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Best Intro Music For YouTube

Best YouTube Intro Music
Posted: April 13, 2021 | Updated: April 14, 2021

What intro music is best for your video?

There are millions of music tracks out there and lots of them can potentially work as a great intro for your next YouTube video. However, it can be challenging to settle on one, since there are so many to choose from and not every music track can be freely used on YouTube.

Mik TunePocket Composer

Hi, I’m Mik, one of TunePocket music composers. I’ve put together some simple tips to help you choose the best music intro for YouTube video and picked my 20 favorite short cues from our growing catalog of royalty free music intros.

Read my tips below or jump straight to the track list.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you choose the best music opener for your YouTube video or channel:

1. Don’t make it too long

A perfect intro can help you get your listeners excited and to set the tone for the upcoming video. However, keep in mind that attention span of many viewers (especially who’s not following you yet) is rather short.

Some say it’s close to 5 seconds or even less. Facebook recommended that video ads should not exceed 15 seconds, so that can be a good indication based on some solid research done by the Facebook team.

How is this relevant to intros? Your intro is, in fact, a short ad for your upcoming video, as well as your channel. If you fail to grab you visitors attention, they will simply click to the next video.

I recommend keeping your video intros under 15 seconds, ideally between to 5 and 10 sec.

There may be exceptions for established or creative channels but if you’re just starting, it’s best not to take chances. Every view counts!

2. Use short cues and openers

How to make YouTube intro music? The easiest way to create a short intro is to take a regular length song and to cut out a short 5-10 sec segment. While this can work, it may not sound as great as using a short music cue created specifically for intros, branding logos, and, openers.

Especially if you’re want to re-use the same intro in all of your videos, so the viewers can recognize it. Pick the best intro from the start and stick with it.

3. Match the intro tone to the upcoming video

Always try to match the music it to the content of the upcoming video. Are you making a sad, emotional episode? Don’t open with upbeat, overly cheerful music.

What would you like your viewers to feel when they Watch the video? Think of two or three adjectives or “moods” to narrow the style of music intro you want. For example, “happy” and “energetic” or “sad” and “thoughtful”.

My suggestion is to use positive modern sounding intro music to prime your viewers for the upcoming video and to build excitement.

Free infographic: How to choose best music for YouTube intro

Best music for youtube intro

It would be absolutely amazing if you could just grab any tune you like and use it as the intro for your video. However, the copyright law says that, unless you have the explicit permission from the copyright owner (either the artist or their recording label), you can’t use it.

Even if you don’t monetize your channel, you still must respect copyright or risk penalty.

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Often I get questions like: “How long can a YouTube intro be without copyright?”.

It seems, some people believe that using short snippets of copyrighted songs is somehow legal. Unfortunately, even if you’re using a mere few seconds or even a sample, it is still not permitted.

where can I find YouTube intro music?

non copyrighted music vlogging

Just starting the search for the best music intro? Check out the options below:

1. YouTube audio library

Start with YouTube audio library. It’s free to use and can be a good starting point, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Overall, it offers a wide range of music at no cost (which is great), however, the tunes may sound a bit dated if you’re looking for today’s trending genres, like future bass, lo-fi, or synthwave.

You can find the Audio Library right in YouTube’s creative studio. Note that some songs require you to give credit the musician.

2. Public domain music

I generally do not recommend public domain music for modern YouTube channels, unless a big fan of early 20th century music.

3. Creative commons music

Creative Commons (CC) license allows you to use copyrighted music under certain conditions.

Attribution is the most common condition. This means that you must credit the musician in your video if you want to use their music. Another typical condition is non-commercial use, so if you’re monetizing your videos, that won’t work for you.

4. Royalty free music library

If you have a bit of a budget to spend, definitely take a look at paid royalty free music libraries.

Royalty free music libraries offer music by professional musicians who create music specifically for media projects, like films and videos.

“Royalty free” generally means that you don’t have to pay royalties every time you use the music in your videos (or every time someone is watching your video).

Paid royalty free music library is a good choice if you need professionally created, up-to-date music, ready to use in commercial projects with copyright support.

20 Best YouTube music intros

Always use the best music in your YouTube video intro or risk your potential viewer click to the next video.

Choosing the best intro music and figuring out the licensing terms (especially for commercial or promotional use) can be tricky and time consuming.

Here’s the list of our top 20, most popular music intros, openers, and audio logos for YouTube. All intros royalty free and instantly available for both personal and commercial use with lifetime license.

Can’t decide which music intro to use?

With TunePocket unlimited royalty free music subscription, you get unlimited access to thousands of music tracks, loops, intros, and sound effects.


  • Uplifting royalty free future bass music intro with exciting positive feel for short marketing video, modern vlog opener, audio logo reveal, and commercial business use.
  • Happy royalty free acoustic music intro with laid-back warm positive feel for short promo video, vlog opener, outro, feel-good audio logo reveal, food or lifestyle advertisement, 15 second ad, social media advert, podcast intro, and commercial business use.

    Longer 1 min + version available here: Happy Guitar Theme

    Looking for more relaxed, laid-back, yet feel-good and happy guitar intro? Listen to Acoustic Morning In The Woods Intro
  • Energetic royalty free 15 seconds music intro with uplifting success feel for corporate video, motivational presentation or event opener, positive vlog outro, audio logo, and commercial business use. Download unlimited music intros and outros.
  • Powerful hip-hop / trap royalty free urban 30 second music with aggressive confident feel for promotional video, modern vlog, film, and commercial business use.
  • Powerful rock royalty free music intro with feel-good confident sound for short promotional video, vlog opener, bumper, outro, logo reveal, and commercial business use.
  • Funky audio logo royalty free music with groovy lounge party classic entertainment feel for short 15 sec. promo video, laid-back vlog or podcast intro / outro, show opener or bumper, and commercial business use. Listen to our handpicked 10 best funky intros and audio logos for videos and podcasts.

    Why use funky logos? A funky audio logo can improve your video or podcast by establishing brand recognition, adding professionalism, creating emotional connection, and making your content even more memorable.

    Still can't find the intro that works for your video or channel? Listen to many more funky audio intros.

  • Urban / hip-hop claps and stomps beat cue with energetic and confident feel for short promotional video, vlog or podcast intro / outro, audio logo, After Effects opener, and commercial business use.

    Download more stomp and clap royalty free music beats from this playlist: Stomp And Clap Percussion Beat

  • Uplifting royalty free EDM electronic pop music intro with exciting bright party future bass feel for cheerful vlog opener, short marketing video, outro, reveal, audio logo, ident, and commercial business use.
  • Upbeat indie pop royalty free 10 sec music intro with cheerful happy feel for positive promotional video opener, vlog outro, logo reveal, ident, and commercial business use.
  • Cheerful acoustic royalty free 15 seconds ukulele music intro with upbeat fun feel for happy short promo video, children vlog opener, outro, and commercial business use.
  • Exciting royalty free future bass EDM electronic music intro with bright party feel for modern vlog, video, film, and commercial business use.
  • Modern electronic royalty free music intro with exciting party feel for quirky hi-tech marketing video, vlog opener, audio logo reveal, and commercial business use.
  • Relaxing chill-out hip-hop intro music with comforting, laid-back Hawaii feel for short video, modern travel vlog opener, reveal, audio logo, sting, bumper, and commercial business use.
  • Intense cinematic music cue with powerful dark percussion buildup for video or vlog intro / outro, horror film bumper, scary game, and commercial business use.
  • Modern trap / hip-hop music intro with confident urban party feel for short video, exciting dance intro, outro, opener, and commercial business use.
  • Modern royalty free future bass EDM electronic dance music intro with exciting party feel for positive vlog opener, video outro, ident, audio logo reveal, and commercial business use.
  • Short acoustic guitar music with feel-good, laid-back, romantic, Italian feel for promotional video, cooking vlog or show, travel film, documentary, and commercial business use.
  • Relaxing chillhop royalty free audio logo with sexy chillout lofi lounge feel for video intro, outro, ident, vlog opener, and commercial business use.
  • Bright royalty free future bass EDM music intro with exciting modern party feel for happy vlog opener, video outro, ident, audio logo reveal, and commercial business use.
  • Intense cinematic royalty free music intro with dramatic epic feel for suspense video or vlog intro / outro, horror film, dark game, and commercial business use.

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