How To Make Long Meditation Music From Shorter Clips

How to make long meditation music tracks tutorial

Are you trying to create a long meditation music soundtrack of 30, 60 minutes, or even more from a shorter music track?

In this post we will explain how to easily create a long audio track using either an audio or video editor.

Key takeaways

  • Meditation videos are popular on YouTube and require long, seamless soundtracks.
  • You can create long meditation music tracks from shorter clips using cross-fade techniques.
  • Use free tools like Audacity or video editors to apply cross-fades, creating extended tracks.
  • Import the short music clip, duplicate it, overlap the tracks slightly, apply cross-fade, and repeat until the desired length is achieved.

Why make long meditation audio tracks?

Meditation videos are very much popular on YouTube and elsewhere.

In fact, lots of creators actively make relaxation and mediation content (including guided meditations, affirmation, stress relief, and sleep videos).

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Meditation videos tend to be long, so they need long and seamless (no gaps) soundtracks.

A typical meditation video is 5, 10, or 20 min long.

If you look at relaxation or sleep videos, they can be even longer, some are as long as 8 or 10 hours.

In our royalty free music library, we have a growing collection of long meditation and relaxation background music, as well as 1 hour meditation music.

However, if you can’t instantly find a meditative soundtrack of desired length you can easily make one from one or more shorter clips.

Let’s see how you can make a long meditation music soundtrack:

Let’s make a long meditation music track

We’ll be using a technique called cross-fade.

If you never heard about cross-fading, no worries – it is super easy and quick to learn.

Cross-fade can help you to seamlessly join two or more audio files. You can do this once, twice, or as many times as you like, so you can extend the soundtrack to last hours.

If you’re working with beat based music you may need to pay special attention to make sure the beats align properly. However, it’s much more easier if you’re joining together two ambient music tracks.

Good news! Cross-fade works great for ambient meditation music.

First of all, let’s pick a music clip to extend.

For the sake of the example we will simply use one of TunePocket’s meditation music tracks:

Spiritual royalty free music Om Shanti Om Indian chant meditation with ambient meditative bell for meditation video, mindfulness concentration vlog, yoga exercise background, zen spa ambiance relaxation, and commercial business use. Download unlimited royalty free meditation music for videos.

As you can see, this music track is about 10 minutes long.

But what if we want to extend it to run for, say, 30 minutes or 1 hour.

If you want to create a very longer version of this track for your video, you can do it in two ways (both are easy!):

1. Extend the music file using a free audio editor called Audacity and then import it to your video (as you would import any other music file).

2. Extend the music file directly in your video editor.

Option 1: Make long meditation music in Audacity

First let’s load the above audio track into Audacity. Simply drag and drop it into the window.

Once it’s loaded, load it again on a new track / lane.

Then click on the little horizontal arrow in the menu and push the second track to the right leaving 10-15 seconds of overlap.

cross-fade selecting area

Select the overlapping area in both tracks and add the cross-fade effect (Menu -> Effects -> Cross-fade Tracks).

cross-fade menu audacity

Click OK in the next dialogue window and that’s it! You have created a 20 min long meditation music track.

To make a 30 min long music track, repeat the process re-using the top lane in Audacity (or adding a new one, there is no difference).

Repeat for as many times as you need until you have the soundtrack of the desired length.

To finish the process, export the long music track in the desired format (WAV, MP3, and so on).

In the menu: File -> Export -> Choose desired format.

Option 2: Make long meditation music in any video editor

If you’re end goal is to make videos (as opposed to making podcast or guided meditations) you can extend the music directly in your video editor.

It does not really matter which video editor you’re using. Virtually all modern video editors support at least some sort of cross-fade capability.

In this example we’ll use Final Cut but you can do the same in any video editor, including free editors like Filmora.

We will use the same music track. Since it’s ambient music, it will be very easy to create seamless cross-fades:

cross-fade in final cut

You can adjust the length of the transition to your taste.

Questions? Comments?

In this post we discussed two options you can use to make long meditation music tracks from shorter clips.

We hope you will find this helpful when making long format meditation / relaxation videos or podcasts.

Do you have your own favorite technique for creating long audio files?

Let us know by posting a comment below!

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