First Podcast Episode Ideas (Free Template Download)

first podcast episode ideas template

Having hard time figuring out what to say in your first podcast episode?

Your first episode is the first impression your listeners will have of your show, so it’s important to make it engaging, informative, and memorable.

In this post, we’ll provide you with a template for your first podcast episode that will help you to get started on the right foot.

We’ll cover the ideas from the introduction to the conclusion and provide you with tips on how to structure your first episode.

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Key takeaways

  • Start the episode with a warm welcome, introduce yourself, the podcast, and episode topic.
  • Share your background or a personal story to build rapport and establish credibility.
  • Focus on the main discussion, interviews, or storytelling, stay organized and on-topic.
  • If applicable provide tips, insights, or actionable advice relevant to your subject.
  • In conclusion, summarize key points, thank listeners, and include a call to action.
  • End first episode with your podcast name, website, and social media handles.
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what to say in your first podcast episode?

what to say in first podcast episode

Many of our clients who are starting with podcasting are asking: what should my first podcast episode be about?

As we discussed in one of the recent posts, choosing your podcast topic should be your very first step.

Assuming you have picked the topic you’re familiar with, you should have at least some idea of what to talk about 🙂

However, at this point, your listeners are not yet familiar with neither your podcast nor with you.

There are certain introductory things you need to cover in your podcast episode 0.

Below we’ll share a general template how you can structure your first podcast episode and start building long term relationship with your listeners.

first podcast episode structure template

First impression matters!

When creating your very first podcast episode, it’s very important to establish a clear structure and outline to ensure a smooth and engaging episode.


If you fail to impress your listeners with your first episode, there’s a little chance they’re coming back for more of your podcasts.

Here’s a basic structure outline and some tips on what to say for your first podcast episode:

1. Introduction

Start with a warm and welcoming introduction.

Introduce yourself, your podcast, and the topic of the episode.

Share a brief overview of what listeners can expect from this episode and from your podcast in general.

The main question you want to answer: Why the listeners should expect from your podcast in the future?

TIP: Start thinking about the branding. That is, what can help the listeners recognize your podcast.

A catchy music intro can help: Choose a memorable music intro for podcast.

2. Personal Story or Background

Share a personal story or your background related to the topic to create a connection with your audience.

This can help establish your credibility and build rapport with your listeners.

Try to answer this question: What makes you the expert in the topic you’ve chosen to talk about.

3. Main Content

Now get into the main content of your episode.

This can include discussions, interviews, storytelling, or any other format that aligns with your podcast topic.

TIP: Stay focused and organized, and avoid rambling or going off-topic.

If your podcast focuses on emotional content, consider adding background music to set the right mood.

4. Tips, Insights, or something of Value

Provide value to your listeners by sharing tips, insights, or valuable information related to your topic.

This can be the main takeaway or actionable advice that your listeners can implement in their lives.

Use attention grabbing sounds to highlight important parts of the conversation. Like a bright ding sound when presenting a good idea.

Listen to sound effects for podcasts.

5. Conclusion and call to action

Finally, wrap up your episode with a concise summary of the main points discussed.

Thank your listeners for tuning in and invite them to stay connected with you for future episodes.

It’s always a good idea to encourage your listeners to take action.

This may include subscribing to your podcast, leaving a review, or visiting your website for more information on the topic.

Clearly communicate your call to action and explain why it’s important for your listeners to take that action.

6. Outro

End your episode with a professional and friendly outro.

Include your podcast name, website, and social media handles for listeners to follow or contact you.

Download these tips as free PDF template.

A short outro sound can help with building up the brand recognition.

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podcast first episode Tips

Here are 4 simple tips how to make your first podcast episode a success:

1. Practice and prepare

Rehearse your episode beforehand and prepare any notes or outlines to keep yourself on track during recording.

Practice makes perfect! Eventually you will be able to skip (or minimize) this step, as you gain experience.

2. Keep it conversational

Speak naturally and engage with your audience as if you’re having a conversation with somebody.

Avoid sounding too scripted or stiff.

3. Be concise

Keep your episode focused and avoid unnecessary repetition or long-winded explanations. Respect your listeners’ time and attention span.

4. Edit your recorded episode before publishing

After recording, take the time to edit your episode for sound quality, flow, and pacing.

Remove any mistakes or dead air to create a polished final product.

Add music and sound effects as needed.

Make sure to properly license any music you add to your podcast to avoid breaking the copyright laws.

Learn more about licensing music for podcasts.

Read some tips on How to record your voice at home like a pro.

Podcast audio starter pack

We have selected 5 podcast audio clips to help you get started with podcast editing.

You’ll get: an intro, background music, and sound effects.

Still don’t know what to say in your first podcast?

Download our free “My First Podcast Episode” template (PDF).

Simply follow this template to quickly generate the list of ideas for your very first episode.

Good luck podcasting!


Questions? Comments?

The structure and content of your first episode will make or break your podcast.

The key is to create an engaging and valuable episode that resonates with your target audience and makes them come back for more.

We hope this post gave you some ideas of what to say and how to structure your very first podcast episode.

Now learn how to succeed with podcasting in the long term.

Are you an experienced podcaster? What did you include into your own first episode?

Share your ideas by posting a comment!

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