Infographic: Music Licensing 101

Music Licensing 101

Earlier this year TunePocket exhibited at Startup Grind Global conference. This flyer that we designed specifically for this event and distributed among the conference participants.

What do you think? Does this flyer explains well what problem we solve?

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TunePocket Flyer Music Licensing 101 web

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Need music for a project?

Do you want to use music in your vlog, marketing video, podcast, or place of business? Do you need it for commercial or client project?

You can’t just grab any song you like and use it. You need a license!

Sync (synchronization) license from the publisher (to use the song).

Master license from the record label (to use the recording of that song).

Performance license from one or more performance rights societies in your country (to play / broadcast the song to general public when applicable).

Is there an easier way?

TunePocket makes music licensing simple by offering you a one-click licensing solution with UNLIMITED access to thousands of studio quality music tracks, loops, and sound effects with lifetime royalty-free music license.

What do you think?

Does this infographic explains well what problem does TunePocket solve? Post a comment and let us know!

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