What Should I Gift A YouTuber? [5 Great Gift Ideas Under $100]

Best gifts for youtubers

Do you have a friend or relative who makes YouTube videos? Their birthday or a Holiday is coming up and you still don’t have a gift?

In this post we’ll share 5 great gift ideas under $100 that ANY YouTube creator will love!

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Great Gift Ideas For Aspiring YouTubers

In the video below, Scott Dumas, a pro videographer and accomplished YouTube creator discussed 5 gift ideas that would make any YouTube very very happy.

Not only he outlines the products that YouTubers want, he also explains WHY YouTubers NEEDS each of these products how it helps them advance their channels.

Here are the 5 gift ideas:

1. External microphone ($50 – $100)

2. External lens for the cell phone camera ($50 – $100)

3. Portable lighting ($30 – $100)

4. Mini tripod ($5 – $100)

5. Royalty free music library membership ($39 – $99, no shipping needed)

Watch the video below of read the rest of the post for more details.

External microphone

If you’re making videos with your phone or even a good digital camera, the sound recorded by the built in microphone will be pretty bad.

Terrible, in most cases!

That’s why every YouTuber needs a decent external microphone to bring the sound in their videos to the next level.

This doesn’t need to be expensive! Mics without batteries or internal preamps will be much cheaper, and they’ll still focus on your voice instead of picking up every little noise all around you.

Rode, Deity, or other well known brand names will still have mics like this well under $100 and those are what I’d recommend, but almost any mic you add on top of your camera will be a step in the right direction.

How this gift is useful for a YouTuber?

External microphones help to improve the sound of the video.

External phone lens

Phone cameras are getting better and better, but there are still some things that most can’t do.

Many will struggle to get wide angle shots, many will have a hard time getting macro shots and so on.

Does that mean you need to shell out more money for a new camera system? Nope!

Luckily there are plenty of lenses made specifically for phones. Some that come with cases and some that clip on, but there are a lot of fun options to get fish-eye shots, wide angle shots, macro shots and more.

A quick search on Amazon will bring up tons of choices under $100, even full kits.

Of course, you get what you pay for to a certain extent, but in any case they should be lots of fun, and thats what making YouTube videos is all about, right?

Why aspiring YouTubers will love this gift

External lenses help to improve the quality of the image in certain situations where phone lenses come short.

Portable lighting

If you make YouTube videos, I’m sure you’ve found yourself in some “dark” situations.

Restaurants or indoor space often get very little light. Especially when recording with smaller sensors like those in smartphones or cheaper cameras, these dark locations can be the number 1 killer of image quality.

Luckily, there are tons of little pocket LEDs available now that run on rechargeable battery power, have bi-color light to match whatever type of lighting you find yourself in, and even in some cases have RGB light or special effects.

Now you might not need anything quite that flashy, but I’d really recommend looking at something like the Aputure AL-MC. It’s just $90 and has all the above, including wireless app control and built in magnets- which are amazing when you’re out somewhere and don’t have anyone to hold the light for you. Of course, at this size, it fits perfectly right on top of your camera and even has a diffusion dome to make the light just a little bit less harsh, definitely a plus when it’s YOU in front of the camera.

Of course, there are plenty of other options.

Even Smallrig has an LED like this now. But keep in mind those key features; bi-color light output being the minimum you would want so that you can match daylight to or tungsten.

Why portable light will be a good gift for YouTuber?

Proper lighting is the easiest way to make professionally looking videos with budget equipment.

Mini tripod

OK, so we’ve covered the sound, lenses, and the lighting. But where are you going to put your camera or smartphone so you can record yourself?

This is where some sort of mini tripod can come in handy.

There are tons to choose from starting from very simple options under $10, all the way up to something like the SwitchPod for $99 and everything in between.

There are options like the gorilla pod series, which can wrap around tree branches or posts, and there are kits with clamps for smartphones that let you mount a mic or light on top.

Whatever you’re filming with, and whatever your budget it, there’s an option for you.

Why tripod is what every YouTuber needs?

A versatile tripod will make it easy to make great videos both indoors or on the go.

Royalty free music

What to give to someone who already has the basic gear?

You can get them something better. A gift that will keep on giving for a year!

As you know, music plays huge part in videos but YouTube has strict rules about using copyrighted music.

That’s why a lot of people get their videos muted or removed from YouTube. Some people get their entire channels banned for using copyrighted music without permission!

Fortunately, there is a simple and affordable solution.

Music libraries like TunePocket create music specifically for videos and for people to use on YouTube.

… and you can give somebody up to one year of unlimited access to thousands of great music tracks and sound effects that can be legally used in all sorts of YouTube videos.

Most genres that are popular with YouTubers are covered and new music appears every day, so this is definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

One of the advantages compared to other options in this post is that there is no shipping involved, so you can give it virtually to anybody, even if they live far away or in another country.

The service is right under $100 ($99 for the year of unlimited downloads), so it’s at the top of our price range, but you can use the promo code 10PCTYOUTUBER to save 10%.

Alternatively you can purchase a smaller download pack for $39 or $49. The download packs can be easily upgraded to the unlimited downloads plan later on.

Why royalty free music subscription is best gift for YouTuber?

Music makes videos fun to watch but it’s important not to break copyright laws.

How to purchase TunePocket membership as a gift?

If you want to retain the control of the account (for example, if you’re buying for a child), simply purchase one of the membership plans and share the login credentials.


1. Buy a gift card. You can choose between $39, $49, and $99 cards.

2. Send the code to your friend or relative. The person with the code can redeem it towards any membership plan.

Buy gift code

buy tunepocket gift card

Questions? Comments?

In this post we outlined 5 great gifts for YouTubers and explains why they would love to have them.

Let us know what you think by posting a comment! Post a comment

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