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Solfeggio Frequencies

Solfeggio frequencies are specific types of soothing sounds believed to have positive effect on human mind and body. There are 9 solfeggio frequencies, each offering a different benefit.

6 main frequencies include:

1. 396 Hz: Fear, guilt, and shame relief
2. 417 Hz: Facilitate changes, remove negativity
3. 528 Hz: Positive transformations
4. 639 Hz: Relationship, connection, compassion
5. 741 Hz: Self expression, finding solutions
6. 852 Hz: Awareness

3 additional frequencies are:

7. 174 Hz: Pain relief *
8. 963 Hz: Intuition
9. 285 Hz: Regeneration

Solfeggio frequencies are part of a larger group of healing frequencies that are believed to have therapeutic and calming effect.

In this playlist you will find a growing collection of solfeggio frequencies music recordings, including all of the above frequencies. We have also included 432 Hz tuned meditation and relaxation music that, according to Science Direct can help to decrease blood pressure and calm the heart rate.

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* Always seek advice of a qualified health professional in any medical emergency situation.

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