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15 Second Intro Music

15 Sec Intro Music
Posted: January 6, 2022 | Updated: February 18, 2023

15 seconds intro music is most commonly used in short promo videos and commercial ads.

Compared to longer 30 sec ad spots, 15 sec commercials are among the most popular formats, which creates the strong demand for short 15 second intro music soundtracks.

You can also use 15 sec music clips in vlog or podcast intros and outros, branding animation background music, YouTube or Instagram shorts, or even to make a memorable DJ drop.

Mik TunePocket Composer

Hi, I’m Mik, one of TunePocket music composers. I went though our growing catalog of royalty free music intros and picked my 10 favorite 15 sec. clips with modern and catchy commercial sound. Watch the video below or jump straight to the playlist.

All our 15 sec intros and jingles are available for download with lifetime royalty free commercial license and can be instantly used in professional and business projects, including for-sale videos, templates, and commercials. Choose between the WAV and MP3 formats or just download both.

We have hundreds more to choose from! Listen to more 15 sec intros.

Looking for a different length soundtrack for your next video or commercial? Browse our growing collection of music intros, including 5, 6, 10, and 30 seconds music clips and audio logos.

15 Sec Music Intros (Top 10)

Can’t decide which intro to download? Get unlimited access to thousands of professional intros and short clips with TunePocket affordable membership. Save over 50% compared to other popular music licensing services.

  • Energetic 15 sec. royalty free rock music intro with powerful confident feel for short motivational video, vlog opener, podcast outro, logo reveal, and commercial business use. Download more royalty free 15 sec music intros.
  • Happy royalty free acoustic music intro with laid-back warm positive feel for short promo video, vlog opener, outro, feel-good audio logo reveal, food or lifestyle advertisement, 15 second ad, social media advert, podcast intro, and commercial business use.

    Longer 1 min + version available here: Happy Guitar Theme

    Looking for more relaxed, laid-back, yet feel-good and happy guitar intro? Listen to Acoustic Morning In The Woods Intro
  • Energetic royalty free 15 seconds music intro with uplifting success feel for corporate video, motivational presentation or event opener, positive vlog outro, audio logo, and commercial business use. Download unlimited music intros and outros.
  • 15 sec funky music audio logo reveal with happy retro party feel for short promo video, vlog intro / outro, groovy show opener, attention grabber at event or presentation, and commercial business use. Download unlimited short music clips.
  • Powerful metal rock royalty free music intro with aggressive action feel for intense video opener, energetic vlog, reveal, audio logo, and commercial business use.
  • Warm afrobeats / chillout 15 sec. music intro with comforting warm feel for happy chill vlog opener, short travel video, positive romantic outro, and commercial business use.
  • Peaceful acoustic indie folk 15 sec. royalty free music intro with gentle relaxing feel for short relaxation video, romantic love story vlog opener, cozy comfort podcast outro, reveal, and commercial business use.
  • Sexy royalty free lounge music intro with relaxing sensual feel for relaxation video opener, vlog outro, intimate ambiance reveal, late night podcast, and commercial business use.
  • Emotional cinematic indie-pop royalty free music intro (15 sec) with inspiring moving feel for short uplifting storytelling video, vlog or motivational podcast opener, outro, and commercial business use.
  • Eerie cinematic suspense music intro (15 sec) with mysterious Twilight Zone theme song feel for fun Halloween video opener, spooky children vlog outro, podcast, reveal, scary comedy logo, commercial business use.

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  1. Neo on February 18, 2023

    A couple of questions:
    a) What’s the best length for a music intro for short ads on social media?
    b) Why it says “tunepocket” in every sounds? Is it still going to be there if I buy the license?

    • Support on February 18, 2023

      Thanks for your questions!
      a) The optimal length of a social media ad can vary depending on the platform and the type of ad you are creating. However, in general, shorter ads tend to be more effective at capturing people’s attention and conveying your message quickly. For example, on Twitter, the maximum length for a tweet is 280 characters, so you need to be concise and to the point. On Instagram, a popular format is the Instagram Story, which lasts up to 15 seconds, so your ad should be able to communicate your message within that timeframe. On Facebook, video ads that are 15 seconds or shorter tend to perform well. It’s important to consider the type of content you are promoting and the audience you are targeting. Some products or services may require more explanation, and longer ads may be necessary to convey the necessary information. It’s important to test different ad lengths and formats to see what works best for your brand and your audience.
      b) This is audio watermark to prevent unlicensed use. When you license an intro you can download it without any watermarks.

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