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Can you play music on Twitch?

Yes! Using music in Twitch videos and streams is a great way to keep your audience entertained and engaged.

Here’s what Twitch says:

“if there is copyrighted material in the content shared on your channel and you have not received explicit permission to use that material from the rights holder, you are at risk of receiving a DMCA takedown notification”.

If you ignore Twitch music policy, your stream or VOD will get muted and you risk getting a ban on your channel.

what music is safe to play on twitch

Twitch got very serious about copyright with the recent Twitch music policy rules update.

In short, you can NOT use any copyrighted music unless you have explicit permission or license to use it.

To comply with Twitch’s new music rules, you only can play the music when:

1. You own all the rights. For example, you composed and recorded your own song.

2. The music doesn’t require permission. Public domain and creative commons music (with some restrictions) can be used freely.

3. You have explicit permission (or license) to play the music.

How to license music for Twitch

To recap, using copyrighted music without license is illegal and can lead to your streams muted or removed from Twitch permanently.

If you’re looking for great, modern sounding music made specifically for videos and streaming, like epic cinematic, synthwave, chillout or lo-fi or if giving credit for creative commons music is not something you can do, your best option is to license royalty free music, so you can use it in your Twitch streams without breaking the rules.

Typically you can obtain licenses from a music library that offers royalty free music for videos and media projects.

With TunePocket membership you get unlimited download access to thousands royalty free music tracks and sound effects.

Take your streams and VODs to the new level with top notch royalty free music made specifically for background use in gaming and entertainment streams! Once downloaded, you can also use our music in YouTube videos and social media posts if you want to grow your audience.

Advantages of licensing music at TunePocket

  • Unlimited music and sound effects download.
  • You can use the music anywhere, not only in Twitch streams but also in YouTube videos and on social media.
  • New music and sound effects added daily.
  • Stream safe royalty free music. PDF license certificate for every download. Copyright support.
  • Monetize all your channels.
  • Save over 50% compared to similar licensing platforms.

Unlimited music for Twitch Streams and VOD

Unlimited download access

Unlike other popular solutions for getting Twitch music (like Twitch Soundtrack, for instance) you get unlimited download access to entire catalog of thousands music tracks and sound effects.

Why being able to download matters?

With download access you can use the music not only in streams but in other content as well. For example, if you’d like to publish your streams later on YouTube or other social media sites for wider exposure and more followers.

Pick the membership plan that fits your needs

Don’t need unlimited access? If you only need a couple of tunes and plan to re-use them in all of your streams you can get a small download pack for the fraction of the cost. Buy once, use forever and royalty free.

Save over 50% compared to similar music licensing platforms

Most commercial music licensing platforms charge about $199/year. With TunePocket you can enjoy unlimited access for $99 (which is just about $8 a month). There is no contract, you can cancel any time.

But that’s not all! We’d like to help the streamers get started with our platform, so here comes our special offer:

Limited time special offer for Twitch creators

Save 10% on any new membership plan with coupon code STREAMERS10

Music for Twitch examples

TunePocket library offers wide range of instrumental music made specifically for background use, so it’s great to use under the voice over. Here are just a couple of examples:

Listen to thousands more stream safe royalty free music for Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TunePocket?

TunePocket is a collective of independent music producers who create music, loops, and sound effects crafted specifically for today’s video and media projects.


Can I safely use your music on Twitch?

Yes, absolutely! Choose from thousands of DMCA free music tracks and sounds. You can use our music in both Twitch streams and VOD. We stand behind our music and provide full copyright support.

Can I stream music without narration?

Yes, as long as you use the music as background to other visual content. It does not have to contain narration.

Will I get banned if I receive multiple DMCA notices?

Yes, Twitch will terminate your account if it receives multiple notifications that suggest that you are a repeat infringer. That’s why we strongly recommend to properly license the music you use.

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