How To Choose Music For Valentine’s Day Video

how to choose music valantines day video

Valentine’s Day Is A Great Time For Video Marketers!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to promote your business, even if your product or service are not related to romance. Here are our recommendations for choosing music for your next Valentine’s Day promo video šŸ’”

Set Romantic Tone With Soft Sentimental Melody

Choosing a soft and sentimental melody is one of the easiest way to instantly set the mood of your video. This is a traditional, sure-fire choice that will work in many Valentine’s Day video and media projects.

Use in: Valentine’s Day vlog episode, eCard, corporate film, Valentine’s Day sale promo video, and so on.

Get Classy With Classical

If a mellow soft-rock tune sounds a bit cliche to you, why not try a time-tested classical score to create the upscale romantic feel in your video?

Use in: Valentine’s Day vlog, video eCard, promotional video, and so on.

Share The Love With A Happy Tune

If your video needs a bit more upbeat tone, try a faster, happy acoustic or even electronic music.

Use in: Valentine’s Day sale promo video, romantic vlog episode, and so on.

Get IntimateĀ  With Sensual Music

Using sensual and emotional music will help you create the feeling of intimacy and electrifying romance in your video.

Use in: Intimacy related product marketing video, Romance vlog, and so on.

Telling A Story? Use Cinematic Music With Buildup

Best performing promotional videos are often based upon a story that creates the emotional connect with your viewers. Use cinematic music with strong buildup to create tension and get the emotional response you desire.

Use in: Cinematic storytelling promo video, film, documentary.

Find More music for Valentine’s Day videos in this romantic playlist

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