How To Choose Background Music For Christmas Video

How to choose music for christmas videos

Christmas Is A Great Time For Video Marketers !

Christmas is a perfect opportunity to market your business, to get in touch with clients and prospects, and to bring in some extra sales.

💡 Here are our recommendations for choosing music for your next Christmas business video

Can’t Go Wrong With A Classic

A classic, well-known Christmas tune is a sure-fire way to add Holiday mood to your video. These tracks will work in a wide range of business and personal videos. You can choose between a classical arrangement or a more up-to-day rock or even electronic version depending on the style of your video and intended audience.

Use in: Christmas vlog, video eCard, corporate film, Christmas sale promo video, and so on.

Just A Pinch Of Christmas Magic

If you consider using “Jingle Bells” a little bit cliche, there are plenty of music that has dreamy and magical feel with just a hint of Christmas sound, like a sleigh bell thrown into the mix.

Use in: Christmas sale promo video, year in review video, Christmas vlog, and so on.

Add Christmas To Any Video With A Short Intro

Perhaps your video already has a fitting soundtrack. An easiest way to make a Christmas version is to add a short intro or outro featuring a short Christmas underscore.

Wish your customers happy holidays with audio greetings

Want to take one step further? Wish your clients happy Holidays with warm corporate audio greeting recorded by the professional voice narrator.

Use ambient theme to subtly set the mood

Don’t want the music to take from front row and draw the attention away from your video? Consider using a subtle ambient background theme based on a recognizable Christmas hymn to set the Holiday mood in a subtle fashion.

Use upbeat jazz theme to set party mood

Don’t forget about the party! Consider using an upbeat swing or lounge jazz theme based on a popular Christmas song to set the perfect Holiday party mood.

Rock the Christmas with energetic tune

Looking to kick things up a notch? Use energetic rock version of a a popular Christmas song to bring festive energy to your production.

Use festive Christmas audio effects

Some videos don’t need music. You still can easily add Christmas feel to such videos by using some of our magical sound effects.

Can’t decide?

Still can’t decide what music to use? Listen to our most popular royalty free Christmas soundtracks in this video:

Find the perfect Christmas soundtrack for your video in our Royalty free Christmas music playlist.

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