and how) you can use it. The search and filters work in mysterious ways, so that does not help.

3. Enlightened Audio

Enlightened Audio the brain child of Christopher Lloyd Clarke, who’s been creating meditation music for a long time.


A large collection of royalty free meditation music neatly divided into relevant albums and categories.

Commercial license is included in the price.


It costs between $75 and $90 PER SONG (!) Ouch.

enlightened audio

The license only allows using the music in conjunction with the voice over. You cannot stream it or make videos with just music.

You must always credit the author even if you purchased for the license.

The verdict – 4 stars

Good meditation music but limited license coverage and priced out of reach for many people, especially YouTubers starting new channels.

The license does not allow you to create a music only YouTube channel.

4. TunePocket

TunePocket is a multi-genre music library with thousands of royalty free music tracks, loops, and sound effects.

It’s not exclusively meditation music library (on the positive side, you also get other relaxing genres like chillout and lo-fi) but there is a comprehensive collection of meditation music, including binaural beats, ambient, healing frequencies, new age, reiki relaxation music, nature sounds, and more.


Price and the size of the collection are the biggest pros of getting meditation music at TunePocket.

For $99 you get unlimited access to the entire catalog for 1 year. Download anything you like as often as you need!

Going back to Enlightened Audio, you only get one or two songs for that money.

You can easily find the specific meditation music you need by ether searching the catalog or by browsing pre-made playlists:

royalty free meditation music playlists

The license allows commercial use and you don’t have to credit TunePocket when you use the music.

The license allows you to create music-only YouTube channels.


TunePocket now has a growing collection of 1 hour meditation music as well as short relaxing music intros to use as the audio logo for your YouTube channel of podcast.

Make sure to check it out!


You get thousands of relaxing royalty free music tracks but if you’re looking for very specific meditation music, like shamanic chants or Mongolian throat singing, these genres may only have a few songs available.

However, new music is added every day and you can even put a request in the community forum.

The verdict – 5 stars

To the best our knowledge, if you’re looking for royalty free music for meditation that you can use commercially, this is the best deal available.

Here are just a couple of examples of recent additions:

Listen to more music for meditation

With unlimited download access for $99, TunePocket is the best bang for your buck!

5. Silencio Music

Silencio is a music project by Chris Mullett who combines acoustic and digital instruments with voice to create ambient music recordings.



A nice, rounded collection of peaceful relaxation music with smaller sub-collections of binaural beats and hypnosis music.


All music is created by the same composer, so the collection could benefit from a greater variety of styles.

Individual licenses are priced between $15 and $75 depending on the usage. If you want to use the music in digital projects, you will have to choose the most expensive option.

The verdict – 3.5 stars

Good collection of relaxing meditation music but not much variety in terms of genres and somewhat pricey.

6. NEW MyRelaxation.Online

MyRelaxation.Online is a relatively new relaxation and meditation media provider.

What makes it stand out is that it offers both the streaming and downloadable content (including some free downloads)!

my relaxation online


The biggest pro of MyRelaxation.Online is that it’s truly a one stop for all sort of relaxation and mediation content.

You can download and purchase not only mediation music and sound but also guided meditations and meditation scripts (some are available for purchase, some are free).

On top of that, you can simple stream meditation music and sounds. Start with free account to get access to the core library and sign up for monthly or annual premium plan to get access to more content.


As of today, the library looks rather small, especially compared to more established libraries that have been around for some years.

However, considering that new content appears nearly daily, we have big hopes for this site!

The verdict – 5 stars

A growing collection of relaxing meditation music, sounds, guided meditations, and scripts. Not a big library but shows lots of potential.


1. YouTube Audio Library (Free)
2. Free Music Archive (Free with attribution)
3. Enlightened Audio (Paid)
4. TunePocket (Paid) Best value
5. Silencio Music (Paid)
6. NEW MyRelaxation.Online (Free and Paid)

Free libraries are good and may have extensive collections of ambient music, which sometimes can be used for meditation.

However, it takes time to find something of good quality and you may not be able to use the music commercially.

Specialized meditation music libraries offer great music for meditation but are typically very expensive.

A versatile music library that offer royalty free music for videos and commercial use can be the optimal choice.

With TunePocket you get a wide array of meditation and relaxation music at a fraction of the cost of the dedicated meditation music library.

Resources for making meditation videos and recordings

Finally, we’d like to share some helpful links to help you create your own meditation videos and recordings:

Royalty free meditation music and sounds

Here are some examples of royalty free music for meditation that you can use in your projects (both personal and commercial):

Looking for more?

Unlimited Music For Meditation Videos And Commercial Use

Stock footage for videos

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Other resources

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Know another great place to download royalty free meditation music?

Post it in the comments!

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