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Music For Guided Meditation

Royalty Free Music For Guided Meditation
Posted: June 21, 2021 | Updated: September 7, 2023

Need background music for guided meditations?

Music plays crucial role in guided meditation videos and recordings, healing sessions, sleep therapy audio, and positive energy meditation. It creates peaceful zen ambience that helps your listeners to relax and to absorb your message. Learn more about the purpose and benefits of guided meditation.

Mik TunePocket Composer

Hi, I’m Mik, one of TunePocket music composers. I went though our growing catalog of royalty free meditation music and picked my top 10 favorites that will work great as relaxing background for guided meditation. Watch the video or jump to the track list.

Guided meditations focus on spoken word. In a typical guided meditation recording an instructor reads a scripted meditation. hence when choosing the background soundtrack try to choose the music that does not have a strong melody or vocal and won’t interfere with your voice. Typically the music genres that work best for guided meditations include ambient, relaxing piano or guitar, as well as world music (typically Indian or Eastern), and new age.

Ideally look for soft, calm, non-intrusive background music with simple chords or even drones without prominent lead melody. The purpose of such music is to set the mood and fill-in the silent gaps between the meditation instructions voiceover without dominating or distracting.

Another option to add an additional layer of realism and sophistication to your guided meditation is to enhance the soundtrack with relaxing nature sounds, like rain, ocean waves, or birds.

Best background music for guided meditations

We update this music list frequently, based on the feedback we receive from our community forum.

Looking for long background music? Listen to 1 hour meditation music.

All our meditation music is available with lifetime royalty free license and can be instantly used in both personal and commercial projects, including monetized YouTube channels, wellness classes, healing sessions, and more. License today – use forever and royalty free!

  • Relaxing royalty free ambient background music with positive uplifting feel and no distracting melody (great for background use in guided meditations and voice over projects) for meditative video, inspired spiritual vlog, zen ambience, and commercial business use.
  • Soft relaxing royalty free piano music solo with gentle ambient feel for relaxation video or slideshow, guided meditation, somber reflective film, and commercial business use.
  • Relaxing royalty free meditation music drone (a steady 10 min note with no melody) with dreamy positive uplifting feel for serene meditative video or guided meditation background, relaxation vlog, peaceful zen ambience, spa, massage, sound therapy, and commercial business use.
  • Calm meditative royalty free 10 min Indian background music drone with mesmerizing sitar sounds for relaxing spiritual meditation video, India travel vlog, reflective zen ambiance, and commercial business use. You can also download the vocal chant version in Hindi: Hanuman Mantra (Hindi)
  • Meditation royalty free Indian flute music (5 min) with deep relaxation spiritual feel for meditation video to relax mind and body, positive energy vlog, deep sleep, yoga background, zen spa ambiance relaxation, and commercial business use. Download unlimited royalty free meditation music for videos. Download Krishna Mantra with spiritual and uplifting Hindu vocals.

    Want to extend this music to run for 1 hour or more? Learn how to create long music tracks or choose from already available 1 hour long meditation music.

    Unlimited Music For Meditation Videos And Commercial Use
  • Ambient royalty free music (10 min) with dreamy peaceful piano melody for relaxation video, guided meditation background, zen vlog, relaxing spa yoga or massage ambiance, and commercial business use.
  • Ambient meditative music (8 min) tuned to solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz with serene ethereal feel for brain relaxation video, guided meditation background, zen vlog, spa yoga massage ambiance, and commercial business use. The positive healing effect of 528 Hz music makes it ideal background music for anyone who feels under the weather or simply needs to unwind.
  • Peaceful ambient royalty free background music with relaxing serene feel and gentle piano melody for relaxation video, spa vlog, yoga exercise, zen meditation ambiance, and commercial business use. Download unlimited royalty free relaxation music for videos.
  • Relaxing instrumental royalty free kalimba new age music solo with calm reflective feel for peaceful travel video, relaxation vlog, meditation, documentary, game background, and commercial business use.
  • Peaceful soft ocean 10 min. soundscape with meditation bell tone synced at 5 breaths per minute and relaxing, authentic ocean waves sound for meditation video, yoga spa vlog, relaxation ambiance, and commercial business use. Download unlimited royalty free meditation music.

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