Make Money On YouTube: Christmas Karaoke Videos

This is the next post in our popular Make Money On YouTube series where we talk about all the different ways you can monetize and earn money on YouTube.

In this recipe we’ll talk about Christmas videos, specifically Christmas karaoke videos that let people sing along around Holidays. Keep reading!

Why make Christmas karaoke videos?

Christmas Is Best Time For Singing Karaoke

Nothing sets a Holiday mood better than singing a festive Christmas carol! That’s why thousands of people search for “Christmas karaoke” around December.

What they hope to find is a nice backing track to sing or play along.

Since, YouTube is considered the second largest search engine after Google, lost of search results will be YouTube videos.

This is your chance to give people what they want. At the same time this will help you to make a bit of money if you monetize your channel.

Why Christmas karaoke?

You might ask, why limit ourselves to Christmas karaoke videos? Why not make popular songs karaoke? Wouldn’t it be even more popular?

The short answer is copyright laws.

The advantage of using Christmas music, is that most carols are in public domain.

That means, you can sing and record your own versions with no need to pay any publishing royalties to the authors.

IMPORTANT: While the songs are in public domain, the various recordings / performances of these songs may still be copyrighted.

Pay attention to this when searching for backing tracks for your karaoke videos.

How can you make money with Christmas karaoke videos on YouTube?

There are two ways you can make money with Christmas karaoke videos and it depends on your target audience:

1. Monetize your videos with YouTube’s Partner Program

Here we will target the people who come to YouTube to find Christmas karaoke videos.

What is a karaoke video?

That’s a music video (typically an instrumental or backing track) with the lyrics shown on screen as the song progresses. The lyrics can also change color left to right to help people sing along the music.

How monetization works?

You make a bunch of karaoke videos, people watch your videos (hopefully repeatedly), you get paid through the ads that appear before or after the videos.

In order to monetize your videos you must join YouTube Partner program first.

Once you are accepted into the program YouTube will start placing the ads in qualifying videos. You get paid when your viewers watch the ads.

Learn more about how to start monetizing YouTube videos.

To sum it up quickly, you will need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, in order to be considered.

For karaoke videos specifically, we strongly advise opting our of the mid-roll ads.

Mid-roll ads will disrupt the singing and (eventually) affect your earning, as people will switch to other, non-interrupted karaoke videos.

2. Earn money through TunePocket affiliate program

If you’re not a YouTube partner yet (or if your application was turned down), there is still a way you can earn on YouTube. You just need to target a different audience.

Instead of making the videos for people who come to YouTube to sing karaoke, you target the creators who make videos.

First of all, join TunePocket affiliate program. It’s super fast to join, all you need is to fill a quick form and you’re in.

Then, make the same karaoke videos but add a simple message:

“If you want to use this backing music in your karaoke videos, sign up for TunePocket and get unlimited access to great Christmas music and carols”.

Use your affiliate link to direct YouTubers to TunePocket. If they sign up for any of our royalty free music plans, you will be paid a referral commission.

PRO TIP: Use this approach as the stepping stone to get 1,000 subs and 4,000 watch hours for the Partner program.

Why Christmas karaoke videos are great for monetization?

The more people watch the ads in your videos, the more you earn. People tend to watch a lot of videos during holidays, so making seasonal content can pay off.

You can make any kinds of videos that comply with YouTube advertisement guidelines but if you want to earn more, focus on longer videos that allow YouTube to place ads not only at the beginning but also in the middle of the video.

And when you release videos around December, Christmas music videos will get a massive search traffic boost!

How to make Christmas karaoke videos?

To make a basic karaoke video you will need:

1. Christmas themed stock video footage, preferably a loop, so you can easily extend it to the desired length. Alternatively, use Christmas photos and animate them to look like a slideshow.

Related: Best Free Christmas Footage For Holiday Videos

2. Video editor to add lyrics text to the video.

You can do this completely by hand by manually adding words along the song in any video editor. Or you can use one of the automated karaoke video makers online.

We’re working on a quick tutorial to demo some tools and options.

2. Christmas music backing tracks. While any instrumental track will generally work, it’s best to use backing tracks mixed specifically for singing along, so the voice does not clash with the lead melody in the track.

Can I use any music?

There is plenty of free music around the Web.

However, if you want to monetize, it’s important to protect your channel against copyright claims. If you get a claim, you can’t monetize.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to monetize your video, it is recommended to properly license any music you use.

Also, as we mentioned, it would be much better to use backing tracks made specifically for singing (as opposed to using any instrumental music).

Here are some examples from our own collection of Christmas backing tracks:

Listen to more examples in the video below:

Want to estimate how much you can potentially earn on YouTube?

Use our free YouTube money calculator to quickly estimate how much YouTube will pay you based on the number of views.

youtube money calculator

Questions? Comments?

This post explains how you can start earning on YouTube by making Christmas karaoke videos.

Keep in mind, this is NOT a get-reach-quick recipe. You still have to produce quality videos that people want to watch.

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