How To Credit TunePocket

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Do I need to give credit?

TunePocket subscribers are not required to give credit when using our music in their videos and other medial projects. However, you still can credit us if you wish, and we will be absolutely thrilled if you do!

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How to credit

Text / HTML

In a YouTube video description, in a blog post, or on your Web site, simply copy and paste this line of text:

Music by TunePocket – Unlimited royalty free music and sound effects for video creators

or use this HTML snippet:

<p>Music by <a href="">TunePocket</a> - Unlimited royalty free music and sound effects for video creators</p>

In a video, film, or a game, add this text to the credits roll section:

Music (or sound effects) by TunePocket


You can use TunePocket logo in the credit roll:

TunePocket Logo

IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to produce any TunePocket branded content without our explicit consent and authorization.

Video clips

You can also use one of these free animations in the beginning or at the end of your video:

Download these free animations:

TIP: Use these free clips in your affiliate content

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