How To Fix “Video Is Partially Muted” On Facebook

fix video partially muted issue on facebook

Did Facebook mute your video?

In this post you will find out why Facebook mutes videos and how to quickly fix “Your Video Is Partially Muted” problem.

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Why my Facebook video is partially muted?

You just uploaded a new Facebook video with a nice, catchy soundtrack and few minutes later you see a message that your video was muted due to copyright violation. Bummer!

Don’t panic! In most cases your can quickly unmute your video!

The most common cause is that Facebook detected copyrighted music in your video.

There may be two, different reasons, though:

Reason 1: Facebook does not have proper rights to play that music in certain countries or territories

In this case, the copyright notice will look like this:

Facebook copyright notice Meta no rights

The good news is that usually the list of countries where your video is muted is limited to rather obscure places, like Antarctica 🙂

list of countries where Facebook muted video

Your video will play perfectly fine in most countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, most of Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Unless it is absolutely critical for you to have your video not muted in Antarctica, you can simply ignore this notice.

We also reached to Distrokid, a large music distribution company to see what they think. According to Distrokid, this may be nothing but a temporary glitch!

“We learned that Instagram/Facebook has identified a few technical issues on their end that were causing unlaunched territories enforcement on authorized or licensed content.”

However, there may be another reason why Facebook / Meta muted your video.

Reason 2: Facebook detected copyrighted music in your video

In this case, Facebook wants to make sure that YOU actually have the right to use this music in your video.

Facebook copyright notice music license needed

If you have the license to use the music (for example, if you purchase royalty free music from one of the music libraries) follow the steps below to unmute the video.

How to resolve music copyright issues on Facebook and unmute your video

If you have permission (or a license) to use this particular music (or if you’re using creative commons or public domain music), follow these steps to un-mute your video:

Step 1: See the details of the claim

Access the video that was muted and click “Continue” to start the dispute.

facebook copyright notificaltion dispute step 1

Step 2: Acknowledge that you understand how copyright works

Facebook now will ask you if you understand how copyright works.

Basically, Meta (Facebook’s parent company) wants you to understand that you may be violating copyright law by using someone else’s music without permission.

Click “Continue” to proceed to the next step.

how copyright works on facebook

Step 3: Acknowledge that you understand copyright .. again

Well, Facebook REALLY wants you to understand that copyright should be taken seriously and you can’t dispute the claim unless you do have the permission to use the music.

Click “Continue” again.

facebook copyright rules

Step 4: Indicate that you want to dispute the claim

Facebook will give you three options. Choose the one that says “Dispute”.

dispute facebook copyright claim options

Step 5: Indicate that you have permission to use the music

Facebook will ask you to provide some sort of proof that you in fact have the permission to use that music in your video.

Indicate that you have the license and, as with resolving YouTube copyright claims, copy and paste the license details to the form.

unmute facebook video

That’s it! You’re done.

If you followed the steps outlined above you finally should see the message like this:

facebook video umuted dispute success

Congratulations, your video is now unmuted!

How to avoid getting videos muted by Facebook?

For some time now, Meta (the company behind Facebook and Instagram) has been following the path of YouTube by limiting the unlicensed use of copyrighted music on their platforms.

That means that if you do use copyrighted music, there will be some restrictions applied to your videos.

Most commonly the videos will be muted but can also be blocked altogether in some case.

Clearly, having the license for the music that you use is the best option to unmute your Facebook video.

However, what if you don’t have a license? Is it possible to avoid getting your video muted in the first place?

Here are some recommendation offered by the official Facebook music policy:

1. It’s best to use shorter music clips, as opposed to full-length tracks.

2. Don’t use multiple full-length music tracks in the same video.

3. Always add a visual component to your video. Don’t make black screen music-only videos, this will get muted almost with 100% certainty.

Hope this helps!

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Questions or comments?

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