How To Choose Music For Corporate Introduction Video

how to choose music corporate intro video

A corporate intro video is a video equivalent of your company “About Us” page

Also known as company profile, the purpose of this video is to quickly introduce your prospective clients or business partners to what your company does. It may cover the topics like company’s history, the team, its mission statement, and unique market proposition to name a few.

How to choose music for your corporate intro video

Choose music that goes along with your company perceptive image and values. Think, how do you want the viewer to PERCEIVE your business? Trustworthy? Confident? Fun-filled? Caring?

Want to be perceived as a dynamic, young enterprise?

Choose positive, upbeat, and energetic music that combines rock and modern electronic sounds.

Listen to more positive and upbeat music

Want to be perceived as an established, trustworthy partner?

Choose calmer, somewhat more conservative pop-rock music with positive and confident feel.

Listen to more positive corporate music

Want to be perceived as an easy-going, worry-free provider?

Choose happy sounding acoustic or electronic pop music.

Listen to more happy and feel-good music

None of the above fits your niche?

A calm sounding music with neutral “business” feel will work for many types of businesses and industries.

Listen to more calm business music

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