Make Money On YouTube: Sleep Videos

Make money on YouTube with sleep videos

In this post we will look at another idea how you can make money on YouTube. No need to buy an expensive camera, lights, learn complicated software or advance video editing skills.

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Yes, you can make money on YouTube without showing your face

First, let’s quickly see how most creators make money on YouTube by selling ads.

How most creators make money on YouTube?

The vast majority of creators make money through YouTube Partner program.

YouTube Partner Program

Simply put, once you are accepted into the program YouTube will start showing ads in your videos and you will get paid.

However, you must meet the minimum eligibility requirements before you can start making money:

1. You need to live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

2. You must have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.

3. You must have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Learn more about how ads work on YouTube.

What videos should I make to become partner faster?

You can focus on any subject that complies with YouTube advertisement guidelines.

But keep in mind that your topic must be popular enough so you can quickly gain 1000 subscribers and accumulate 4,000 watch hours.

Thus, pick a subject that appeals to wide enough audience. It also helps to make longer videos and make them engaging enough to have people will watch to the end.

What videos meet these requirements?

One of the easy options is to create sleep videos.

sleep videos for deep sleep

Sleep videos can help people to fall asleep faster by calming their nervous system.


Considering how many people suffer from anxiety or insomnia, this subject will always be in demand.

The sleep videos tend to be long, typically over 1 hour and sometimes as long as 8 hours.

People turn it on and fall asleep, so the video will play through to the end without skipping.

So if you make a 8 hour long sleep video, you’ll hit the required 4,000 watch hours just after 500 plays.

Long videos with low drop rate will help you to quickly gain the required 4,000 watch hours.

5 Tips for making better sleep videos to outrank your competition

Of course there are already tons of sleep videos on YouTube.

This does not mean you must give up on your dream of making a living as YouTuber. You just need to make better videos!

Here are 5 simple tips for making the best sleep videos that should help you get more views (and more ad revenue!) compared to your competition:

1. Make long videos

Make longer videos, at least 1 hour or more. Nobody likes switching between the videos while trying to fall asleep.

And you certainly don’t want your viewers switching to somebody else’s video, do you?

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2. Opt out of mid-roll ads

It would be quite annoying for your viewers if their sleep is interrupted by a loud and bright ad in the middle of a relaxing sleep video.

mid roll ads menu

3. Use darker, softer visuals

Try using darker, toned down visuals (videos or images). Some of the most popular sleep videos actually use black screen.

Some visuals that fits sleep videos well may include night sky, night scenery, cozy bedroom, and so on.

4. Provide search friendly metadata

Create meaningful and search engine friendly meta data, including video descriptions, titles, and tags.

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5. Use top quality music and sounds

Don’t rely on overused copyright free music that appears in thousands of other videos.

Use professional quality music that was created specifically for deep sleep, meditation, and relaxation.

Complement music with relaxing sleep sound effects for even better results.

Most popular types of sleep music and sounds

When making sleep videos, it’s important to use music that actually helps people fall asleep.

Here are some popular types of music and sounds that are popular among people looking for sleep videos on YouTube:

Soothing relaxation music

Sleep meditation music

Relaxing piano sleep music

Rain, ocean, waterfall sounds

431 Hz and binaural sleep music

More sleep music

deep sleep music

Explore TunePocket’s growing collection of relaxing royalty free music, ready to use in monetized YouTube videos and commercial projects.

New music added daily!

Can I just use any free music?

It depends. Free is great but when you monetize it is considered commercial use and some music that is free for personal use may not be available for commercial purposes.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to monetize your videos it is strongly recommended to properly license any music you use.

What are the risks of using the music that wasn’t cleared for commercial use?

While the chances of getting sued for copyright infringement is relatively low, getting a copyright claim on your video in the most probable outcome.

Unfortunately, when you get the claim, YouTube will put your monetization on hold until the claim is removed.

Having the license will helps you to remove the claims quickly, typically within 24-48h.

Stay away from overused free content

Don’t rely solely on free stock footage and free no copyright music.

If your videos are made exclusively from overused free content, there is a good change YouTube will reject your monetization application.

Sadly, “reused content” is a common rejection reason.

In order to improve your chances of being accepted into YouTube’s partner program, we strongly suggest creating original videos or at least adding some unique elements.

That does not mean you have to create everything yourself. Here are few ideas how you can make your videos more original, even if you use free content:

1. Try adding motion elements and small animations. For example, to ask your viewers to subscribe or to follow you.

2. Don’t rely solely on copyright free music that already appears in thousands of other videos. Use quality sleep music created specifically for relaxation and meditation. Add meditation sounds to create a more original soundtrack.

3. Best of all, make your own footage. After all, it shouldn’t be too complicated to record some relaxing nature or urban scenery with your cell phone.

What to do if YouTube rejected your application to monetize?

dont give up if your monetization application rejected

First of all, don’t despair. Not all hope is lost.

Carefully read your rejection email to understand why exactly your application was rejected.

Make new videos taking into account the rejection reason and re-apply in 30 days. Yes, unfortunately, you have to wait 30 days.

In the meantime, you still can earn money through TunePocket affiliate program.

Instead of making the videos for people who come to YouTube to simply listen to sleep music, target other creators who might need music for their videos.

First of all, join TunePocket affiliate program.

Then, make more sleep videos but add a simple message:

“If you want to use this music in your videos, sign up for TunePocket and get unlimited access to great relaxing and meditation music”.

Use your affiliate link to direct YouTubers to TunePocket. If they sign up for any of our royalty free music plans, you will be paid a referral commission.

Questions? Comments?

This post explains how you can start earning on YouTube by making sleep videos. Not interested in making sleep videos? Pick a subject from this big list of YouTube video ideas.

No matter what videos you make remember this:

Monetizing YouTube videos, isn’t a get-reach-quick scheme.

You do need to make top quality, unique videos, in order to get accepted into YouTube’s partnership program and to gain dedicated following.

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