50 Video Ideas To Avoid “Reused Content” Issue On YouTube

video ideas to avoid reused content

YouTube keeps demonetizing channels for reused content and makes it quite difficult for the new channels to get approved for monetization.

If your goal is to make money on YouTube, it is very important to make original videos that won’t be considered by YouTube as “reused content”.

In this post we’ll give you 50+ original video ideas that (if done properly) won’t count as reused content.

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What counts as “reused content” on YouTube?

According to YouTube’s own definition reused content includes any “videos that contain content from other sources repurposed without original commentary or educational value.”

That is, if you make a compilation mash up of clips from other videos the chances are YouTube will view this as reused content.

Learn more about what counts as reused content on YouTube.

What is the impact of “reused content” on your channel?

The most common outcome is that you lose monetization:

demonetized youtube channel due reused content

That’s already quite unfortunate but it may get even worse!

If you mindlessly use other people’s clips without bothering to ask for permission you may as well get your channel completely terminated due to copyright violations.

How to avoid “reused content” issue on YouTube?

YouTube makes it very clear that they want the videos that offer something new and valuable to the viewers.

In short, no matter what kind of videos you create, YouTube always wants to see some sort of creative input.

Thus, if your goal is to monetize your channel it’s best to create original videos that provide unique value (and attract advertisers, so YouTube keeps making money).

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Here are over 50 ideas of what kinds of videos you can make to avoid the reused content issue. We’ll keep adding fresh ideas as we research it more.

50+ YouTube video ideas that offer value and won’t count as reused content

This list is based on our observations and experience at the time of the writing. Please note that YouTube’s rules do change frequently, so certain suggestions may or may not work in the future. We’ll try our best to keep this post up to date but we cannot possibly provide any guarantees whether YouTube will allow you to monetize your channel.

1. Vlogs

Vlogs are personal diary-style videos that document the daily life and thoughts of the creator.

Typically, you won’t encounter reused content issue with vlogs, as content is always original and personal.

2. Tutorials

Tutorial and how-to videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to do something, such as applying makeup or fixing a car.

As long as you’re creating original tutorials (and not riposting someone else’s videos) you should not worry much about reused content.

3. Comedy sketches

These are short, humorous videos that may include sketches, parodies, or stand-up comedy.

If you’re making compilations, make sure to add your own funny commentary to avoid reused content issue.

4. Product reviews

Review videos provide a review or evaluation of a particular product or service.

If you’re not using original footage, make sure you provide thoughtful and accurate reviews to avoid your videos labelled as “reused content”.

5. Music videos

These can be tricky!

If you’re making music videos, we strongly recommend making original videos, as opposed to simply using a collection of stock footage clips.

6. Educational videos

Similar to tutorial video educational videos are designed to teach viewers about a particular subject or topic.

Listen to background music for educational videos.

7. News and politics

These videos typically cover current events, political issues, and other newsworthy topics.

If you’re using news clips from other sources, make sure that you add original comments to avoid reused content.

8. Travel vlogs

Travel videos document the creator’s travels experiences. Good option to showcase different travel destinations, and may include city guides and specific tips for planning a trip.

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9. Celebrity gossip and entertainment news

Celebrity videos that cover the latest news and gossip about celebrities and the entertainment industry.

Unless you have a direct access to celebrities, the chances are that you’ll be using somebody else’s footage.

It’s crucial to add your own comments to avoid reused content.

10. Food and cooking

Cooking videos that focus on cooking and food, and may include recipe demonstrations, food reviews, or restaurant reviews.

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11. DIY and home improvement

Have good experiecen with making DIY repairs? Share it with the world!

These videos provide tips and instructions for do-it-yourself projects around the home.

12. Fitness and exercise

Fitness videos that provide workout routines, exercise tips, and other health and wellness advice.

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13. Beauty and fashion

Beauty videos that focus on makeup, hair, and fashion, and may include makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and product reviews.

Listen to music for fashion shows.

14. Pets and animals

All time favorite!

Funny or cute videos that feature pets or other animals, and may include videos of curious animal moments, training tips, or pet care advice.

Once again, if you’re making a compilation video, add value by providing your own comments or suggestions, so your compilation is not considered reused content.

15. Sports

Many creators cover various sports and sporting events. These videos may include highlights, analysis, and commentary.

Tip: Don’t simply make sport clips compilations, add your own commentary or reactions to avoid reused content.

16. Science and technology

Scientific and technological topics are quite popular on YouTube.

These videos may include demonstrations, explanations, and reviews of new gadgets and products.

17. Personal development and self-help

These videos focus on personal growth and self-improvement, and may include advice on topics such as productivity, goal setting, and relationships.

18. Horror and thriller

In the mood for something dark?

Horror videos are designed to be frightening or suspenseful, and may include horror movies reviews and commentary, paranormal investigations, or creepy stories.

Some creators explore the paranormal and supernatural, and may include ghost stories, paranormal investigations, and horror movies.

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19. Art and design

Videos that focus on art, design, and creativity, and may include tutorials, artist profiles, speed-painting, and critiques of artwork.

20. Business and finance

Business videos cover topics related to business and finance, and may include interviews with entrepreneurs, advice on investing and personal finance, and discussions of current economic trends.

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21. Environmental issues

Do you care about our planet?

Than make videos that focus on environmental issues and sustainability, and may include discussions of climate change, conservation, and eco-friendly living.

22. Cars and motorcycles

All videos that feature cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, and may include car reviews, racing videos, and modifications.

23. History and culture

Explore the history and culture of different societies and civilizations. This may include documentaries, lectures, and historical reenactments.

24. Parenting and family

Are you a proud parent?

Make videos that focus on parenting, family life, and child development, and may include advice, tips, and personal experiences.

25. Health and wellness

Are you a wellness coach or therapist?

Make videos related to health and wellness topics, and may include advice on nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

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26. Fantasy and science fiction

Are you a sci-fi buff?

Create videos that feature imaginative and futuristic stories and worlds, and may include movies or TV shows review, as well as original content.

If you make the reviews and use the movie clips make sure that you provide insightful commentary, so it’s not counted as reused content.

27. Real estate and property

Cover topics related to buying, selling, and investing in real estate, and may include property tours, market analysis, and tips for homeowners.

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28. Gardening and landscaping

Enjoy time in your backyard?

Focus on gardening and landscaping. Create tutorials, plant recommendations, and garden design ideas.

29. Photography and videography

Cover topics related to photography and videography, and make tutorials, gear reviews, and artist profiles.

30. Nature and outdoors

Do you like camping or hiking?

Showcase the beauty of nature and outdoor activities, and include documentaries, camping vlogs, and adventure sports.

31. Spirituality and self-discovery

Are you into mindfulness?

Make videos that focus on spiritual and personal growth, and may include meditation, mindfulness, and self-help advice.

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32. Literature and writing

Create videos that cover topics related to literature and writing, and may include book reviews, author interviews, and writing tips.

33. Luxury and lifestyle

These videos showcase luxury products, high-end travel, and lavish lifestyles, and may include product reviews, travel vlogs, and fashion hauls.

Either use original footage or add valuable insight or your own experience to beat the reused content challenge.

34. Performing arts

Feature performances in the arts, such as music, theater, and dance, and may include concerts, plays, and dance recitals.

Pay attention to copyright if you’re posting someone else’s footage.

35. Mystery and crime

These videos explore mysteries and crimes, and may include true crime documentaries, detective shows, and mystery stories.

36. Hobbies and interests

Everyone’s got a hobby!

Simply focus on your own hobbies and interests, such as crafting, gaming, and collectibles.

37. Personal finance and money management

Are you good with managing your own money?

Share topics related to managing money and personal finances and include advice on budgeting, saving, and investing.

38. Interior design and home decor

Create videos about interior design and home decor. Include tutorials, home tours, and product recommendations.

39. Restaurant reviews

One of our favorite categories!

Review your local restaurants and recommend their best dishes to the visitors.

40. Productivity and organization

Offer tips and advice on productivity and organization, and include time management strategies and organization hacks.

41. Haul videos

Bought something cool?

Talk about the items you recently purchased or received. Haul videos are common in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle genres.

42. Reaction videos

Films yourself (or someone) reacting to something, such as a viral video, a song, or a movie trailer.

Reaction videos can be humorous or serious but make sure to provide commentary or critique, so it’s not considered reused content on YouTube.

43. Podcasts

This may not be your first choice but YouTube is home to many podcasts.

Podcasts may be recorded live or edited and produced after the fact, and may be accompanied by video or just audio.

44. Virtual reality and 360-degree videos

Do you own one of those fancy 3D cameras?

YouTube supports the playback of 360-degree and virtual reality (VR) videos, which allow your viewers to experience immersive environments or perspectives.

45. Collaboration videos

One of the coolest ways to create original content is to collaborate with someone.

Get together with your friends and make a reaction or review videos. Talk your mind and create original commentary to avoid reused content.

46. Meditation and relaxation

These videos are designed to help viewers relax, de-stress, and find inner peace. It may include guided meditations, soothing music, nature sounds, or other elements that are intended to help viewers relax and unwind.

These type of videos may be harder to monetize but you can avoid reused content by recording your own guided meditations.

Learn how to create and monetize guided meditations.

47. Unboxing videos

These videos showcase and review new products by unboxing them and demonstrating their features.

Download background music for product reviews videos.

48. ASMR videos

ASMR sounds trigger a tingling sensation in the viewer, often through the use of whispering, soft speaking, or other auditory stimuli.

These videos may be harder to monetize unless you make something quite unique, however, we still wanted to include these due to their high popularity.

49. Dating and relationship advice

Provide advice and tips on dating, relationships, and communication.

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50. Cryptocurrency

Are you a Bitcoin expert?

Then cover topics related to cryptocurrency, including investment advice, crypto market analysis, and news.


51. Life hacks

Got a cool idea how to solve a common problem?

Life hacks are clever, resourceful tricks that simplify daily tasks.

Some examples include using binder clips to organize cables, freezing grapes instead of ice cubes, and labeling cords with bread tags.

Hope this helps!

Questions? Comments?

YouTube’s policies regarding reused content have become increasingly stringent over the years, leaving creators concerned about potential demonetization and the risk of losing their hard-earned revenue streams.

However it is still quite possible to avoid reused content problem and to have your channel monetized, as long as you create videos that provide value to the viewer.

Tell us about your experience with reused content on YouTube! Add more ideas! Post a comment

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