Case Study: How This YouTuber Solved His YouTube Copyright Claims Problem

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Learn how Pixel Sami, a videographer and YouTuber, managed to solve his ongoing problem with YouTube copyright claims and boosted his adrev revenue.

If you make YouTube videos, you are certainly came across copyright claims issues, probably more than once.

Unlike copyright strikes, the claims are relatively harmless. Your content remains online and your channel isn’t penalized but you may get an occasional ad displayed alongside your video.

While this may not be a problem for many YouTubers, this does present an issue when you monetize your channel. Or if the ads conflict with your own content by promoting a competing product.

Scott Dumas

I’m Sami and I run Pixel Sami YouTube channel where I post videography tutorials, cinematography tips, and gear reviews. I monetize my channel, so I always was very cautious about using music in my videos and often couldn’t find the good soundtrack. Here’s how TunePocket helped me.

What was your biggest challenge when trying to find music for your videos?

We all know finding proper music for YouTube videos is a big deal. Especially because of the copyright claims when the music owner can claim your video, put the ads, and monetize my videos. For me, that was a really big deal.

Did you find a solution?

I believe I did! Recently I started using TunePocket, a stock video licensing web site which has tons and tons of music that you can search by genre, mood, ambience, beats per second, the duration, and any kind of mood.

The best thing about TunePocket is that you can whitelist your YouTube channel, which prevents copyright claims from using any of their music.

How does this work? First, let me explain what is the copyright claim.

Why I was getting the claims

YouTube employs a robust digital fingerprinting system called Content ID to protect and to compensate the content owners for unauthorized use of their content (both music and video). Whenever you use content that you don’t own, you may end up with a copyright claim in your video.

Some of TunePocket’s composers use Content ID system to protect their music, which means that people using their audio without authorization may end up with copyright claims.

As TunePocket subscriber I do have the licensee to use any of their tracks, so why I’m still getting the claims? Apparently, YouTube doesn’t necessarily know about your subscription / license and issues the claim anyway.

This Content ID isn’t unique to TunePocket. The same goes for any other music library, like Epidemic Sound, Musicbed, Artlist that allow their composers to submit Content ID registered tracks.

Normally, having the license, it’s relatively easy to remove the claim from the video. You to to the site where you purchased the license and you ask them to remove the claim.
It’s not a huge deal but it is a recurring problem, which takes time to resolve! When I was using Epidemic sound or Musicbed I wasn’t getting too many Content ID claims but still getting a few every month.

Fortunately, it’s not the case with TunePocket.

How I stopped the claims

Whenever you download a new music track at TunePocket you automatically get a license to use this content on YouTube and elsewhere. To download your license, simply visit your Download History page (you will find it in My Account menu).

Now visit and fill a short form:

UPDATE: To ensure the prompt response, it’s best to email AdRev support directly:

adrev claim release form

Type your name, your email, your YouTube channel URL and attach the license you download from TunePocket.

In the text area make sure to mention that you have an active subscription with TunePocket and ask them to whitelist your channel.

I did exactly that and in a day I received an email saying the channel has been whitelisted. No more claims!

adrev claim release response

For me this means that now I can always put ads in my videos without any hassle. I can monetize my videos and earn money from all the videos using TunePocket’s music.


I’ve been using TunePocket for some months now and I can say it is a great source for finding music in my videos, vlogs, and tutorials.

It’s very affordable you have lifetime license for any music you download during your subscription, so I can use it in all my future videos.

So far my experience has been great. The process of whitelisting was easy and the staff was quick to answer my messages when I got my first claim.

I see their music collection keeps growing and I hope soon it’s going to be one of the top among the music licensing Web sites.

Want to try TunePocket for yourself? You can browse and preview the entire music library before you even sign up. I hope to see you soon as a new member.

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