Music For Educational Video

Music for educational video

Using music in educational videos aims to add an emotional or entertainment component to help the viewers absorb the material.

In this post we will look at 5 common types of educational video and explain what background music works best for each type.

Keep reading and make sure to listen to the examples.

Mik TunePocket Composer

Hi, I’m Mik, one of TunePocket music composers. Learning shouldn’t be boring! Adding music to educational videos can help to keep your audience focused, motivated, and entertained. I went though our catalog of royalty free music and picked some examples.

5 types of educational videos

The educational videos can be broken down into 5 common categories: How-To / Tutorial, Explainer, Training Video, Simulations, Screencast / Lecture.

5 types of educational videos

Examples of background music for different types of educational videos

TIP: If you like any music featured in this post you can license it and use it in your video.

Let’s see what music works best for each type of educational video:

How-To and tutorial videos

Tutorial videos typically provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete a certain task or to resolve a specific issue.

Often such tutorials are accompanied by narration voice over providing the explanation to the action on screen.

With that in mind, for how-to tutorials, I recommend to choose music without overpowering lead melody, so the music stays in the background does not draw the attention away from the topic.

Here are some examples of background music for educational how-to tutorials:

Explainer videos

Explainer videos usually provide a quick explanation of a concept, idea, or service.

Animated explainer videos are commonly used to introduce a solution by telling a short story.

For the explainer videos that feature animated characters, I like to recommend upbeat, overall positive music in acoustic pop or indie folk genres.

For explainers that focus on IT or science concepts, a calmer, “hi-tech” music will work the best.

For educational videos related to history, cinematic music should work great.

Training videos

Training videos are used to help someone (often an employee) to develop a set skills required to perform certain job related tasks.

For this type of video, music may not be as essential as for explainers or tutorials, but you still can use it occasionally to set the mood. Especially if you discuss important procedures or guidelines pertinent to your business.

For business training and instructional videos I recommend “corporate” music with calm focused feel:

Simulation videos

Simulation videos are essentially short movies where actors (either professional or volunteers) simulate typical situations to demonstrate the correct behavior.

For example, a simulation video can demonstrate the proper workspace etiquette by showing the model interaction between two employees.

What music is best for simulation video will greatly depend on the topic.

Situational underscore music (think light comedy or sitcom) should work well under the dialogue.

Screencast / lecture

Screencast and lectures are probably the oldest and most traditional form of instructional video. Essentially it is a recording (or live presentation) of either a computer screen or a lecturer teaching certain topic.

I generally do not recommend using music during screencasts or lectures but I do suggest you use a short music intro accompanied by your company or university logo before the lecture for branding purposes.

Hope this post will help you to find the best music for your educational video!

Any music featured in this post or on TunePocket Web site can be licensed for educational videos. You can also download free MP3 previews and safely try any of our music in your project before you purchase the license.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post it below in the comments. I’ll be happy to answer.

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