5 Things To Check Before You Buy Royalty Free Music For Commercial Use

royalty free music commercial use

Music plays a crucial role in all sorts of business and corporate projects, including commercials, product videos, and presentations, just to name a few.

Royalty free music is a cost-effective and legal solution for businesses that want to use good music in their projects.

In this post, we will discuss 5 things you must check when you’re shopping for royalty free music for commercial projects.

This will help you to avoid potential legal issues that can affect your business. Keep reading!

Can I use royalty free music for commercial business purposes?

Yes, you can certainly use royalty-free music for commercial purposes, as long as you comply with the terms and conditions specified by the provider of the music.

However, different providers of royalty free music have different levels of licensing.

Furthermore, the specific terms for commercial use can vary depending on the music library and the type of license purchased.

How can you make sure that you remain compliant with copyright law and not putting your business to risk?

Here are the 5 important things you must check before you buy or download any royalty free music to use in your business.

5 things to check if you want to use royalty free music in commercial videos and projects

When considering royalty-free music for commercial use, the following are the most important things to check:

1. Licensing agreement

The first check is to verify if the license covers your intended use.

Read and understand the licensing agreement carefully to ensure that you are allowed to use the music for your intended purpose, such as in advertisements, films, or other commercial projects.

It’s best to use the music library that spells out the terms and provides clear explanation of how you can use the music.

For example, you can see the typical usage examples in our license agreement.

Stay away from music providers that offer vague licensing terms or no terms at all.

2. Usage restrictions

Even if the license agreement covers your intended use, always check if there are any additional restrictions.

Some royalty free music libraries may have restrictions on the number of times music can be used, the geographical location of use, or the type of media it can be used in.

3. Quality and relevance

Consider the quality and relevance of the music to your project. The music should be appropriate for your target audience and suitable for the mood and tone of your project.

Don’t use royalty free music just because it’s cheap of free. Make sure it adds value to your project.

Browse thousands of royalty free music tracks and sounds. Filter by mood, genre, and other parameters to find the perfect soundtrack for your project.

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4. Credit / attribution requirements

Some providers of royalty free music may require you to give credit to the artist or composer in your project if you want to use their music commercially.

5. Recurring use

Some licensing agreements may limit your ability to use the music in future projects, so it’s important to make sure you have the necessary rights for any future use you might have in mind.

Your best option is unlimited lifetime royalty free license.

Is royalty free music the same as copyright free music?

No, royalty-free music is not the same as copyright-free music.

Copyright-free music is music that is not protected by copyright law and can be used by anyone without obtaining permission or paying royalties.

Royalty-free music, on the other hand, is music that is licensed for use, usually for a one-time fee or a flat rate, without the need to pay additional royalties for each use or for an extended period of time.

Royalty free music is still protected by copyright law, but the license granted by the provider allows for specified usage without the need to pay additional royalties.

Need royalty free music for commercial use?

All our music is available with lifetime commercial license that allows you to use our music in unlimited business projects for perpetuity.

royalty free music commercial use

Questions? Comments?

Royalty free music is considered a good option for commercial projects. Mainly because you can use music for a simple one-time fee without the need to worry about future royalties.

But there are hundreds (if not thousands) of royalty free music libraries and providers.

In this post we explained 5 important things to check to make sure you won’t get in trouble with copyright law when licensing royalty free music for commercial use.

Questions, comments?

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