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Best Music For Cooking Show Videos

Best Music For Cooking Videos
Posted: March 20, 2020 | Updated: April 16, 2021

Need music for a cooking video?

Cooking food is a happy, joyful experience. It brings people and families together and makes not only great time but a great meal! Cooking videos are one of the most popular on YouTube and elsewhere and getting the right background music for your cooking videos should be in your recipe book.

Mik TunePocket Composer

Hi, I’m Mik, one of TunePocket music composers. I went though our growing catalog of royalty free music and picked my top 10 favorite tracks that will work great for any cooking video. Watch the video below or jump straight to the track list.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you pick the best music for your cooking video:

1. For cooking show videos with voice narration use positive background music without a strong lead melody. It can be upbeat or mellow but need to stay positive and make room for dialogue.

2. For visual and fast paced cooking tutorials without any voice-over use bright energetic electronic beat or rock soundtrack.

3. Use world music of a specific region for international cuisine cooking videos and shows.

Looking for cooking sounds and kitchen / food preparation sound effects?

Check out this playlist with our best cooking sounds.

Best music for cooking shows and videos

Need good background music for a cooking video? Check out this playlist with our best royalty free music for cooking shows and videos, including positive background music, upbeat and happy music, as well as world music for the extra flavor!

All our cooking music is available with all-in-one royalty free commercial license and can be instantly used in professional and business projects, monetized YouTube channels, and freelance work.

  • Short acoustic guitar music with feel-good, laid-back, romantic, Italian feel for promotional video, cooking vlog or show, travel film, documentary, and commercial business use.
  • Happy acoustic guitar and accordion French jazz with exciting, upbeat feel for feel-good video, travel vlog, cooking show, romantic film, documentary, and commercial business use.
  • Peaceful music cue with relaxing calm and feel for video, promo media, film, documentary, game, and commercial business use.
  • Energetic claps and stomps beat royalty free music with upbeat motivational percussion feel for promotional video, sport vlog, presentation, advertisement, and commercial business use.

    Download more stomp and clap royalty free music beats from this playlist: Stomp And Clap Percussion Beat

  • Upbeat electronic lounge house music cue with atmospheric hi-tech feel for promotional marketing video, modern vlog, game, infomercial, and commercial business use.
  • Sentimental French accordion waltz royalty free music with feel-good, romantic feel for travel video, cooking vlog, romance film, documentary, and commercial business use. This is a real accordion recording performed by professional musician, not an imitation.
  • Upbeat light jazz royalty free music with exciting, easy listening retro party feel for positive video, vlog, film, documentary, and commercial business use. Download unlimited jazz music for videos.
  • Upbeat acoustic music underscore with happy Italian balera feel for positive video, travel vlog, international cooking show, fun film, and commercial business use.
  • Relaxed easy listening bossanova music intro with feel-good, easygoing, comforting feel for positive video, cooking show, romantic film, vacation vlog, commercial business use.
  • Energetic indie rock music underscore with confident, bright feel for positive promotional video, sport vlog, documentary, and commercial business use.

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