How Big Brands Choose Music For TikTok Ads And Commercials

how to choose music for tiktok ads

Many brands advertise on TikTok since the platform provides unique exposure, especially among younger audiences. As a rule, their ads are accompanied by catchy and modern soundtracks to magnify the impact.

However, unlike other TikTok video creators who have access to a huge pool of commercial mainstream music to use in their TikTok videos, the brands are not allowed to use music without properly licensing it for commercial use.


Hi, I’m Mik, a music composer at TunePocket – royalty free music library where we specialize in creating music for videos, advertisement, and commercial use.

In this post, we will talk about the common elements of a great TikTok ad soundtrack, the recent changes to TikTok’s policy that regulates using music in commercial videos, some examples of modern soundtracks for ads and commercials, and how to upload a completed ad (with music) to TikTok without using a phone.

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How to choose best music for TikTok ad

Here are a couple of recent ads by some of the biggest brands: Apple and Facebook.

Note that both ads utilize their own music uploaded to the platform along with the video.

If you look for more ads you will notice that certain types of music tend to appear more often. Most commonly the brands tend to use upbeat and modern soundtracks with happy, positive, and energetic feel.

Here are our 3 quick tips for choosing a great TikTok ad soundtrack:

1. Use modern music. TikTok is dominated by kids and young adults who will be turned away by a dull soundtrack that sounds dated.

2. Make it sound like FUN. People flock to TikTok for entertainment, so happy and upbeat music would be a good start.

3. Try to match your soundtrack to the length of the video. While you can always cut a short snippet from a longer song, a natural intro and outro would work the best. Remember that TikTok is a short video platform and most ads on TikTok are under 15 sec.

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Free infographic: 3 tips to choose best music for TikTok ad

3 tips to choose best music for tiktok ads

Thinking about advertising on TikTok? You need to know that..

TikTok has implemented strict restrictions to limit what music the brand accounts can use in their videos

TikTok has implements strict limits on what music and soundtracks the brands can use when producing content on the platform.

In the past, all TikTok users could create content with almost no limitations on the music they could use in their videos, including popular commercial music. Not anymore!

With the recent update to TikTok’s music rules, all verified TikTok accounts can only access a collection of royalty free music that has been licensed by TikTok for commercial use.

This may be quite an inconvenience, especially if the music provided by TikTok does not fit your brand or the creative direction of the ad.

You can bypass this limitation by uploading videos with the soundtrack already incorporated (as opposed to creating the video on the platform). Note that TikTok may require you to demonstrate the appropriate commercial license for the music you use.

You still can use a wide range of music available outside of TikTok platform but you are required to obtain appropriate licenses that grant you commercial rights.

Looking for modern music to use in TikTok videos?

I’ve picked some short music soundtracks from our own collection of royalty free music that sounds similar to the above TikTok ads.

It is worth mentioning that all our music comes with a downloadable PDF licensing certificate that grants you commercial advertisement rights for TikTok, as well as other social media platforms.

More music like this: Best Music For TikTok Ads (Playlist)


Music For Video Intros

6 Seconds Intro Music

10 Seconds Intro Music

Finally, let’s look into how you can upload a complete video (with soundtrack) without being forced to use sounds from TikTok library.

How to upload complete video ad (with your own music) to TikTok

Many people ask how to add a song to TikTok or how to use your own music in a TikTok video.

TikTok started as mobile only app but now includes support for uploading videos via browser on any device. You are not anymore limited to your phone as the only option to create content for TikTok.

This is especially good news if you accustomed to editing videos on a powerful workstation, as this makes for a much more convenient workflow by cutting the middle man – your mobile device.

Here are the basic steps you need to take to upload videos to TikTok via browser:

1. Go to TikTok’s website (Dah!)

2. In the top right corner, click the upload icon. It looks like a cloud with an arrow inside.

how to upload videos to tiktok without phone

3. You will be prompted to login to your account. Complete the verification step if required.

4. Select the video to upload. TikTok’s uploader accepts MP4 or WebM video formats.

5. Enter you video caption, cover and settings, like who can watch the video and whether the comments are allowed.

6. Click upload.

We hope these tips will help you create a successful TikTok ad!

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