Case Study: How This Videographer Saves His Clients Hundreds Of Dollars On Music Licensing

Scott Dumas Videographer Manages To Save Big On Stock Music

Learn where Scott Dumas, a professional videographer and YouTuber, finds music to use in his clients videos and how he manages to save hundreds of dollars on stock music licensing.

If you are a videographer, you know that music licensing costs may add a significant number to your video budget. Assuming you’re aiming to create pro quality, modern sounding soundtracks that truly adds value and emotion to your video.

Scott Dumas

I’m Scott, a professional videographer and YouTuber. With so much music out there, it should be easy to find the perfect soundtrack for your video, right? But, I find that often, that’s not the case. In this video I’ll explains how my TunePocket subscription helps me to save on licensing great music for my projects.

What is your biggest challenge when you’re trying to find music to use in your clients videos?

When I search for music for my videos I usually run into 3 main challenges:

1. It simply takes too much time to browse through all the music that’s available. While that sounds like a good thing, a lot of that music is irrelevant and that time is something that I can just not afford to waste.

2. So, say, I found a track that I like. Which license do I need to make sure that I’m legally covered in my particular situation? Can I use it for my vlog? What if my channel is monetized? Can I use it for a wedding video? Can I use it for a client video? Again, figuring out some of those licensing terms is something that takes more time and more effort, and as they say, “time is money.”

3. Finally, of course, there is the price. As a freelance videographer I have a lot of competition and I have to keep my costs low and my prices competitive. That usually means that I cannot add a hefty price tag for music licensing to my clients. In most cases, they’re small businesses or individuals and they simply don’t want to pay for that.

Did you find a solution?

I believe I did. Having a TunePocket subscription has made it much easier for me to find tracks that I can use in all of my projects, from YouTube videos all the way up to paid gigs.

I have some folders on my computer of TunePocket tracks that I’ve found and liked, and I don’t have to worry about which license which track has when I’m browsing through all of that music to find something that matches a particular project that I’m working on.

I also really like the accuracy of their search and their filters, and I love how fast it is to preview tracks. All of that helps me to really round up potential candidates for different music tracks really really quickly.

I usually download these tracks right away into that folder that I mentioned. Or, I can add them to my favorites- even assign them to their own folder to review later on on the TunePocket website.

The licensing is simple. One license covers everything from personal use to commercial use and when you download a track you automatically get the license, so it is really just one click.

If I need the actual licensing certificate, I can just go into my download history and get it right from there.

Coming back to the all important cost – TunePocket is a subscription library, and a very affordable one at that, which is perfect for me. I make a lot of videos so whether I’m working on 10 projects or 100 projects, there’s no extra cost; it’s all included in that subscription fee.

The best part is that the subscription also covers the commercial use, so I’m saving tons of money compared to before when I would always individually license tracks. Not to mention, it’s a lot less of a hassle if a client wants to change a track after you’ve already paid for it.

However, if you’re not making a lot of videos or if you’re just not a fan of subscriptions, there is also a pay-as-you-go option, so you get to download a few tracks at a time and only renew when you need more music.

How much money did you save when making this video?

That’s an excellent question! Let’ see.

I used 6 audio clips in this video:

On the average, a stock music track from a royalty-free music library would cost between $20 and $50 depending on the library and the licensing (commercial or not).

Thus, ho license all 6 clips separately would cost me at least $120 or in some cases up to $300. And that’s just for ONE video!

With TunePocket unlimited stock music subscription I can download as many music tracks or sound effects as I need, so in my case, the subscription paid of just after one project.

Want to try TunePocket for yourself? You can browse and preview the entire library before you even sign up. I hope to see you soon as a new member.

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