How To Choose Music For Romantic Video

romantic music for video

Focus on the mood, not the genre

When someone mentions romantic music, most people instantly think of mellow piano or strings instrumentals. While this may work in mane cases, our emotional palette is much more diverse. Gentle, intimate, sensual, caring, sentimental, bittersweet, exciting. The list goes on.

The key to choosing the best music for your romantic video is to decide on the mood first and then pick the soundtrack that matches both the mood and the pace of your video.

In this post we’ll go over the above romantic moods and pick the best music to go with it.

Create Romantic Mood With Soft Sentimental Melody

One of the first music choices for a romantic video is a sentimental guitar or piano melody. This is one of the easiest way to instantly set the recognizable romantic mood in your video. It’s a safe and traditional choice.

More soft and sentimental music for videos.

Create Intimate Mood With Gentle Music

Nothing creates a sense of intimacy better than a gentle piano melody. Great for wedding and romantic videos that aim to highlight the intimate feeling of love and closeness.

More gentle music for videos.

Create Bittersweet Mood With Reflective Soundtrack

There are two sides to romance. There are joys and there are breakups and goodbyes. Capture the perfect bittersweet mood with slightly sad and reflective, yet romantic music.

More reflective and romantic music for videos.

Set Formal Occasion Mood With Classical Music

If a mellow soft-rock ballad sounds a bit wild for a formal occasion, use time-tested classical score to create the upscale romantic feel in your video or event.

More classical music for videos.

Create Happy Mood With An Upbeat Tune

Falling in love can be fun. Celebrate this with a happy acoustic or even electronic pop music.

More upbeat pop and happy acoustic music for videos.

Create Sensual Mood With Passionate Music

Using emotional passionate soundtrack will help you create the feeling of electrifying romance in your video.

More passionate music for videos.

Create Romantic Destination Mood With World Music

Florence, Paris.. Some places are just brimming with charm and romanticism. Use recognizable world music background to instantly set romantic mood in your video.

More romantic world music for videos.

Find More music for your videos in this romantic music for video playlist

Quickly filter by additional moods to get the music that fits your video.

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