Best Free Christmas Footage For Holiday Videos

Download best free Christmas videos

Making a Christmas video?

Around holidays many people ask:

Where can I download free Christmas stock footage to make a holiday greetings video?

In fact, there are plenty of free video footage sites. For example check this list of 40 sites to download free stock videos.

What’s more difficult is to find the best videos among thousands of clips across dozens of sites. In this post we curated some of the most popular free video sites, like Pexels and Pixabay and picked our top 10 most favorite Christmas videos, all available for free download.

We actually used some of these clips in our own Christmas greetings video, which you can also download free.

Best Christmas tree video

Why we like it: It has a magical ethereal vibe, great colors, and ample space to add your message, Christmas music or holiday audio greetings.

Download HD video from Pixabay

Best Christmas card videos

Why we like: It’s a ready to go Christmas card. Simply download, optionally add Christmas music or audio greetings, and you’re all set.

Download HD video from Pixabay

Why we like it: Same as above, that’s a complete greetings card, no further design work is needed.

Download 4K video from Videvo

Best Christmas fireplace video

Why we like it: It makes great background for a peaceful Christmas video. The original video also comes with great soundtrack of crackling firewood.

Download HD video from Pixabay

Best Christmas animation loop

Why we like it: It loops seamlessly and you can create long videos or projector screens by looping it over and over again.

Download HD video from Pixabay

Best Christmas background videos

Why we like it: It festive, cheerful, and bright Christmas video background. Add your own greetings message text, a cheerful tune, and spread the Christmas joy!

Download HD video from Pikwizard

Why we like it: If the previous video was too cheerful and bright, this one is calm and snowy. Use whichever fits your message.

Download HD video from Videvo

Why we like it: If you need a little bit of action in your background video, this one has nice Christmas trees popping out of the ground.

Download 4K video from Videvo

Best Christmas storytelling video

Why we like it: So far we only looked at relatively short videos. This one can be great for a longer, storytelling video. Add magical Christmas music, narration, and tell your story!

Download HD video from Pexels

Our most favorite free Christmas video

Why we think it’s the best? For once, it’s not overused. It’s vertical, which makes it great for using on social media when viewing on a mobile device. It has great sentimental and emotional holiday feel and will work great with a variety of greetings, from corporate to family and romantic.

Download HD video from Pexels

Need background music for your video?

Get two free Christmas music intro clips and use them in any Holiday video, e-card, animation, presentation, podcast, or vlog.

10 best soundtracks for Christmas videos

More Christmas music

Looking for more background music or sound effects to use in Christmas videos?

Listen to our Christmas cheer playlist.

Learn how to choose best music for your Christmas video.

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